How Long Do Jute Rugs Last?


Jute rugs are natural fibers, so they are subject to shedding dust. As they are woven, jute becomes brittle and more easily breaks.

Nevertheless, they still make a wonderful addition to your home. But you must maintain them in order to enjoy them.

So how long do jute rugs last? Jute rugs can last up to 15 years. Make sure you store your jute rug in a cool, calm, and clean, and dry place when not in use. All fiber materials love humidity, and so does Jute rug. A dry place will help preserve the elegance and color of your rug for up to 15 years.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your drab jute rug:

Cleaning a Jute rug

First, vacuum a jute rug regularly. If it is large enough to cover a whole room, do so twice a week. After that, use a damp cloth to wipe up spills.

Rotate it a few times a year to ensure even wear. If possible, you can blot spills with a white paper towel. Never wet-shampoo a jute rug because this will result in a brown stain.

It will also take several cleanings to get rid of stains. But overall, jute rugs will add coziness to your home. And because they are made from natural fibers, they are also eco-friendly.

One of the main tips for maintaining a jute rug is to keep it clean. You should vacuum it regularly to remove dirt and dust from high-traffic areas.

Use fabric protector

You should also apply fabric protector to protect it from wear and tear in areas where it is used frequently. Moreover, jute rugs should not be cleaned by steaming since it may lead to excess moisture, which will damage the fibers and ruin the jute.

Preserving your jute rug

jute rug

The most common tips for preserving your jute rug include regular cleaning and avoiding pet urine. If you have a dog or cats, you should consider storing your jute rug in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can cause jute to discolor.

How to maintain jute rug

Keeping your jute rug in a shade-filled room is a good idea — especially when not in use! As with all fiber materials, a clean and dry place will help to sustain the elegance of your jute rug over time.

Fire Resistant

Fortunately, jute is a non-toxic, fire-resistant material.

If you’re looking for a rug with a natural, raw texture, jute is a great choice. You should remember that the fibers are naturally fire-resistant, but they’re not recommended for outdoor use. You should vacuum jute rugs regularly to prevent buildup.

If you’re worried about the humidity, you should use a jute-based stain-removal product if you’re worried about it fading.


One benefit of jute rugs is their natural durability. However, this material is hard to maintain. Its color will change and may easily fade. While jute stains well, it absorbs odors and will yellow over time.

Despite its rough texture, jute rugs are durable and can be left outdoors for years. As a natural fiber, jute rugs can withstand extreme temperatures and will last for decades.

They can be placed outdoors because they absorb a lot of sound, but they can’t be left outdoors for very long.

Are jute rugs hard to clean?

You bet they are! Jute is a natural fiber, but the downside of its abrasiveness is its difficulty in being cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners must be very careful when handling jute rugs, but they can still clean them.

But jute can be difficult to clean. A jute rug requires a pad, which can make it easier to remove stains. Besides, jute is not waterproof, so it must be kept away from heavy traffic areas.

Protect jute rugs outside

If you plan to leave jute rugs outside, make sure they are protected from moisture. Because jute and moisture don’t mix, you’ll need to clean a jute rug every now and then with a damp cloth.

A jute rug will lose its sheen if it gets wet, but if you wash it too often, it will lose its softness.


Although jute rugs are eco-friendly and can last a long time, they must be kept away from moisture to avoid attracting mold.

Jutuce is a natural fiber, and it has the ability to absorb sound. As a result, it is best used in rooms with low traffic.

Moreover, if you want to keep a jute rug outdoors, it’s best to place it in a location where there is little to no rainfall.