Can You Paint PVC Trim? (a How-to Guide)


PVC trim is similar to wood. It can be used to make sheets, trimboards, and so many other designs.

When it comes to painting PVC trim, you might be concerned, hence the question, “can you paint PVC trime?”

You can easily paint PVC trim using dark-colored top coat paint of your choice. Darker latex top coats are often the best paints for PVC trim. However, apply a second coat after the first layer is dry to preserve the surface and make it last longer.

When painting pvc trim, you can use the same process you would if you were painting a wood board.

The main difference is the color.

Most pvc paints are made of plastic, so you should avoid using dark colors, because they absorb more heat and increase warping.

You can also use acrylic latex to paint a pvc board. If you are unsure whether you can paint it or not, you can try some of the methods mentioned below.

Install the elbow corners first

PVC trim

You must first install the elbow corners on your pvc trim before you start painting. If you are painting a wall, it is best to place it in a well-ventilated area. Good exterior latex paint can work well on pvc.

If you plan to paint a window or door, be sure to purchase the right-size trim. You may also want to consider applying a waterproof topcoat, such as Kem Aqua(r) BP Enamel.

Use a layer of Primer

Another question that may arise is whether you can paint pvc trim. Some manufacturers sell reprinted pvc trim. If you are using one that is not repainted, you can apply a layer of primer to it.

This will protect the paint from the weather, allowing it to adhere to the pvc. If you are painting your stairways, you must also ensure that you remove any loose boards or pieces.

For instance, if you want to paint a door, you must make sure that you remove any rust from the board.

Using acrylic paints

You can paint pvc trim with acrylic latex or a light color. You should also remember that acrylic latex paint is not recommended for pvc. You should not use oil-based paints on pvc. This is because the PVC material is more porous than the surface.

If you don’t want to use an oil-based paint, then you can use a water-based varnish on it instead.

This is an essential step if you want to paint the pvc. As long as you use the proper primer, you can easily find an affordable way to paint pvc. And if you want to paint the pvc, the only thing that is important is to ensure that the surface is dry before you apply the paint.

Use a mix of colors

If you are painting pvc trim, it is possible to use a different type of paint. You can use an acrylic-based paint. If you use a water-based varnish, you should apply a coat of acrylic-based varnish.

If you are painting a bare plastic board, you can apply a coat of polyurethane-based primer to the pvc. The next step is to sand the surface with soapy water.

An important consideration when painting PVC trim

If you are painting the PVC trim, you should avoid applying the paint to the visible surfaces. You can use a UV stabilizer.

The paint should not absorb moisture. It is highly recommended to use a primer on pvc. If you want to paint pvc trim, you can also use acetone to remove moisture. The paint is waterproof and will not soak up water. So, you should be very careful while painting it.

You should use a paint that is specifically designed for the task. You should select a paint that is suitable for the type of PVC. You should also choose one that is suitable for the purpose.

Once the trim has been primed, you can use a primer. For instance, you can mix the urethane and acrylic latex. You should make sure that you have the correct amount of primer. A coat of urethane will cover the surface of the PVC.


Using a primer that is designed for the purpose is essential. The primer will provide the appropriate surface for the paint to adhere to.

If you need to paint the exterior, you can also apply a latex coat. The color of the primer should match the trim.

You should also allow the top coat to dry completely. You can use a specialty urethane to make the exterior of the PVC look glossy.