Brand New Hot Tub Leaking? Here’s What to Do

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If your brand-new hot tub is leaking water, you should know what to do immediately. It could be a pump or gasket, or you may simply have a crack on the cover of the tub.

If you’re unsure, you can try to replace the gasket or pump.

If you don’t have the knowledge to do this repair yourself, here are some easy steps you can take to solve the issue.

Find the source of a leak

Leaking water in a brand new hot tub can happen anywhere. Sometimes, multiple leaks occur at the same time.

To locate the leak, start by checking all of the pipes and fittings of your hot tub.

Check for any loose connections and tighten them as necessary. If you are unable to pinpoint the source of the leak, you can also try adding dark-colored food coloring to the water. This will help the water seeks the path of least resistance and drain from the leak point.

Next, look for cracks or breaks in the shell of the tub. If you see a crack, it probably means that the shell of your tub is not level. Stress fractures are caused by uneven water weight, so leveling it can prevent such damage.

If the leak is located in the shell of the tub, you can use drainage tricks or food color dye to determine its source. However, you must make sure that you don’t damage the tub by removing the sides of the tub.

The plumbing unions that connect the plumbing lines to the various components of a hot tub are one of the most common sources of leaks.

If the unions are loose or even split, you should replace them. In addition, it’s recommended to use silicone lubricant to slow down the breakdown process and stop the leak temporarily. If the leak continues, you should seek professional help for a proper diagnosis.

Another obvious cause of brand-new hot tub leaks is repeated jet adjusting. Jet gaskets tend to break down and need to be replaced. Jet gasket replacement is a fairly easy process, and you should use a sealant to protect the replacement jet.

The leak can be fixed by replacing the entire gasket, or by replacing the light. If the light is the cause of the leak, you can use insulating foam or silicone to fill the space between the jets and the new lens.

Replace a gasket

If your brand new hot tub is leaking, it’s likely the seal has worn out, but thankfully it isn’t too costly to replace.

A simple way to find the leak is to use a food-coloring pen. Water will flow where it encounters the least resistance, so a darker-colored line will mean the leak is higher up the tub shell.

Another easy way to find a leak is to let the water level in the tub go down. Once you find it, you can mark the spot and continue to check for the leak.

Leaking water in a hot tub is usually caused by a deteriorated or loose gasket. If the gasket is leaking, you can tighten it or replace the gasket.

You can also use a food color dye to find a leak in the shell. You can also check the jets for buildup. To prevent a leaking shell, clean them regularly.

If you can’t find a leak in the gasket, the next step is to check the pump. The pump has two unions, one on the front and one on the top. You can check these unions by draining more water from the hot tub and inspecting each piece.

If a gasket is damaged, it’s important to replace it. If the leak is coming from the pump, you can find replacement union pieces at a pool and spa supply store.

If you’re unable to find the leak in a hot tub, you can try cutting the damaged pipe to find it. If you find a crack that is less than an inch wide, you can use 1″ flexible PVC pipe to fill the leak. Be sure to allow enough time for the PVC cement to harden before attempting to cut the new pipe. If you can’t find a leak in a pipe, you can also try spray foam to repair the insulation around the pipe.

Replace a pump

A leaking hot tub may not be as serious as a broken pump. While the pump is the most obvious cause, you can also fix a leaky tub with a few simple home repairs. First, check the union fittings, which are three-part connectors that attach the pump to the water supply. They may need adjustment or you can simply purchase a new one if they’ve worn out.

If the water level in the tub is too low, drain the hot tub using a hose or a submersible pump. Next, check the lights for any signs of water. Remove the lens cover and replace it with a new one. You may want to add silicone to the lens to make it more waterproof and seal the hole. After completing this repair, reinstall the panel and make sure it’s completely dry.

The shaft seal is located inside the wet end of the pump, known as the volute. It has a spring-like part on the impeller stem and another half that presses into the volute. Remove the two screws that connect the pump to the motor shaft, and then remove the rubber and ceramic ring from the shaft seal. Once removed, install a new shaft seal, which you can purchase online or at a pool and spa supply store.

If the problem persists, you may need to replace the pump. It is important to keep in mind that a leak in a hot tub pump can destroy the motor, and that is why it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Even if you’re not sure how to fix the problem, you can easily replace the shaft seal by ordering a new pump from a reputable online store.

Check for cracks in a hot tub’s cover

If you’re planning on using your hot tub during winter months, you’ll want to check its cover for cracks. A cracked hot tub cover isn’t safe, and you’ll probably end up letting water and heat out. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem before it starts to damage your hot tub. Read on to learn how. But first, let’s start with the obvious.

If you find cracks, the first thing to do is to clean it. The cover should be washed with warm water in a grassy area. Once the cover is clean, it should be rinsed with a hose or bucket to get rid of any debris or dirt. Use moderate water pressure to avoid damaging the cover. Once this has been done, you can check for cracks in the brand new cover.

Another common problem with brand new covers is the smell. A soaked cover may have bad odors or may not dry out. The weight of the water can cause the metal channel to bend and the vinyl to tear. If this is the case, your new cover is probably ineffective and will need to be replaced. Don’t worry – there are replacement covers available. Just be sure to check the quality and durability of your hot tub cover to avoid getting disappointed.

Another common problem with a hot tub cover is the smell. If you smell a bad odor, it’s probably the cover. Marine grade vinyl and chemicals smell good, but when you fill a tub with warm water, you’ll notice an unpleasant odor. It’s unlikely to be repaired, but you can try flipping over the foam core if you notice the cover is sagging. But, remember to avoid removing the cover if it has a bad smell.

Repair a leaky light

A brand new hot tub may not have a leaky light, but the light may still be in need of repair. In order to remove the light, unscrew the nut on the lens cover. If the nut is too hard to grip, use pliers to get hold of it.

Then, unscrew the light itself, removing the bulb and lens. Then, replace the cover with a new one and add some silicone to seal it. Replace the light with the new cover, and then fill the tub with water to test the fix.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find a leak on a brand new hot tub. Depending on the area of the hot tub, the leak can be anywhere. It could be under the tub’s shell, in the equipment chain, or somewhere else. However, these are relatively rare.

Most hot tub leaks occur under the shell of the tub, so it is important to check it carefully to avoid damaging it further.

If you’re not sure whether to repair the light yourself, it is best to contact a spa professional. Hot tub repair is an easy project, but you must know what you’re doing before attempting it.

Be sure to shut off the electrical supply to the hot tub before performing the repairs. If there is any danger of electric shock, make sure to turn off the breaker and the GFCI.

Brand new hot tub leaking: Summary 

If you’ve tried many methods and nothing seems to work, you may need to remove the entire unit.

There are several types of valves in hot tubs, so make sure to check all the valves before you start the repair.

One type of valve is known as a knife valve, which is also known as a slice or gate valve.

It consists of two halves bolted together with a gasket between the halves. However, this gasket is prone to failure and must be replaced.