10 Composite Deck Color Ideas You’ll Love (with Pictures)


Homeowners choose composite decking for its durability, low-maintenance appeal, and modern look. Homeowners can treat the new material as they do other types of exterior siding on their homes. 

They can paint or stain it to match some existing colors on the house or landscape, such as browns and reds. This trend is expected to grow in popularity this year, according to HGTV Magazine. 

When you’re building a new deck, or even sprucing up an older one, adding color can make a big difference to the overall look of your project. 

Here are the top ten colors for composite decks in this highly competitive market.

1). Green

composite deck color


When people think about green decks they usually refer to them as cedar decks, but in reality, there is just as much demand for green composite decks. 

This popular hue has been around for years and appears both on the exterior and interior projects. It’s an earth tone that works well with many different types of home decoration and it’s also trendy right now. 

However, this shade should be paired with lighter shades if you want to avoid clashing with other design elements in the home, such as with the light blue deck below.

2). Blue


Blue is a classic color for decks as it goes with everything from red brick to white siding and black shutters. 

It’s also currently popular in interior design, particularly when paired with green or purple accents. 

The best thing about this color is that it adds depth and enhances the appearance of your home both during the day and at night, making it perfect for contemporary homes or those with lots of large windows. 

If you want something different than plain old blue though, try using lighter shades rather than darker ones so they don’t clash against your wall colors.

3). White


White decks may not seem like anything special but that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying them.

It’s actually one of the most popular colors for decks right now because it works well with all exterior elements. 

Not only is this tone easy to maintain, but it pairs nicely with dark house colors and allows your home’s architectural details to shine through.

4). Black


Black is another classic color choice for decks that have been used by designers since the 70s. 

It might seem like an unusual color at first, but black composite decks are popping up everywhere these days as homeowners look for ways to add depth and dimensionality to their homes. 

When combined with lighter shades of wood, such as cedar or pine boards, this color really makes a statement that will be appreciated by neighbors and passersby alike. 

Plus, you can experiment with adding contrasting white rails if your deck contains black flooring.

5). Red


Red is another popular color that can be paired with any exterior decorating theme you choose. 

If your home has red brick or white siding for example, then this shade will complement it beautifully.

It’s also a great option for decks that are close to the ocean as coral colors like this traditionally match well with sea life and water. 

And if you want something different than plain old red, try using lighter shades rather than darker ones so they don’t clash against your wall colors.

6). Yellow


Yellow decks are rare but they do exist and people actually buy them too.

The best place to use yellow composite decks is by the pool where the bright hue really makes an impact against dark patio furniture

It’s also perfect for decks right by the water as this color is associated with sunny days at the beach. 

However, this shade should be used in moderation because it can clash with your wall colors if you overdo it.

7). Gold


Gold composite decks are some of the rarest styles out there but they do exist and people actually buy them too. The best place to use gold-colored decks is modern homes as this hue adds glamor and luxury to an exterior space. 

To pull off this look, make sure you choose a lighter shade of gold that will complement your home’s architecture. They will also avoid darker tones that could clash against exterior elements like brick or stone siding. 

If you’re worried about maintenance though, then go with a metallic finish as they don’t fade as quickly as regular paint.

8). Brown


Brown is another timeless color option for homeowners who need a neutral hue that will look good no matter what kind of style they’re pulling off on their decks. 

This color works well in almost every scenario – whether it’s placed under modern furniture or traditional barbecue sets.

However, brown can get dirty quite easily so you’ll want to take extra precautions when choosing this color if your deck receives lots of foot traffic.

9). Orange


Orange has been used outside on decks for several decades now but was most popular during the 70s and 80s. 

And while this color isn’t as popular as it once was, there’s a reason why it remains a classic: orange composite decks look amazing against dark home exteriors.

If your home is made from brick or stone then you should consider going with a darker shade of orange to really make those architectural details pop.

10). Purple


Purple is another color that has been around for several years now but remains one of the most talked-about deck colors today. 

