Why Is My Inflatable Hot Tub Not Heating Up?

inflatable hot tub

If your inflatable hot tub isn’t heating up, in this article, you’ll find tips on troubleshooting a hot tub and cleaning the filter cartridges.

Knowing how to properly insulate your inflatable hot tub is important.

If none of these steps works, you may need to contact a hot tub technician. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Checking for voltage at the heater terminals

To test the heater, you should first turn on the power to the hot tub.

Once you turn the power back on, turn on the heat light on the topside of the hot tub. It should begin blinking for a few seconds, then solidify.

If it does not, replace the heater. A low reading means that the heater is a bad element, or the heating system is faulty. If the heater is not working, it’s likely a problem with the pressure switch, thermostat, or limit switch.

If you don’t know which wires are connected to the heater, you can use a multi-meter to check the voltage at the terminals.

Make sure that the resistance is less than ten ohms, because higher resistance indicates a faulty element.

You can also use an Ohm meter to check the resistance of the heating element. Make sure you unplug the heater power cord from the wall before testing it.

If the spa doesn’t get hot, you may have a tripped circuit breaker. If this is the case, you can test it by disconnecting the copper wires from the spa pack and turning the power on. If the breaker stays on, the heater is likely the problem.

Replace the heating element. It will likely cost you only a few dollars to repair. If the problem is caused by a faulty heater, you can purchase a new one.

Before you attempt to fix the heater yourself, you should check the power source.

Sometimes, this is the source of the problem. You may be working with a 120-volt power supply. If you don’t know how to check the voltage at the heater terminals of an inflatable hot tub, contact a licensed service technician. If the problem persists, call a certified service technician immediately.

If you have a grounded-fault circuit interrupter, the breaker will stop power to the hot tub.

The breaker may also have flipped for some reason. If it’s not the breaker, it’s important to replace the receptacle or move the heater farther away from the hot tub.

While electrical troubleshooting is easy, it’s important to be safe while trying it. Injuries or damage to components should always be left to a professional.

Cleaning the filter cartridges

If your inflatable hot tub is not heating up properly, cleaning the filter cartridges is a good idea. Filters are cylindrical, made of folded fabric pleats that capture floating debris. Filters should be changed once a week.

You can use an instant filter cleaner to clean your inflatable hot tub filter. The cleaner works by dissolving the calcium deposits in the filter. After washing the filter, you should rinse it with a hose or pressure washer.

If your inflatable hot tub filter cartridges have sediments, cleaning them is essential to ensure your inflatable hot tub can maintain a good temperature.

Filters should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging and make your inflatable hot tub work more efficiently. You should turn off the motor and remove the filter, then rinse it out.

You should change the filter cartridges regularly, as the water will eventually leak. An inflatable hot tub can cost as little as $500, but it can cost up to $1,000 if it has advanced features.

If your hot tub’s filter is clogged with dirt and grease, you should clean it regularly. You can clean the filters using a hose or a chemical cleaner.

Depending on the size of your filter, you may need to do two different procedures to remove the accumulated debris. In addition to cleaning the filters once a month, you should clean your filter cartridges once every two or three weeks. The first method is to use warm water.

This will remove large debris from the filter, while the second method helps you get rid of the remainder of the contaminants.

When you’re cleaning your inflatable hot tub filter, you should check the water pressure as well. If you’re finding it hard to get enough water to run your inflatable hot tub, it’s likely that you’re using too much power.

It may be worth spending a few extra dollars to fix the problem. It’s crucial to check the filter cartridges frequently to ensure that it’s running at optimal performance.

Insulating under your inflatable hot tub

Inflatable hot tubs do not have any bottom insulation. You can add insulation to the ground by placing a foam sheet underneath. Foam sheets can be purchased at Home Depot and cut to fit the bottom of your hot tub.

Once it is placed beneath the groundsheet, the foam will help prevent the hot tub from overheating. You can also use old flooring tiles, as any thick foam will serve as insulation.

To prevent your inflatable hot tub from heating up too quickly, you can place a blanket or a cover on top of it. The cover will help to retain the heat and prevent the water from escaping.

Make sure to place the cover on your hot tub when not in use. Some inflatable hot tubs come with insulated covers.

Ensure that the cover is fitted properly and offers good insulation. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money than you intended.

If you have a flat surface underneath your inflatable hot tub, consider placing a layer of foam core board beneath the bottom of it.

This foam is available in various sizes. Make sure to buy one that matches the diameter of your inflatable hot tub. The thicker the foam, the better. When placing foam under your inflatable hot tub, don’t forget to place a pad underneath.

Leaving the groundcloth underneath your inflatable hot tub will make it hotter than it needs to be.

During winter, it is necessary to keep the water temperature inside your inflatable hot tub warm. If you are going to leave it unattended for a few days, you can use it for a day before it begins to get damaged.

A good quality spa lid will help insulate your hot tub well enough to keep the water temperature warm even during cold weather.

If you’re worried about keeping the water temperature high, you can invest in a hot tub insulator. If you have trouble finding the right one, check out our guide.

If you can afford it, consider investing in high-quality insulation for your inflatable hot tub. Using high-quality insulation will not only save on utility bills but also make your hot tub more comfortable to use.

Because hot tubs lose heat when they are not properly insulated, you can save money by using less energy to heat the water. And you’ll be able to enjoy your inflatable hot tub even more if you add insulation.

Troubleshooting a hot tub’s airlock

Having trouble with the air lock on your hot tub? Don’t worry; the following steps will help you fix this problem.

To start, you should turn off the heater. If this doesn’t work, you can also try bleeding the valves in a safe area.

After that, the water in the tub should circulate without any problems.


The air lock on your hot tub is a common problem and can prevent it from functioning correctly. Usually, this occurs when the water level drops too low or after a water change.

When the water level goes too low, the air in the plumbing lines can cause damage to your hot tub.

As a result, the pump won’t work properly and water will stop flowing through it. Eventually, air in your hot tub can damage the tub and make it unusable.