Laguna vs Rikon Bandsaw: Key Differences (and Uses)

laguna vs rikon

If you’re in the market for a new bandsaw, the most important question is which one is better, the Rikon or the Laguna?

Both are great choices for the DIYer, but which one is more durable?

Which one is cheaper? Which is better for cutting wood?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. In this article, we’ll explore the main features of each saw as well.

Bandsaw comparison: an overview

Bandsaws vary in their size and price, and the price you pay depends on what you want to use the saw for.

Blade width determines the quality of cut, as wider blades are better for cutting thicker materials.

The width of the bandsaw should be smaller than the radius of the curve it is meant to cut. Most manufacturers have charts to help you choose the right blade width.

The number of teeth per inch will also determine how fine or rough of a cut the saw will make.

Bandsaws range in size from seven inches to 80 inches. Model numbers correspond to maximum capacity in millimeters, which means the OSA 300 fits O300 mm round bar stock.

As you move up in size, you will also find more horsepower and torque, meaning that the bandsaw can make faster cuts. However, the larger the motor, the higher the cost of blades.

And don’t forget to buy a blade guard to protect the blade.

Unlike other types of bandsaws, a scissor saw is less expensive than a dual column saw. This type is best suited to smaller job shops, one-off projects, or backup machines.

As their name suggests, a scissor saw is much smaller and lighter than a dual-column bandsaw. If you don’t plan to use the saw frequently, a small model may work for you.

A dual-column bandsaw has a large, stable column on either side of the work surface.

This design reduces vibration, and the blade enters the material at a slight angle. It’s a better choice for long materials, but can cost a bit more.

These types of bandsaws are also more expensive than their single-column counterparts. However, the extra cost is often more than offset by the increased production numbers.

Scroll saws vs bandsaws: any difference?

The difference between scroll saws and band saws is the blade. Scroll saws are similar to band saws, but scroll saws have a much longer blade.

Scroll saw blades move much faster. While they’re both capable of cutting long materials, band saws are better for heavier projects and harder materials.

A band saw can cut curved pieces, plastics, and even large pieces of lumber. The latter can be a great option if you’re inexperienced with saws.

Laguna vs Rikon: Which is a cheaper bandsaw

These bandsaws both work well, but they both have a few differences that make them ideal for different types of projects. In addition to their differences in price, the two models also differ in the amount of features that they come with.

Let’s examine what they have in common and how they compare with each other.

First and foremost, consider your needs. For wood crafters, cutting capacity is a crucial factor.

The Laguna 14bx bandsaw features a 115-inch blade, whereas the Rikon 10-353 has a 111-inch blade. Also, the Rikon model has a more advanced fence system and quick-release blade tension system. If you are a woodworker, a Laguna bandsaw is a great option for your needs.

As for the price difference, both the Rikon 10-326 and the Laguna 14/12 are a great value. At the time of review, the Rikon was $150 more expensive than the Laguna.

However, if you’re looking for a bandsaw that won’t break the bank, the Laguna 14/12 is the way to go. Despite being slightly more expensive, it’s still better than a cheap plasticy hobby model.

If you’re looking for a quality bandsaw that will last for years, consider purchasing a used model. A used 14-inch King bandsaw has a quality Kreg fence and four spare blades.

The new setup alone will cost you $500 CAD. For the price difference between a new Rikon bandsaw and a used one, you’ll find plenty of options.

When it comes to features, the cheaper Laguna offers more features for less money.

Both models are remarkably durable and have good build quality. While they don’t have all of the bells and whistles of a more expensive bandsaw, these tools still offer a high level of performance and features.

You can also find a few things that set them apart. One important feature to look for is the blade speed. Most modern bandsaws offer adjustable blade speeds.

Laguna bandsaw blades have speeds ranging from 150 RPM to 2400 RPM. They also have high tooth counts, which is another plus.

Better build quality

One of the most common complaints about band saws is the shaky construction. This is one of the reasons why many woodcrafters prefer the Laguna 14/12 model over Rikon.

But, this issue is much more than a nagging doubt. The actual build quality of both brand names is far superior. Here is why. Read on to learn more about the advantages of each.

For the price, Rikon 10-326 is the best choice. The Rikon 10-326 is a very good bandsaw, but it’s less expensive. It’s equivalent to the Hammer N4400 in Europe.

This model is not nearly as powerful as Rikon’s 14-inch model, but it’s still well worth the price.

The Record Power Sabre 350 is another great option for the budget-conscious. The Rikon 10-326 is available in North America and Europe. It’s also the cheapest bandsaw made by Hammer.

The other feature worth mentioning is the fence. Both models have a fence, but the Rikon’s uses a patented resaw bar.

It’s attached to the fence before the blade, which helps prevent drift when resawing.

You can also install a small work light on the side of the Laguna. There’s no way you can beat that. You can’t beat the price, but the quality of the construction is superior to the others.

If you’re looking for an affordable bandsaw, then you’ll be happy to know that both brands are good, if not superior.

The Laguna 14-Twelve, for example, is a popular choice among carpenters and DIYers.

In general, however, the Rikon 10-326 is the superior choice for those who have less experience in woodworking. But which one is better?

The RIKON 14-Twelve bandsaw offers more features than the Laguna. For starters, it comes with a 13/4-hp motor and balanced cast-iron flywheels.

It can cut maple without bogging under steady feed pressure. It also has a single 4” dust port in the bottom case. The table tilt doesn’t shift under heavy stock, and the two oversize trunnions give the machine a solid foundation.

Power source

The power source for a bandsaw is a crucial factor when comparing a Laguna vs. Rikon bandsaw.

Both brands produce saws that can be used at home, but you should know that a Laguna will require a 110-volt circuit, while a Rikon will need a 220-volt one.

The two brands differ in how much power they require, but both are able to handle most types of wood.

Laguna vs Rikon bandsaw: Which is better?

Both brands offer an adjustable power source, but the Laguna version is much cheaper than the Rikon.

Both are powerful, and the Rikon bandsaw’s features are geared toward convenience.

The blade guide will make the process of adjusting the saw easier, particularly for busy people.

However, the Rikon 10-326 has many improvements over the 10-325.

Its table is larger and it comes with flexible fences. It is similar to the Laguna Tools MBAND1412, but the Rikon blade is sharper.