Hydropool vs Jacuzzi: What’s the Difference?


If you’re in the market for a new hot tub, you’ve probably heard of both Hydropool and Jacuzzi.

Both Hot tub Spas and Jacuzzi industries emerged in the 1970s, resulting in the ever-luxurious hot tub business for several decades.

So, what’s the difference between Hydropool and Jacuzzi? The main difference between Hydropool and Jacuzzi is that Hydropool hot tubs contains a large tub of hot water, mostly used for relaxation and hydrotherapy, while Jacuzzi is simply a trademarked brand of hot tub and spas.

Hydropool was founded by Dale Papke, who began selling hot tubs and eventually started manufacturing them himself.

Jacuzzi, on the other hand, has been acquired and sold many times, including one time from a privately held company to a publicly traded one in 2005. In 2006, Apollo Global Management purchased the company.

Hydropool’s AquaTrainer swim spas are powered by two powerful swim jets

The built-in steps allow easy entry and exit to the water. With three different swim jets, the AquaTrainer is a great option for serious swimmers. The two main jets are powerful enough to propel you into the water and provide a smooth current. The Aquapro control panel keeps track of distance, time, and calories burned. A built-in heart rate monitor provides additional information. Hydropool listens to the feedback of the swim industry to improve the design of their swim spas.

Unlike a traditional hot tub, an AquaTrainer’s two powerful swim jets are placed at the shoulders and chest to provide buoyancy and lift when swimming. The nozzles are adjustable, so they are perfect for all kinds of swimmers. Eight powerful swim jets per seat help provide even, consistent water flow and minimize back splash. Another plus is the wide swim channel, which allows for two swimmers to easily glide in the water.

Endless Pools and Hydropool AquaTrainer swim spas offer a wide and smooth current. The Hydropool AquaTrainer features an industry-exclusive V-Twin jet design that breaks up turbulence in the water.

These two swim jets stop the water from spinning and produce a smooth current that is easy to swim against.

Compared to other swim spas, Hydropool AquaTrainers and Endless Pools feature a self-cleaning system that cleans the water 100% every 15 minutes. Both systems also feature a built-in floor vacuum and automated chemical feeder.

The Hydropool AquaTrainer 17 AX is an exceptional aquatic gym. Its two powerful swim jets are great for improving your lower body and providing muscle massage.

The AquaTrainer 17 AX is fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool, which requires much less maintenance than a conventional pool. In addition, the hydrotherapy massage seats make it an excellent option for a home pool.

Their self-cleaning filtration system

One thing that separates the Self-Cleaning systems from the traditional suction-side filters is the level of self-cleaning.

While these systems cost more to purchase, they require less maintenance than traditional hot tubs and are worth the money spent.

Compared to traditional suction-side filters, Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning filtration system is far superior.

The Hydropool self-cleaning filtration system is the world’s largest hot tub manufacturer. This manufacturer is known for its cutting-edge technology, a commitment to the environment, and innovative features that provide the ultimate in spa comfort.

But, what’s so special about this self-cleaning filtration system? Here’s a look at its features and advantages. This is a quick comparison of two popular hot tub brands: Jacuzzi and Hydropool.

Hydropool’s self-cleaning filtering swim spas require very little maintenance. The water is cleaned within 45 minutes by a pressure-side filtration system. This means less chemicals, less draining, and less energy.

Hydropool also boasts the industry’s only self-cleaning filtration system. Compared to a traditional hot tub, Hydropool’s system has far fewer chemicals and requires fewer weekly maintenance.

For a larger family, the Hydropool self-cleaning 970 features seating for seven, a never-float lounger, and eight additional seats. This self-cleaning system is equipped with a built-in floor vacuum.

A self-cleaning system also filters 100% of water every 15 minutes. These are the key features that distinguish Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs from their competitors.

Hydropool 2-layer insulation system

The full-spray foam technique that Hydropool engineers have been using for years is actually inspired by NASA’s space-travel technology.

This new technology not only extends the life of your hot tub but also acts as an effective sound barrier.

NASA has spent millions of dollars perfecting this technology for astronauts, who are exposed to extreme temperatures. The technology is an important part of Hydropool’s engineering process and can provide huge benefits to you.

Not all swim spas are energy efficient. Even though most models are about the same size and cost, they vary significantly in the insulation, pumps, and programming. Below are the differences in insulation between four swim spa brands:

Hydropool high-flow pumps

When it comes to choosing a pump, there are some differences between Hydropool’s high-flow pumps and those used in Jacuzzi hot tubs.

Hydropool uses the Aqua-Flow Gecko Circ-Master pumps, which have superior filtration and are engineered for the highest GPM in the industry.

Compared to other pumps, Hydropool’s pumps provide up to four times the filtration. Its high-flow, low-horsepower pumps are a good choice when compared to other types of pumps. Hydropool’s pumps are made to last for decades, so you can expect them to last for years.

The Hydropool high-flow pumps deliver large volumes of water, which is perfect for those who want to experience hydrotherapy and maximize hydrotherapy without the hassle of a closed-cell foam insulation.

The Hydropool pumps can be programmed to use either salt water fresh water with hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine. Both types of pumps have an automatic chemical feeder. Other features of Hydropool hot tubs include adjustable swim current, 2″ plumbing, and balanced hydraulics to deliver equal pressure to all jets.

The Hydropool hot tubs are incredibly energy efficient and are certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as being among the most energy-efficient hot tubs available.

Hydropool’s Triple Thermal Shield Blanket, inspired by NASA technology, helps to retain the heat inside the hot tub. Compared to traditional hot tubs, Hydropool’s pumps reduce energy consumption while providing quality water.

Hydropool’s Self-Clean technology helps clean the hot tub within 15 minutes of installation. The high flow skimmer removes settling sediment, and specially designed jets guide floating debris to the high-flow skimmer.

Hydropool’s Self-Clean Floor Vacuum also aids in the circulation of water care products. They reduce chemical usage by 50% and provide a more luxurious experience for homeowners.

Their programmability features

When it comes to programmability, a big difference between a Jacuzzi and a Hydropool swim spa is how flexible the features are.

Hydropool’s swim spas are highly programmable. You can set the spa to operate only 6 to 8 hours per day and even set it to go into ultra-efficient “economy mode” when you’re away for the day. When you get back, your Hydropool will resume normal operations.