How Much Does it Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?


The cost of building an outdoor kitchen depends on your taste and preference, the choice of material depending on the final look.

Outdoor life is becoming popular nowadays and with that, a few things need to be put into consideration when considering to build an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens come in all manner of designs which leads to different costs because of the materials used to make them.

The choice of materials will depend on the type of climate in your area for instance; in areas that are rainy or snowy, concrete and stainless steel is considered for countertops flooring and furniture.

Getting the right price estimates also depend on your area, for example, the cost of labor and materials in a rich neighborhood or an area that is more desirable to live in is more as compared to another low-level neighborhood.

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen is higher when you want to extend an existing patio that when incorporating the outdoor kitchen in the initial design. In some states, it is the law to seek a permit for any alteration to any structures and this might lead to the incurrence of fees that might be less in the initial design.

 A large number of homeowners are incorporating the idea of including an outdoor kitchen in their home this is due to the increasing market demand for socialization in a family gathering and individual relaxation for the complete outdoor experience. See this amazing kitchen ideas.

The average cots of building an outdoor kitchen is $20,000 depending on the choice of materials.


There are two types of materials for the framework that you can find for your outdoor kitchen, the prefabricated ones and the custom made.

Prefabricated, they tend to be much cheaper mostly made from wood, steel or concrete. Some may include ready-made countertops and a built-in grill. They are simple to assemble; actually, you can do the joinery work with your limited carpentry skills. Prefabricated materials for the framework can range from $200 to $450 per linear foot.

Custom made, these are designed from scratch by the mason or carpenter, they tend to be more expensive. They can range from $350 – $650 per linear foot.


The grill is supposed to be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen, although it is advised to not invest in extravagant designs that will leave you short of funds to finance other materials. Grills that exist in the market run in either charcoal, gas or electricity.

The choice of the grill is yours; some people prefer the traditional charcoal grill over the others because of the smoky taste they leave in food, while others prefer the propane-powered ones because of the side gas burners, although they come with the cost of gas connection and plumbing. The cost of installing a charcoal grill is about $200 – $ 1000 while that of a propane grill is $200 – $4000.

The grill should be centrally located in that it determines the location of other kitchen accessories, it should also be in a place that you can talk to the people you are entertaining or follow your favorite program with ease and watch your barbecue with ease.

Stainless steel sinks

A sink comes at hand when it is time to wash utensils, fetch water for cooking and washing the groceries too, although all these activities can be done in the indoor kitchen, to avoid the hustle and for the complete outdoor experience a stainless-steel sink is recommended.

Stainless steel sinks come with an added cost of plumbing and connection to the sewer; this cost may increase if the kitchen is located at a longer distance from the mains.

The cost of installing a sink ranges from $250- $1200 depending on the location and cost of plumbing.

Gas burners

Some grills come with side burners, therefore, this may not be a priority but they are necessary for kitchens with electricity or charcoal grills.

They are used to cook other food which cannot be roasted. Gas is supplied using the main gas connection or through gas cylinders. Gas cylinders are more cost-effective because you will not incur the connection charges. 


A refrigerator is another requirement an outdoor kitchen requires, it is of importance to keep the beverages cool and the grocery fresh.

A mini refrigerator is more preferable because it can fit under the counter, a larger refrigerator will bring an obstruction to the layout of the kitchen.

The refrigerator needs a power supply for it to run, this will add the power connection fees that range with the distance from the mains. You can purchase a refrigerator from your local store at $300 – $500 this will depend on the manufacturer and capabilities.


Most contractors charge according to project a price range of $2000 – $6500. The cost of plumbing is about $300 – $1500. Installing gas lines ranges from $20 – $25 per linear foot, and electricity $50 – $100 per hour.

These prices may, however, vary with the distance from the mains and your location; it will cost more in the city and affluent neighborhoods.


The choice of materials for the floor depends on your choice and preference. Leveling of the floor is required to attain an even surface for pouring the slab; this might not be the case where there is an existing patio, which might also save on the cost.

There exist some cheaper flooring options like concrete slabs and stucco however the return of investment (ROI) is a consideration, thus you might opt for materials like natural stone, granite, brick, and outdoor tiles.

They are weather-friendly and easy to clean although they come with an additional cost.

Flooring can take an average of $50 per square feet and therefore the choice of material should depend on its availability and your taste.


Roofing is not of importance, otherwise, what is the purpose of it being called an outdoor experience, you get to integrate with nature, feel the breeze, watch the stars, enjoy the sunlight while cooking or eating dinner.

