How Heavy Is A 6 Person Hot Tub? (Average Weight)

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Have you ever wondered how much a six person hot tub weighs? Well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have probably considered the weight of their new addition, either before or after it has been installed on their deck. 

The average weight of a 6 person hot tub ranges from 700 pounds to 1000 pounds, depending on the style and features.

If you’re looking for an in-ground hot tub, there’s a good chance it will weigh even more than a portable one because of its mass and its need to be anchored in concrete. 

The average weight of an in-ground hot tub is approximately 950 pounds. This number increases if your ground is on the softer side.

Since most people are concerned with installing their new hot tub onto a deck, you probably want to know the average weight of a portable one. The answer is 400 pounds to 650 pounds. 

Most modern portable models feature either an acrylic or fiberglass shell that is lighter than its concrete counterparts. If you’re interested in buying this type of hot tub, keep in mind that it will be much easier to move around your property once you have unloaded it from your truck or trailer. 

It will also weigh about half as much as its larger counterpart, making it easy for just one or two individuals to set up where you want it. Once everything has been unpacked, all you need are some tools and someone willing to help raise the lid.

Although weight is an important determining factor when considering the purchase of a hot tub, it should not be the only thing that you take into account. 

Perhaps you want to keep your new addition closer to the ground because you’re worried about rust or leakage. If this is your main concern, then you may want to consider buying one with an acrylic shell. 

It will likely fall somewhere between 350 and 500 pounds, depending on its size. However, make sure that if this is your primary consideration; you do not sacrifice comfort for portability. 

Fiberglass shells may be lighter than concrete models but they are much less durable and much more susceptible to leaks and tears than their counterparts made out of vinyl or acrylic materials. 

No matter what type of hot tub you buy, just keep in mind that it will add weight to your deck. This is why many experts recommend hiring a professional to install your new addition onto your existing deck or ordering one that is made of lighter materials such as vinyl or acrylic.

How to know that a six person hot tub is a must have for your home

The first thing you do when you decide that a six person hot tub is a must have for your home? You put it on the list and go shopping. Before going to a store, it can be helpful to have an idea of what price range you’re looking at. Since there are so many different factors that affect pricing, this will help narrow down your choices.

There’s no question about it – great outdoor areas always bring good times with family and friends. Unfortunately, space is often limited to accomplish this dream! But, there is always a solution – especially if one has room for something as luxurious as a 6-person hot tub.

In general, most people already understand that prices of new products tend to come down over time. So, it might be best to wait for a sale before making the purchase. However, some items are on sale all year round and others maintain their value over time.

If you’re looking for something that can withstand the test of time, then here are just a few good reasons why you should never buy new:

a) 4-5 years is about how long it will take to break even on the initial price. If you’ve ever shopped for hot tubs before, then you know they can easily run $7-8k new! After five years, any amount of money spent on repairs or upkeep would probably equal out to what someone would pay if they were to buy brand new today.

b) It’s always better to buy something that’s been used, but in good condition. Just take a look at the reviews of all the items you’re considering for purchase and take note of how many people list defects (such as leaks) within such an item.

c) Owning a hot tub comes with lots of benefits! It can help improve your immune system and fight off diseases, reduce stress and tension, prevent injuries, manage weight and keep blood pressure down. These are just some reasons why they’re so popular among those who own one.

d) The truth is that buying new means shelling out extra money just to get it up and running in time for the summer season when everyone begins looking forward to spending time outside again. If you happen to be someone who lives in a place where winter is too harsh to enjoy your hot tub, then this might not be as big of an issue.

In the end, you’ll have to make one important decision before buying. Either buy used or new. If you need some help deciding, let’s break it down for you based on different factors.

e) There are many models available today that are lower priced than ever before. So, if price is the only factor holding you back, then there are plenty of great deals out there that can fit within any budget. Just take the time to look around and compare prices until you find someone offering exactly what you’re looking for at a reasonable rate.

f) Most people don’t really think about space when looking for a hot tub. But, this is actually one of the most important factors. Be sure to take measurements before going shopping so you can get an idea how much space is needed for installation and proper use.

g) If you choose to purchase new, then it’s best to buy from a retailer than offer their own warranty. These types of warranties usually cover any costs associated with repairs over the life of your purchase which can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars compared to other retailers that only offer 1-year or less protection.

h) Know what type and style of material will work best within your budget and backyard environment. There are many different choices out there today – some more affordable than others depending on whether they’re made out of vinyl or fiberglass. In addition, there are hot tubs that fit perfectly into the ground while others come with a stand.

i) If you choose to buy from an individual seller, then just be sure to check out their credentials and overall reputation before handing over any money! Private sellers who don’t make it easy for people like you and me to find out more about them don’t deserve our business! That’s why checking out reviews is one of the best ways to discover the truth about what we’re getting ourselves into when we finally contact these types of sellers.

j) Lastly, try your very best not to get talked into buying something new when better deals can easily be found in used condition (especially if this is your first purchase!). You can always sell your used hot tub or pool for a great price if it’s still in good condition, after all.

