Is Coast Spas a Good Brand? (+ Reliable Alternative Spas)

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Whether you’re looking for a luxury or a budget-friendly pool spa, you’ve probably considered buying a Coast Spas product.

Here’s why the Coast Spas a good brand:

Coast Spas is reliable and comes with a sturdy and steel-reinforced acrylic shell. It’s easy to maintain and replace every part of the tub except the shell itself. As a result, the shell is sturdily built to withstand harsh weather conditions, and it’s made up of fiberglass material along with vacuum-formed molded acrylic.

The price of a Coast Spas model depends on the model you choose.

Many customers opt for the cheapest model, which will cost them less in the long run, and then add upgrades and accessories themselves.

Of course, the most expensive models will cost you more money, but they come with a full package of accessories and are targeted to the higher-income end of the market.

Coast Spas Alternatives

Here are some of the most popular spas alternatives to Coast Spas:

Clearwater Spas

While you can’t go wrong with a Clearwater Spa, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your selection.

While the company has received mediocre reviews on consumer reviews websites, their customer service and variety of spa models make it a great brand to consider for your new coast spa.

In addition, Clearwater Spas dealers offer good customer service and are well-versed in spa maintenance.

While this brand is known for producing durable, environmentally friendly hot tubs, they are not without their problems. Unlike some other brands, Clearwater Spas doesn’t use toxic or destructive agents in the manufacturing process.

Their EcoSpray finish contains no volatile organic compounds, and they also have a thermal reflective barrier incorporated into the shell. Additionally, Clearwater Spas is 12% more energy-efficient than other brands on the market.

Another feature to consider when choosing a Clearwater hot tub is the price. The cheapest models in this brand can be found for under $10,000 – and this includes a swim spa model. While the company doesn’t sell directly through their website, it can be purchased from a retailer online.

Whether you go through a dealer or look on consumer reviews, you can expect to find an excellent hot tub that won’t break the bank.

The features that make Clearwater Spas a good brand for coast spas include RTB insulation and a quality heating element. Clearwater Spas has a wide range of hot tub models, including the Monaco, Cabo, and Orlando models.

They all come with 98 hydrotherapy jets and a lounger seat. Clearwater Spas also has several models in the resort series.

The RIM System is an award-winning cabinet system that offers tongue-and-groove wood cabinetry and the highest impact resistance. This system also provides multi-colored LED mood lighting and removable service panels.

It is the perfect way to make your new coast spa more comfortable and more energy-efficient. In addition, Clearwater Spas is also UL-listed, which means they have a high energy efficiency rating.

When choosing a coast spa, it’s important to make sure that it has a warranty. Any company that doesn’t offer a warranty is probably not the best option.

But Clearwater Spas offers a warranty that’s around the industry standard. It’s worth considering if you’re buying a new coast spa from Clearwater, as their structural and equipment warranties are excellent.

Clearwater Spas’ Evergreen Series features eight models ranging from small three-person tubs to large eight-person hot tubs. You can find a three-person model in the ES76R series, which has just 40 hydrotherapy jets. A four-person model, the ES76CC, is a better choice if you want a larger hot tub.

Canadian Spa Company

The Canadian Spa Company is a Canadian manufacturer of hot tubs, swim spas, and portable spas. These spas can be set up in minutes and moved from one location to another.

In addition to hot tubs, Canadian Spa Company manufactures swim spas, gazebos, and surrounds. The company’s products can be found at big box stores. Coast Spas is known for its customer service and after-sales care.

Another great Canadian spa company brand is Hydropool. This company manufactures swim spas and hot tubs in Ontario and British Columbia. They use “Self-Cleaning Technology” in their hot tubs to eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.

The Hydropool brand was founded in 1976 in Kitchener, Ontario, and is family-owned and operated. Hydropool also offers a line of energy-efficient models and is known for its innovations in the industry.

When purchasing a Coast Spa, it is important to know the quality of the water. These spas are commercial-grade products, whereas some others are not.

Many other spa brands use skim-filters, which submerge a dirty spa filter into the water. These systems are only approved for private settings.

Hydro-Cyclonic Filtration by Coast Spas is a better option. It uses the same technology used in public pools and hot tubs but houses it in a closed canister.

Coast Spa has three distinct model lines, including the Traditional collection, the Curve collection, and the Infinity collection. Infinity models offer an industry-exclusive infinity edge hot tub.

The waterfalls’ adjustable nature makes it possible for the user to adjust the water level according to his or her preference.

The Infinity collection provides superior hydrotherapy for neck and shoulder muscles. It is also available in the Roto Spa hot tub line, which is manufactured in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada.

Another Canadian brand is Caldera. The company has been manufacturing spas since the 70s and recently bought a swim spa manufacturer. The company also has a large variety of models. From swim spas to hot tubs, Caldera has them all.

Their goal is to design family-friendly spas with many different features. Caldera offers many customization options, and its models are easy to install.

If you are considering buying a hot tub, you will want to consider Canadian brands that have been around for a while. There are many hot tub manufacturers in Canada, but it’s important to choose a good one. Coast Spas is a well-known brand. The company is known for its aesthetically pleasing hot tubs.

They have a great reputation for technological innovation, and many of their spas are WebConnect ready.

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas has been making hot tubs since 1986. The company’s JetPak therapy system features interchangeable jets that give every seat hydrotherapy options. This means that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub.

Bullfrog offers a wide selection of pre-set models, and you can even design your own hot tub. The brand has been known for its quality and dedication to the therapeutic aspects of hot tubbing.

They also maintain a “function over form” mentality.

Another popular brand of hot tubs is Coast Spas. This hot tub manufacturer offers many high-quality built-in features, including waterfalls, plush headrests, standard safety lights, beverage holders, and thread-In jets.

The brand’s spas also feature multiple-level seating, recessed jets, and large footwells to provide extra legroom for all of the users. These spas also have programmable filtration cycles and remote monitoring.

The Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System used in Coast Spas is commercial-grade. This filtration system traps particles that are suspended in the water after the pump shuts down. Coast Spas use an oversized skimmer and closed canister to trap debris.

This filtration system is more effective than skim filtration and eliminates 99% of debris. It also keeps the water crystal clear and safe for swimming.

The Infinity Collection by Coast Spas is an outstanding line of swim spas and hot tubs. These spas are patented and feature infinity edge technology. These spas offer the ultimate in luxury and design.

They have many unique and luxurious features, and most models have multiple jets to fit your needs.

The Infinity Edge has a large skimmer on the top that removes debris. Moreover, the Infinity Collection is portable.


One of the major benefits of a Coast Spa is its jet pumps. The company claims that its jet pumps have the most powerful motors of any portable spa.

This is an essential feature for an exceptional massage therapy experience.

Moreover, Coast Spas’ pumps are whisper-quiet and run on only 1 Amp, which results in superior daily operational efficiency.

Aside from this, these pumps also come with economy modes and custom filtration cycles to reduce running costs.

Infinity Collection: Infinity Collection hot tubs are available in four models. Each of them features a patented infinity edge, as well as adjustable waterfalls and streaming water ropes.

They also come with LED lighting, which is visually stunning.

Aside from the waterfall, Coast Spas offers an infinity-edge Cascade Spa. And if you’re thinking about buying a Coast Spa, it’s worth checking out.