The choice of roofing material will depend on the climate of your area, for warmer areas a pergola is preferred to enclose roofing.

Pergolas offer a complete outdoor experience; the climbing plants allow just enough sunlight and also give a clear view of the sky.


Now that you consider installing electrical appliances, grills, burners and other costly stuff security are key when locating an outdoor kitchen.

The kitchen should be located in the backyard probably adjacent to the main kitchen for convenience. A perimeter kitchen that is constructed near or adjacent to the main house is safer than a satellite kitchen.

You should consider installing built-in appliances to minimize theft. A good security measure is fencing off the area around your property. This will keep away intruders and will also ensure your privacy especially where the outdoor kitchen neighbors a pool.

 Some available materials for fencing are stone, bricks, cedar, wrought iron, and redwood.

The cost of building a fence ranges from $1500 – $4500 depending on the type of materials you use. In some secure neighborhoods, hedges and flower coverings are enough.

Shelves and storage racks

These come at hand for holding utensils and groceries that can’t fit in the refrigerator. Well-Designed storage racks and shelves also add to the aesthetics of the outdoor kitchen.

The materials used to make shelves are hardwood or stainless steel.

It can withstand the outdoor climate despite their costly installing price. You should also provide hooks for hanging frying pans and raddles.

Seating area

An elaborate sitting area that is well situated, the position of the furniture should be in such that one enjoys both the interior and exterior views of the kitchen. Furniture provides a place for serving drinks and food to your guests.

Some people prefer to have barstools instead that can be used against the counter for cost-cutting, but if you want the real stuff like sofas, loungers, and chairs you can for it according to your taste.

Seats for your kitchen can be purchased from the local carpenter; the price depends on the materials used with steel and treated timber chairs being more expensive, although they offer a higher ROI than their plastic counterparts.


For the ultimate outdoor experience, entertainment is key. It is important to invest in a television set to entertain yourself and your guests.

You don’t have to miss on your favorite tv show or game, having an outdoor television set comes at hand.

A television set for your kitchen goes for about $250 – $850 according to your taste and preference. The cost of installation will depend on your location and your service provider.

Outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace where you can relax and sip your drinks at night while enjoying a game of cards or chess with your friends.

The design rages from the normal fireplace to a firepit. Using fire for heating is more cost-effective than using gas and electricity.


Every kitchen needs a counter, a place where you can chop your groceries and put close the things you are going to use during your cooking. Counters can either be prefabricated or custom made, with materials like granite, bluestone, and soapstone. 

Granite is expensive and goes for $70 – $90 per square foot. Stone countertops are breathtaking despite their cost, they are also durable as compared to other materials like wood.

A tile counter is another cheap option for countertops, it goes for about $10 – $25 per square foot.


Proper lighting can improve the view of your kitchen by emphasizing some areas more than others, although hiring an interior designer can increase your cost, you can check online for various ways to light your kitchen.

The lighting should integrate with the outside atmosphere; you can still view the stars even when the lights are on.

Gas, Water connection and Sewer connection

Hiring a specialist to do the gas connection will ensure that there will be no leaks. A certified plumber or electrician will use high-quality materials that will not incur you repair fees. 


One has to apply through the local administration a permit to construct the structure which is known as development plan application.

A development plan application or a building permit is a legal approval from the government that allows the developer or builder to carry out construction in the stated area.

It is a requirement in some states to prepare a building plan incorporating the outdoor kitchen. The cost of a building permit is calculated using the buildup area of the kitchen, therefore you can approximate according to your state’s rates.

You do not need a permit for a pergola that measures 20m2 in area or less, that is located in your backyard and have a height of 3.6m. your structure qualify to be a pergola as long as it does not have an attached roof.


Building an outdoor kitchen is costly when you go with the extravagant designs, for cost-cutting and the ultimate experience you can install the grill and other appliances yourself and then hire an expert for the plumbing and electrical connection work.

What will determine the overall cost of building an outdoor kitchen is the labor and construction cost, hiring a reputable contractor will ensure that you don’t get overpriced. The average cost of labor is $4,000.

You should avoid investing in extravagant grill designs that will only drain your cash; instead, an average grill with a side burner is all you need for your kitchen.

Prepare a budget before deciding to build the outdoor kitchen, a budget will help you to avoid overspending on some items and forgetting others.

For example you can be intimidated by the grill size and capabilities and end up forgetting you need other appliances like refrigerators and sinks.