How To Keep Ants Out Of Sandbox (6 Effective Ways)


If your kids are playing in a sandbox, ants are likely to be present. However, there are several tips and steps to keep them away:

  • First, cover the sandbox with a lid.
  • Next, spray the sand with white vinegar, which will deter ants.
  • Then, refill the sandbox with new, clean sand.
  • Repeat this process every few days.

Let’s run through 6 effective ways to get rid of ants in sanbox:

Use landscaping fabric

Another way to keep ants out of a sandbox is to place landscaping fabric on the bottom of the sandbox. This material allows water to flow through and is thin enough for children to play in.

In addition, it keeps bugs from nesting in the sand. This fabric is available at most gardening stores.

Moreover, it prevents ants from transferring food from one’s child’s pocket to another.

Sprinkle Vinegar on the sand

To make the sandbox ant-free, you can sprinkle some white vinegar on the soil. This will help to kill any ants that are present in the sandbox. You can also spray baby powder on the sandbox to repel ants.

If the solution does not work, then use another method to keep ants at bay. A mixture of two parts white vinegar and one part water can be applied around the sandbox.

A spray of white vinegar is a safer, more natural solution. It works just as effectively as chemical sprays.

Using this method will also keep bugs away from your sandbox. You should try not to place the sandbox too close to the areas where bugs gather. Once you’ve got rid of the ants from your sandbox, you can move the sandbox to a different area of your yard.

Seal it with a Tarp

You can also keep ants away from a sandbox by covering it with a tarp. To keep ants away from the sand, use a tarp to cover the sandbox and apply white vinegar to the sand.

The vinegar will keep ants from entering the sandbox and your children will love it! In addition to being effective, cinnamon will also repel ants from your children’s sandbox.

Disinfect the sandbox


Aside from sand, ants can also live in the sandbox. It is possible to get rid of them by disinfecting the sandbox.

Adding a layer of Diatomaceous earth to your sandbox will help keep ants out of the sand. It is an easy, inexpensive solution to a sandbox ant infestation.

Sprinkle Cinnamon in the sand

Another option is to sprinkle cinnamon in the sand. Cinnamon can be helpful in keeping ants out of a sandbox because it repels ants, but it won’t kill the bugs that are already there.

To keep ants away from your sandbox, you can use tarps. This way, you can protect your children from the ants and keep the sandbox dry and clean.

Mulch the soil

To keep ants out of the sandbox, put a layer of mulch on the soil. The mulch will help to deter ants from entering your sandbox, but it will attract other insects.

You can also sprinkle cinnamon in your sandbox to repel ants.

Just make sure to keep the sandbox free of any food nearby. If the sandbox is close to the house, the ant may enter the room.


While it is impossible to completely get rid of ants from the sandbox, you can use cinnamon-scented sand to deter ants. The cinnamon smell will make them afraid of the cinnamon odor and will keep them out of the play area.

Besides, a cinnamon-scented sand will also be a tasty treat for dogs. Using these steps will help you keep ants out of sandboxes.

An alternative to using chemical ant repellents, cinnamon solution is truly effective in repelling ants. It has a strong smell, which will repel ants from the sandbox. A tarp should be placed over the sandbox when it is not in use.

This solution will last longer than the cinnamon stick and is a safer alternative to chemical ant repellents. If the sandbox is in a shaded area, the solution should be replaced regularly.