How Do You Install Lattice On A Pergola? (5 Steps)


This article will show you the step by step guide to installing lattice on a Pergola. Keep reading…

Step 1: Mark the position of the lattice

The first step is to mark the position of the lattice on the pergola and set it in place.

This can be done with a pencil or a saber saw. Once you have marked the position, you can then use a table saw to cut the latticework.

You can place the panels at the desired height and width and then attach them to the frame with screws.

Step 2: Follow the manufacturer’s manual

To install lattice on a pergola, you must follow the instructions that come with the lattice.

Typically, the panels are lightweight and are nailed to the top and bottom pieces of the pergola. You can also use basic finish nails. Once the lattice is installed, you can plant plants in the holes.

After you have finished installing the lattice, you can start putting it up and decorating your new-covered pergola.

Step 3: Install the lattice

Lattice on Pergola

Once you have chosen a location for your pergola, you can start installing the lattice. Then, you can screw the pieces together. Next, you can add additional supports to the top and bottom pieces of the frame.

Step 4: Plant your vines

Now you can begin planting your vines. To install lattice, you will need to research the type of plant you wish to grow. Roses, wisteria, and ivy can be easily tied onto the vertical wires attached to the posts of the pergola.

Once you have made your pergola, you need to attach the lattice panels. Then, you should put the screws and fasten the lattice on the posts.

It is important that you make sure that the screws are installed evenly on the top and bottom of the pergola. If you are using nails, you should make sure to secure the pieces with a large number of screws.


The construction of a pergola is a multi-step process. The first step is to decide the type of lattice needed.

If you want to save money, you should opt for a pergola made from wood. Another step is to choose a pergola made of aluminum or iron. After the initial steps, you should then purchase the lattice and attach it to the beams.

A mini pergola is usually not much wider than eight feet. A tall vertical panel needs to be installed using two 2’x4′ boards. For a larger pergola, you should consider a bigger one. The last step is to make a smaller one.

You can also choose a pergola that is more narrow than your pergola. It is best to build it if you have a strong foundation.