Type of MaterialWeight Without Water
Soft PlasticLess Than 100 lb.
Molded Plastic300 lb.
Acrylic 450 lb.
Stainless Steel250 lb.
Fiberglass330 lb.
Concrete400 lb.

2-6 person options:

This is one hot tub that has it all. The Intex Pure Spa delivers everything you could want from an inflatable hot tub except the high price tag! You can get this great unit with 2, 3, 4 or even 6 seats (additional seats can be purchased separately). It includes an easy-to-use air control valve, an insulated cover to help retain heat, 2 filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water, an inflation hose and more. 

This inflatable hot tub uses a 3-way test strip to ensure the water is properly sanitized. It can be set up anywhere you have a level spot outdoors. As long as you have a 110-120 outlet nearby, it will provide years of fun.

This patio version of the popular Lay Z Spa brand comes with everything you need to enjoy soothing bubbles in your backyard! It has 16 individual high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior that are fantastic for massage therapy or just relaxing after a hard day at work. 

You can place this tub almost anywhere since it takes only about 15 minutes to set up using the included ground cloth. It also comes with a chemical floater to make sanitizing simple and an inflatable cover will help keep the water warm while you soak.

This classic hot tub is perfect for up to 6 people! The Lay-Z-Spa Miami can be quickly set up in about 15 minutes using the heavy duty ground cloth. Once inflated, select one of the 6 massage functions which include normal bubbles or intense bubble jets that provide deep muscle massage or soothing laminar flow. This deluxe spa has 410 air jets that are designed to surround your body for full-immersion relaxation. The heater keeps water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit so you can enjoy it even on cooler nights in most climates.

Bestway’s Hawaii HydroJet Pro

Bestway’s Hawaii HydroJet Pro is a premier model that has a wide range of features and benefits. This is a complete six person hot tub that comes with a full filtration system, an insulated cover, heating system and more. A built-in water treatment system keeps the water clean and sanitary without harsh chemicals. It also uses a soft touch control panel for easy operation of the 120 bubble jets. 

The Hawaii HydroJet Pro is made from extremely durable TriTech material which resists UV rays, corrosion and temperature extremes.

This super comfortable air pad offers you spa style relaxation right in your own backyard! You can lie down on this luxurious inflatable lounge chair to enjoy the bubbles or sit up if you want a relaxing massage instead. You’ll see how easily portable it is too. All you have to do is open the zipper and it’s ready for use! An inner water chamber keeps it inflated, so no pumps are needed. The soft flocked top feels great on your skin and it packs up easily after every use.

For those of you who prefer a more traditional hot tub, look no further than this six person version from SaluSpa . It comes with everything you need to enjoy soothing bubble jets in the comfort of your own backyard or deck. 

You can set this inflatable spa anywhere that has a sturdy flat surface since all you need is a 110v power outlet nearby. Water capacity is 204 gallons (it holds 464 lbs.), but there’s plenty of room inside to fit 6 people comfortably. Rubber handles make it easy to enter and exit the spa pool too.

What do you like to put in your hot tub?

There are many different ways to make your new inflatable hot tub enjoyable right from the start! Once you’ve found a great location for it, setting up is really easy; just lay out all the parts (don’t forget the ground cloth), then follow each step until you’re ready to fill it with water.

Before adding water, use an all-natural cleaner to scrub away any accumulated dirt or debris on the outside of the tub. Then, rinse well with fresh water before inserting the soft foam top where mildew won’t be so likely to grow. You should also wipe down all surfaces of specific jets before first use.

After filling the inflatable tub with water, it’s time to pour in your chemicals. Check the owner’s manual for specific instructions on how much to use. 

It may vary depending on brand, so always read these carefully before you do anything else with your hot tub! Now turn on the spa and let it fill up completely with water before plugging it in. If there’s a solar cover, put that over top once you turn on the bubbles.

In order to make full use of your inflatable hot tub during colder weather , try adding warmer water from a bucket or nearby tap instead of using the cold-water line from your home system. You should also add a chemical floater or an inflatable bubble cover if you have one. In addition, you can get a temperature-controlled heating system to keep water at the perfect temperature all year long.

How you prepare your new inflatable hot tub will determine how great your experience is with it. Keep in mind that a little bit of preparation goes a long way toward making sure everything runs smoothly and safely from the very beginning. You can even learn some quick spa maintenance tips while you’re at it too.

When choosing an inflatable hot tub , be sure to think about where your ideal location might be, on or off your deck or patio, for example. If there’s no convenient electrical outlet nearby, make sure to get an electric model instead of one which must be plugged into a generator . It would also help to consider how many people you’d usually have in the spa at once, so that you choose one which is just right for your needs.

The Hawaii HydroJet Pro offers a great experience with its 4-jet massage system while the SaluSpa six person hot tub allows 6 adults to enjoy soothing bubbles together. Both are made from high-quality TriTech material and offer easy setup so you can relax in your own backyard soon after purchase.

Which will be more popular?

The bubbles or the seating?

As you can see, getting the General Data Protection EU’s new data privacy law into that new inflatable hot tub has never been easier!

There’s even plenty of room inside for 6 adults, depending on the model. While some models are designed to accommodate 6 people, others are better for 4, and still others will fit 2 to 4 comfortably.