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Question: I live in a warmer climate and want to build an outside bar with a roof. What do I need to know?

Answer: To build an outdoor bar with a roof, you’ll need to use metal studs instead of wood studs because there won’t be any heat from the sun to dry out and strengthen the wood.

An outdoor bar with a roof is the perfect way to spend time around home. While having a couple of drinks, friends will feel free to approach you for one or two. 

If you are tired of sitting inside your house all day long, doing nothing much but watching television, then consider building an outdoor bar with a roof. 

This might provide you with entertainment and improve socialization at the same time.

Let’s quickly consider the simple steps on how to build an outdoor bar with a roof that can be installed in just half a day. 

Here’s a 10-step guide on how to build an outdoor bar with a roof:

Step 1 – Remove Existing Unit

For easier installation, make sure that you remove all existing flooring around where it is going to be built, as well as the cabinets and countertop. 

Remove any fixtures, appliances, or utilities that are located around where you want to build your outdoor bar with a roof.

Step 2 – Mark Area for New Flooring

outdoor bar plan


For better results, make sure that you draw a 12 inch-by-12-inch grid on the floor inside the area where you will be building your outdoor bar with a roof. 

This will provide holes of equal size for each of the posts of the frame and thus yielding a more stable structure. You can use chalk or tape to lay out this grid. 

Make sure to connect all the dots by drawing straight lines between them so they form an even pattern on your concrete slab flooring.

Step 3 – Drainage Spacing

Make sure that you leave a gap of about 4 inches from one hole to the next. 

This will provide space for proper drainage of water, which can accumulate on the floor after heavy rain or snowfall.

Step 4 – Check if Floor is Level


Flip back the gridding and check if your concrete slab flooring is level with each other. 

If it is not, then consider adding some more cement above slabs or adjusting some lower ones so they have leveled up together. 

The frame of your outdoor bar with a roof should also be aligned properly on all four corners so as to avoid having a bent structure once completed.

Step 5 – Prepare Frame Material


For better results, double-check that you have completely cleaned out your space where the outdoor bar with a roof is going to be built. 

Once this is done, you can now start framing your new structure by laying down the 4×4 posts about two feet apart from each other, on top of the 12 inch-by-12-inch grid that you have earlier laid out. 

The frame should be placed on the concrete slab flooring and should leave a few inches from the floor as well as from the ceiling. 

You may then attach wire mesh or chicken wire along with the frame so as to prevent animals from crawling into it later on.

Step 6 – Secure Frame


After installing all four frames at equal distances apart from each other, you should now install proper fasteners so they securely hold everything together.

 You can choose between metal or plastic clips that are designed for this type of framework. 

You can then proceed to install your outdoor bar with a roof by bolting it down to the flooring using ratchet straps, which should be tightened in a crisscross pattern so as to reduce any movement while the glue dries up.

Step 7 – Install Roof Structure


After installing both frames and properly securing them together, you can now go ahead and attach your 4×4 beams for the roof structure onto the existing frame. Use lag bolts so they securely attach everything. 

Drill pilot holes into each beam before inserting bolts or screws into them. Do not forget about attaching cross beams between each of these main beams to create better support later on when you put down roof tiles or shingles.

Step 8 – Install Roof Tile or Shingles


Decide on what type of roof shingles you are going to use for your outdoor bar with a roof. You can either choose between metal tiles, asphalt shingles, or cedar shakes. 

Roll out the first layer of roof plywood over the beams and secure it in place using screws every 6 inches along each side.

After this is done, install another layer of plywood on top of the existing one but make sure that they overlap properly at every corner to prevent leaks later on. 

Use heavy-duty staples that are made specifically for roofs to hold these layers together more securely.

You may then proceed to lay down roofing felt over this temporary frame, starting at the bottom and working your way towards the top.

Step 9 – Install Siding


You can now install siding for your outdoor bar with a roof so it will have a nice paint finish over time. There are various materials that you can use such as wood, hanging, or vinyl panels depending on your preferences and budget. 

You should also think about painting these panels before putting them up to give a more professional look to your new structure.

Step 10 – Finishing Touches


Once everything is already in place, you may need to spend some time fine-tuning things to ensure that nothing has been left out of place or is not secured enough. 

The frame needs to be stable at each corner so there is no leaning from one side to another when weight is applied. You can also use brackets to provide additional support if needed.

Why do you need to Build an Outdoor Bar With a Roof?

1. You can save money by building your very own Outdoor Bar With Roof

There are many items that may need to be bought in order to get a functional bar outside your house’s ground level – just like any other bar out there. 

However, it would not really cost much if you already have plans to build an outdoor bar with a roof because you do not need to buy so much. Even if you want to build a bar that is already functional, it would be very expensive for you to buy all the items related to it. 

You will not be able to save money if you hire someone else who tries to build the outdoor bar for you because they will charge more than what they are worth. 

2. An Outdoor Bar With Roof Will Attract More People

Building an outdoor bar with a roof is something that people like; especially when there are many events that take place outside their house. 

If there is anyone in your nearby area who likes having parties and gatherings, then this kind of idea should surely be applied. This can also help you as well because more people will gather and they can socialize as well.

3. There is a Variety of Designs to Choose From

Building an outdoor bar with a roof has never been easier. All you need to do is search for designs that include everything about your bar build. 

Look upon the internet, read magazines, go to shopping malls, ask friends and family members – which one design is going to be perfect for your favorite outdoor bar? 

You should find out what suits you best. This way, it would be much easier for you to apply something that looks amazing, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

4. An Outdoor Bar With Roof Will Make Your House’sterior More Interesting

Having a bar outside your house can increase the beauty of your yard or garden. There are many designs and styles that you can try as long as it will make everything look good as a whole. 

Your outdoor bar should also fit with your entire house’s exterior – this way, both of them will give out an integrated look rather than just sticking things together randomly.

5. An Outdoor Bar With Roof Will Keep You and Your Family Happy and Healthy

It is always a plus when you build an outdoor bar because there will be no hassle to go somewhere else if you want to drink something cold or hot. You do not have to squeeze yourself inside the small room of the refrigerator – what you need is already right in front of you.

You can make cold drinks in the fridge and keep hot beverages warm. In addition to this, you will also enjoy your time with family members or friends inside your own outdoor bar area each night. If you want to, you can also decide to install an outdoor television set; making everything perfect.



The outdoor bar with a roof does not really need to be sophisticated but rather, should only serve the purpose it has been built for.

If you are just looking for something that will keep your guests dry while standing under it, small fixes should do the trick for this simple project. 

However, you can still get creative when building your own structure so your backyard will have a more stylish area where people can enjoy refreshments and relax time after time again.

If there is anything that might be interesting for you when it comes to building an outdoor bar with a roof, then do not hesitate to apply this idea immediately. 

You will surely love it especially if you already have plans on what items should be included and how they should be laid out based on their design. 

Make sure that other people who are invited will appreciate what they see as well – which means, try your very best designing the most amazing outdoor bar with a roof.