In fact, purple synthetic decking has even been known to sell out in some areas due to its popularity.

This color looks especially good when used on homes with matching colors because it adds depth and dimensionality to exterior decorating schemes. 

However, you should avoid using a darker tone of purple against a lighter shade of pink or orange as it tends to clash horribly.

Composite Decking Color Selection Tips

1. Keep pastel colors in mind; they tend not to make very good deck colors. This is because they can fade in direct sunlight. Natural-looking woods like pine or cedar created by using stains usually go well with these colors.

2. Always match the accent color of your house if you want a contemporary look. 

For an up-to-date feel, choose dark browns, blues, reds, and greens for your composite decking color options. These will give an aura of sophistication and elegance to your home.

3. Matching the color of the deck with that of the furniture or accessories made for outdoor use can give your house an entirely fresh look. 

Also, consider matching the colors of your garden plants – this may work well in creating a unique look when choosing composite decking colors.

4. Shades like black, burnt oranges, deep greens, or deep red will make good options when making composite deck board color choices if you are looking for an unusual look in your house. 

These tend to go well with places where there is plenty of greenery inside and outside the house because they bring out their natural beauty.

5. Light browns, light grays, and light blues often go very well with each other when paired together in different quantities. For example, a light gray deck contrasting with an off-white house will create a look that is both classic and modern. 

A blue deck with white railings in front of your home will often enhance the perspective of size for your house. 

You can also pair it up with some dark grays or browns if you are looking for a cozy effect in your place.

6. If you have just moved into a new house, choose colors that match the architecture of the building because this is what guests will notice first when they visit you.

However, color selection is not something that should be done in haste – allow yourself plenty of time to select the right shade for your home by considering which rooms have the most sun throughout the day. 

This will help you determine which composite decking colors work best for your house.

Hire the services of a professional if you are not sure how to choose composite deck color because they can guide you easily in this regard. 

Benefits Of A Coloured Composite Deck

A colored Composite Deck is even easier on the eyes than its natural color counterpart.

If you’re looking for something that goes with your furniture, or just stands out in contrast, then these awesome decks deliver with colors like reds, oranges, greens, and blues all available to brighten up your yard. 

These decks are perfect for those who like to make a statement with their home as they will surely be noticed. 

If you would like to use your Composite Deck as more than just a means of walking from point A to point B, then we suggest trying out some of these amazing ideas:

  • Decorative Use – Not only can you use these high-quality and stylish-looking decks for getting around your yard, but also as an added decorative piece that will truly stand out in the crowd. 

By using different colors and styles such as notches or cuts into the deck boards themselves, you can create various pieces of art that can be used to style up any area you wish. 

For example, if you have a gazebo in your backyard, why not install a Composite Deck around the gazebo area with different colored boards to make it stand out?

  • Outdoor Living Room – Another great way to use these decks is by creating an outdoor living room. 

All you need is some outdoor furniture, lights, and of course, your deck, and you will instantly be able to turn any area into an outdoor living space for yourself or guests. 

This can be done towards the front yard, back yard, or even on your balcony depending on where you want to set up shop.

  • A Picnic Deck – If you’re looking for something that resembles what would typically be indoors but with a feel, then our Composite Decks are a perfect choice. 

These decks are great for picnics or any other outdoor activity since they have a solid, sturdy feel to them without being too hard on your feet.

  • Kids’ Paradise – Speaking of activities outside, our Coloured Composite Decks are perfect locations for children’s playing areas because it is not only attractive but also safe and easy on their little feet. 

Not only that but if you want to protect the deck itself from the wear and tear of active children, simply use some masking tape along specific sections to make sure certain areas don’t get worn out while others still do.


Homeowners who want to update the look of their decks should first decide how best their homes reflect modern trends and what colors those projects have been painted in recently. 

These homeowners can then choose from these ten popular colors for decks that match their homes to create the perfect look.