Can You Pressure Wash A Cedar Pergola? (find out now)


Aside from Cedar, Walnut wood, Vinyl, and even aluminum can be used to build a Pergola. It all boils down to what type of design or aesthetic you want to have.

A cedar pergola is a beautiful addition to any backyard. However, it isn’t a very durable structure, so you’ll need to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible.

If the damage is not too serious, you can pressure wash it. If the damage is more severe, you should contact a professional.

So can you pressure wash a cedar Pergola?

You can pressure wash a Cedar pergola to remove dirt and debris from your structure. Use a low setting so that you don’t damage the wood stain or paint. When you use a pressure washer, you should be at least 10 feet away from the pergola. 

Keep in mind, though, in most cases, pressure washing a cedar pergola isn’t a difficult task.

You can pressure wash a cedar pergola by following a few steps.

Sweep the structure

First, make sure to sweep the entire structure to remove all debris.

Clean the surface properly

Then, use a mild soap to clean the surface thoroughly. After cleaning, rinse the wood thoroughly with water to avoid causing damage. If the damage is severe, you’ll need to pressure wash the wood several times.

After the first round, you can paint it a different color.

Before you start pressure-washing a cedar pergola, make sure to remove loose dirt and splinters.

You should also consider applying a coat of general purpose cleaner to the entire surface. After that, you’ll need to refinish the wood. You should be careful not to use too much pressure, as this could damage the wood’s texture. In addition, pressure washing will also affect the lattice and post-skirt.

Stain your Pergola

After cleaning, it’s time to paint it with stain. If you haven’t yet stained it, you can always use a stain instead of painting it.

Use a hose

It’s also possible to pressure wash a cedar pergola, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

For instance, you should use a hose to reach every corner of the pergola. You should use a brush to clean the metal parts, while a power washer is a good choice for the wooden ones. Once you’ve cleaned the pergola, you can paint it with a contrasting stain.

Consider using a soft brush

The water pressure is sufficient to clean a cedar pergola, but it’s best to use a soft brush to remove dirt and grime.

However, if you opt to use a pressure washer, make sure that the pressure uses a low setting. The hose should be used only for the top section of the pergola. The rest of the wood should be dry.

A cedar pergola should be thoroughly cleaned with a hose. If it’s not treated, you can use a pressure washer to clean the top. If the surface is covered, the hose must be clean with water.

Then, you should apply a stain to the top portion of the wood, where it’s stained. The stain should be applied with a stain stripper.

Clean the underside of your wood

A cedar pergola can be pressure-washed. If you’re worried about rusting, it’s best to sand it. You can also use bleach to clean the underside.

Keep in mind that a pressure-washing may damage the wood’s structure, but you need to carefully check the base. A cedar pergola is resistant to stains, preventing rust.

It can be cleaned with a power washer.

The answer to the question of whether you can pressure-wash a cedar pergola depends on the type of wood.

For example, cedar is naturally rot-proof. But you can try to avoid using a high-pressure washer, which will weaken the wood stain, or both. If you’re unsure, you can contact a professional. If you’re not a professional, it might be better to hire a professional.


You can also apply a finishing. When you use a pressure washer, you should be at least 10 feet away from the pergola. Then, you should step forward until you’re sure the finish will be able to remove dirt.

If you’re not sure whether to apply a finish, you should stand back and look at the finish. A finish can prevent a lot of damage. Ensure that the cedar is completely dry before you try to paint it.