Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors Ideas: (8 Fantastic Ideas for 2022)


How could you feel cozy and enjoy your time when the curtains in the room are such a mess? Well, many people would really feel so stressed out. 

Hence, it is very important for us to choose the best curtain design for 2022 that we can apply in our own living space. This is especially for those sliding glass doors which already have been there. 

Here, we will give you the 8 most inspiring ideas for 2022 that you can find and follow in order to get your best options. So then, let’s take a look here one by one.

1). Muted Colors Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

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Having soothing colors like this kind of white color could be very well applied in any kind of home interior design including also for sliding glass doors. 

Hence, why don’t you try to apply this kind of curtain design in the place where your sliding glass door is? Then, it will give you quite a nice impression.

2). Double Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors With Modern Concept

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Of course, if your room or space has been designed with a modern concept, then you can try this kind of double curtains for sliding doors that have been stated in the picture above.

Well, it could be applied very well and gives a very good impression indeed to be placed there. 

3). Classy Blackout Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors 

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Well, blackout curtains are usually used when people need to remove all kinds of lights inside their homes so that they can get better sleep. 

Hence, you can try this kind of curtain design here. Well, the black color is very well for those who would like to have more colorful curtains.

4). Round Curtain Rods To Be Applied In Sliding Glass Doors 

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Well, if you want to give a more unique impression to your sliding glass doors, then why not try the rustic or antique style. It really can make your home interior looks so much better and beautiful indeed. 

The best thing about this kind of curtain design is its round shape which would be the best choice for those who have been tired of rectangle or square-shaped rods before. 

5. Unique Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors With Wood Concept As Main Material 

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Wooden is always known as the main material which is mostly used in building sliding glass doors. 

However, this kind of unique curtains for sliding glass doors would be more recommended if you are looking for curtains that have a unique or modern concept rather than just a simple wooden concept.

6). Sliding Glass Door Curtains For Cozy Atmosphere

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This wide curtain is very well with a wide design where people could instantly feel cozy and enjoy their time by making good use of these kinds of sliding glass door curtains. 

It really looks so gorgeous with its brown color accent at five sides under it. 

7. Look Suitable With Blue Curtain For Sliding Glass Doors 

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Well, you could use this kind of blue color curtain for your sliding glass doors in order to get a more suitable atmosphere around the house. 

Well, it is really nice with strong and also unique impression under many different kinds of views from outside or inside the room itself. 

8. Try Best Neutral Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors 

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Having neutral colors like light brown here could be very well applied in any kind of home interior design including also for sliding glass doors. 

It will give a better look for your rooms including giving a very good impression to be placed there. 

Why choose this type of curtain?

1. Customized to the size: The curtains for Glass doors are made in accordance with the dimensions of your door, that is, it must go over the sliding glass door and also give you room to slide it open. 

The curtains are often tailor-made to suit your specifications. It gives you the ideal solution if you have a custom-size sliding glass door.

2. Keep out sun rays: It will keep out unwanted sunlight from coming into the rooms through your sliding glass doors while letting natural light in during the daytime. 

It can brighten up any corner of your house where there’s no direct sunlight coming through by blocking incoming sun rays. 

This is especially during summer days when the sun shines directly into our homes, increasing the temperature inside.

3. It’s energy-efficient:  Keeps the temperature of your house at its best, reducing sun heating up by blocking direct sunlight from coming in during summer days. 

Therefore, reducing the need for air conditioning and consequently saving money on utility bills. 

4. Easy to clean: Curtains for sliding glass doors are machine washable, easy to maintain

5. Unique design:  It comes in many designs that blend with nearly any type of décor theme for your house.

6. Insulates rooms: Curtains can be especially useful when you want to make a room more insulated because they minimize the passage of sound through the door

7. Very convenient: They are made with rod pocket or tieback so they are very easy to open or close

8. Fire resistant: Fire safety is given priority in this curtain which is why it is made of good quality fire retardant materials

9. It’s a permanent solution: Curtains are a more permanent solution to sun rays coming into your house during summer compared to shades, blinds, or shutters which you have to take down when they are not required.

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How to choose the right curtains? 

It depends on several factors that include:

1. The location of the sliding glass doors               

The curtain should ideally be placed at least one foot above the ground level so that nobody can see through when you’re inside your house. This height can be increased by adding an extension rod if required. 

Also, while choosing the design and color of the curtains, keep in mind where the doors lead to. 

For example, if it leads outside your house and if there are other houses or people near your place who can peek inside when you open the door such as an apartment building, you should choose well-designed and stylish but also light-colored curtains so that nobody can see through them.

2. How many windows do you have?               

If there’s only one glass sliding door then a single panel curtain will cover it. If you have double glass sliding doors then use two panels (one for each door). 

It has to be custom-made in accordance with the size of your door opening. It’s better to go for thicker material in the case of double glass sliding glass doors. This is because it will help reduce the passage of sound more than lighter material

3. The conditions in which your sliding glass doors are placed               

For example, if your sliding glass door is placed on the West side then it receives maximum sun exposure. You may need to go for light curtains that block sunlight but still let some daylight through

4. The quality of sunlight coming into your home               

Depending upon how harsh or how soft the sunlight coming through your glass doors is, choose good quality light-blocking curtains. 

If you often find yourself squinting during daytime when natural light comes through your doors, go for thick and dark-colored curtains so as to absorb most of the incoming sunlight.

5. Your lifestyle               

 Different people have different needs. If you live alone, a single panel setup is sufficient for you. 

If you live in a big family or with elderly members who spend the majority of their time indoors then choose curtains that cover the glass doors completely by hanging from ceiling to floor.

6. The cost               

Curtains for sliding glass doors can be made out of almost anything depending on how much one spends on them. 

Cheap curtains that cost only $20-40 are available at stores near you. Expensive curtains that can even cross hundred dollars are available online and in specialized stores.

7. How easy it is to open and close your curtain               

If you open and close the curtains frequently then it’s better to choose window treatments that are easy to open, clean, or maintain. 

For example, if your sliding glass doors lead outside your house to a balcony or terrace where you like spending time during summers, go for sheer curtains made of thin material that let sunlight through completely but still provide enough privacy

8. Your personal style               

Everybody has different tastes. If you prefer a traditional look then choose rods with rings instead of clips. If you enjoy modern art and design stay away from complicated designs. 

Select colors and patterns according to what appeals most to your senses so that every time you pass by the door your eyes feel refreshed.

Types of curtains for sliding glass doors available in the markets 

Roller Shades              

Cordless and motorized options also fall under this category. These shades can be raised or lowered according to your requirement. 

Depending on how much you use your sliding glass door, these roller shades offer a great investment because they’re easy to maintain and very durable.


These curtains let sunlight and daylight through while offering a good deal of privacy due to their light color and thin material. 

However, these should not be used if your sliding glass door leads outside because there is a high chance that somebody may peep inside.

Translucent Curtains           

If you desire both, privacy and natural light then opt for translucent curtains that offer a good deal of privacy but still let sunshine fill your home. 

These can also be made into sheer curtains, depending upon how much one wishes to block the incoming sunlight

Keep in mind that choosing curtains for your sliding glass doors requires a lot of planning. 

Check out all the different kinds of fabrics available on the market. Then choose the ones which match best your preferences while considering temperature conditions indoors. 

This is because ultimately you want it to add value to your house by making it comfortable and beautiful.

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So, those are some easy and stylish ideas to try out if you want a contemporary feel on your house interiors. 

They’re cost-effective and creative so they will never fail to impress your friends and guests all the time. Use these suggestions now to boost your home decoration project today.