How Much Does An Automatic Pool Vacuum Cost? (Average Cost)

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Most of the homeowners will tend to invest in some in-ground swimming pools.

Maintaining your swimming pool requires a lot of time. But it comes with a lot of maintenance costs. If you do good research, you will consider an automatic pool vacuum. 

There are a variety of automatic pool vacuums in the market. It is one product that can provide you with the simplest way to clean your pool. One can also design some of them for above-ground swimming pools.

Moreover, it offers the perfect cleaning solutions for pools up to 30 feet.

You can take back your time to consider one such product that can provide you with fewer chores on your to-do list. To get an effortless pool cleaning, you need to consider the cost of it.

Owning a swimming pool is the coolest thing that one can do, both literally and figuratively. You will get to enjoy such water-filled days. 

Apart from that, you can host so many get-togethers. With such an array of advantages of owning a swimming pool, there happens to be a disadvantage.

The biggest disadvantage of owning a swimming pool is that you need to clean it.

Sometimes adding chlorine to the water and filter to your pool pump can do a decent job for you. 

But if you consider the pool vacuum cleaners, they can help you to complete the task of keeping your swimming pool clean. 

Considering the cost according to the type of vacuum

You may find various types of pool vacuums. Each of these vacuums has different costs. There are various types of pool vacuums. 

Manual pool vacuum 

The name suggests the type. The manual pool vacuum looks like a suction device that hooks up to the swimming pool filtration system. It helps to pull out the grime and dirt from the various corners of the swimming pool. 

It also helps to clean the pool floor. However, it requires the help of the user for its movement. If the user helps to move them physically around the pool, then the manual pool cleaners are the best choice for any user who wants the cheapest pool vacuum. 

The manual pool vacuum cleaner is the best choice for pool owners who love to ensure optimum swimming pool cleaning. When you want to clean every inch of your pool, the manual pool vacuum cleaner can be the best choice for you. Moreover, it is a cheap option for you. 

Plus, you will have the ability to clean the various hard-to-reach places and crevices personally. However, these cleaners require the user to do the pushing and the pulling along with all the other hard work. With such a mechanism, these manual pool vacuum cleaners cost between $50 to $300. 

Automatic pool vacuum

The automatic pool vacuum cleaner comes in between the manual pool vacuum cleaner and the robotic pool vacuum cleaner. It is somehow confusing. One can think of these cleaners as the predecessor of their robotic counterparts. 

Similar to manual pool vacuum cleaners, these automatic vacuum cleaners need to get attached to the pool’s filtration system. They help to suck the dirt and grime from the pool’s wall and floors. They do not require any user to pull or push to work and clean the swimming pool. Instead, the user can clean the swimming pool without giving much effort. 

Once you plug in these cleaners, you need to place them in the swimming pool. Then, automatically, it will clean the swimming pool. While you are cleaning your swimming pool with the automatic pool vacuum cleaner, you need not have to stand and watch the whole procedure.

Instead, you can relax or do other household work. When the work is done, you need to disconnect the vacuum and put it in a safe place, and tell you to require it for the next clearing session. 

It is imperative to note that the automatic pool vacuum cleaner can be separated into two types. These are the pressure side and the suction side. The pressure side cleaners help to collect large debris, including leaves. 

However, you can use the suction side pool vacuum cleaners to pick up fine particles, including dirt and sand. You can get any one of them after determining your preference and need.

The automatic pool vacuum cleaner somehow strikes the best balance between convenience and price. The owners can set these cleaners on their swimming pool and forget about them to get their work done efficiently. These pool cleaners can also run on batteries. 

The battery-powered cleaners offer you the freedom to clean your pools without you participating in the process. You need to recharge the battery to make it work for at least 60 minutes. These battery-powered vacuum pool cleaners include a large filter bag and scrub brush head that helps to scrub the surface while collecting the dirt. 

Besides, it works extremely well in every kind of swimming pool, including both the ground swimming pools and the in-ground swimming pools. The only problem with this cleaner is the cost. These automatic pool vacuum cleaners are more expensive than those manual vacuum cleaners. 

But with the function of self capability, you can fully forget about the cost of these vacuum cleaners. The automatic pool vacuum cleaners can cost between $300 and $700. 

Robotic pool vacuum 

The robotic pool vacuum cleaner is also commonly known as the robotic vacuum. These are the most advanced pool vacuum cleaners in the market. Unlike manual and automatic pool vacuum cleaners, these robotic pool vacuum cleaners have their inbuilt filter system. It means that these vacuum cleaners need not have to hook up to the pool’s filtration system. 

The presence of its own built-in filters system makes it easier for the user to control. It also cleans the surface of the swimming pool easily and efficiently. 

This robotic pool vacuum cleaner is one of the long-lasting swimming pool cleaning products you will get in the market. It is because they need not have to deal with the debris center that the vacuum sends.

Most of all, these robotic vacuum cleaners work with the lift of your finger. It can pick up every kind of dirt, including leaves, sand, debris, and grime.

Moreover, these vacuum cleaners can have the ability to create a digital map of the pool. Thus, it ensures that every corner of the swimming pool gets cleaned during the whole vacuuming session. 

Moreover, the price of these automated swimming pool cleaners comes with a price. They tend to be priced between $600 and $1500.

Long-lasting pool vacuum cleaner

Many of you might think of a swimming pool as an investment. Along with that, you also consider the pool vacuum cleaner as an investment. If you buy any cheaper model, it will last for only 3 to 4 seasons. Consequently, if you are looking for any expensive models, it will go a long way. 

Therefore, you must consider the best automatic pool vacuum cleaner. The manual cleaners require nothing fancy. But some of the technologies can raise the real cost of the product. It is the same in the case of the pool vacuum cleaner.

Comparing the daily maintenance cost with that of an automatic pool vacuum cost 

Daily maintenance of the swimming pool involves cleaning the debris. The debris includes fallen leaves and twigs. One needs to clean this regularly to improve water circulation and reduce the use of extra cleaning chemicals. If you can prevent the use of chemicals, you can maintain a proper water level in your swimming pool.

Evaporation also gets rid of water every single day. Moreover, if your swimming pool has a small leak, you need to refill your pool constantly. In that case, you have to buy a swimming pool cover to prevent these problems. 

Considering all these issues, the average annual maintenance cost of your swimming pool can extend up to $2500 or more. But if you buy an automatic swimming pool vacuum, it can cost you less than the amount mentioned earlier.

In addition to that, if you want to maintain your swimming pool with the help of various equipment and chemicals, it will cost an extra amount. Furthermore, one should not forget about the electricity and the water bills. 

For instance, if you are using a heat pump for your swimming pool, it can raise the cost of your electricity bill. Also, pool water services can encourage a lot of costs. 

Pool cleaning services 

You can hire for any pool cleaning services. Your one phone call or email can get you these services. But every time you look for the pool cleaning service, it will cost you an extra expense. Though they will perform all the services on a monthly fee basis, you need to pay the fees every month. 

Hence, you must look forward to a more efficient method of getting an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. It would be way cheaper than any other method of cleaning. Before you look for any other method of cleaning your swimming pool, you must choose the automatic swimming pool vacuum.  


There are endless companies that would offer you the best vacuum cleaner, which would help you to clean the pool effectively and efficiently. Thus, if you want to look forward to any automatic pool vacuum cleaner, you must consider the cost before getting one.