5 Metal Patio Awning Ideas (with Pictures & Uses)


These days, there is a large amount of outdoor living space in most homes and many homeowners are taking advantage of it by making their patios more functional. 

A great way to add serenity and modern touch to your outdoor space is my installing an awning. They come in different styles; made with different materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, etc.

What exactly is a metal awning? 

A metal awning can be described as a type of roof usually designed for commercial use which has been adapted to various architectural styles however it is most commonly used in modern architecture. 

It can also be described as a type of canopy or structure that projects from the exterior wall of a building, shielding its windows and doors from direct rain, sun, or other weather elements such as snow.

The patio has become another room where we can relax and entertain guests under nice weather conditions. 

There are numerous things that need to be put into consideration when planning to build or buy an awning for your patio like cost, design, durability, etc. Here are some ideas you can consider:

1). The Cantilever Aluminum Awnings

metal awnings


As its name suggests, this type of awning sits on top of the building resting on its side rail. These come in various sizes but usually have slanted arms at either end which allows them to cover a larger area than other types. 

One of the major advantages of this is that they provide easy access to the door. Another benefit is that you can install lights inside, on its fascia board for decoration and ambiance.

2). The Patio Umbrella


There are numerous patio umbrella styles available such as cantilever umbrellas, offset umbrellas, or stationary ones among others. 

You need to consider your specific space when buying it but most importantly, make sure you get a good quality one that will last longer and can be used in all weather conditions without breaking down easily. 

There has been a drastic increase in the number of these umbrellas being installed mostly because they are affordable either from local or online shops. They also provide more space for people to sit and relax.

3). The Fixed Aluminum Awnings


These awnings resemble the roof on top of your patio and are made up of aluminum with horizontal bars that provide ventilation, thus allowing hot air to escape while letting cool breezes in. 

These usually come in various colors which you can choose from depending on the kind of patio décor you have picked out.

You need to be careful when choosing its color so as not to look out of place especially if you already have an attractive patio. 

Most manufacturers will give you a choice of many colors allowing you to select one that blends perfectly with the theme and also offer warranties for their products allowing them to last longer without breaking down under any weather conditions or heavy use.

4). The Sliding Patio Doors Awning


These awnings are designed to provide protection from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions against sliding glass doors. 

They run on a track just above the door protecting it from severe weather conditions as well as being an attractive addition to your patio since they have a modern design that looks good with most patio designs. 

It is commonly made of aluminum allowing it to last longer. These types of awnings allow ventilation to their fittings which can be adjusted according to how much shade you need from the sun. They also fold easily for storage during winter or when not needed.

5). The Retractable Patio Awning


This type of awning uses less space on your patio when not in use. It is a practical choice for small patios because it rolls up easily and takes little storage space when not needed. 

One of the major demerits of this awning is that they provide little shade especially in areas where the sun is harsher during the summer months which makes them unsuitable for such places. 

They have been improved though to provide excellent protection from sunlight by being able to extend up to 90% of their full length offering more shade than before making them suitable for most patios.

Benefits of Metal Patio Awning

Here are some of the beneficial things that you can enjoy once you have decided to install a metal patio awning:

1). Protection from harsh sunlight – The metal panels will provide protection against direct sunlight and harsh UV rays. It means that even if it’s hot outside, you’ll be able to sit outdoors without worrying about getting easily tanned under the thick fabric canopy.

2). Keep away rain – The metal patio awning will prevent water from getting inside your house when it rains or when you have strong winds blowing outside. 

You can also use the extra-wide overhang to keep pails under so that you do not have to worry about stepping on wet floors once you return home after being out in the rain.

3). Doesn’t obstruct porch views – Metal is known for its rust resistance features. Although most metal panels are painted to make them look good with any exterior décor, they will be able to withstand all weather conditions without cracking or breaking easily. 

This means that they won’t obstruct anyone’s view of the beautiful surroundings outdoors since their color doesn’t fade easily and since they are sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

4). Provides good insulation – The metal patio awning will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home during colder months since it has an extra layer that can protect against wind and cold temperatures. 

It will be just like having a blanket outside protecting your home from harsh weather conditions in all four seasons.

5). Durable walls, floors, and stairs – Metal panels are much stronger than wooden or vinyl panels. 

In fact, you can even use them as wallpapers for your outdoor walls whenever you find the need to have something strong enough to hold strong winds at bay from reaching inside your house when there is a storm outside. 

You won’t need any special tools and expertise because anyone can install them in just a matter of minutes.

6). Environment-friendly material – Metal is made from metals that are mined from the earth. 

This means that they are good for the environment since they will only add to their metal production by making more metal patio awnings, without chopping trees or using chemicals in them.

7). All-purpose option – Whether you need an outdoor protective covering or an indoor wall decoration, then metal panels will be able to provide you with all these functions at once. 

Since they are mostly made of metals, they can easily maintain high temperatures while keeping your home warm during the winter months. 

It also works as a great wall surface against hot sun rays during summertime and against cold winds in the spring and autumn seasons too.

8). Provides good insulation – The metal panels are not only suitable for use as an outdoor patio awning. They can also be used as wallpapers for your outdoor walls since they are sturdy enough to hold strong winds at bay from reaching inside your home. 

With these many benefits that you can enjoy once you have installed a metal patio awning in your backyard, then it is surely worth the investment. It will certainly provide more value for money spent on it.


How To Choose Metal Patio Awning

1). First, you need to prepare the material list before purchasing metal patio awnings. Ask family members or friends what they think you will need for this item of furniture, then buy it all at once or use as much as possible from your current outdoor items as a base. 

2). Look closely at the colors your yard hints at outdoors in different seasons because a well-chosen awning can be an important addition to your home’s overall décor scheme. 

Make sure the color is a good match for the rest of your outdoor area so it seems like an extension of your home, not a foreign object. 

Consider how much space you have around the awning before purchasing it since there are some versions that can adapt to smaller or larger patios and decks by changing the angles at which they hang from their anchors.

3). Determine whether you want a stationary metal patio awning with hinges on one side or corner, or if you prefer something more flexible such as a retractable model that sits on two posts and is pulled back when not in use. 

Retractable models make it easy to move certain parts of your outdoor living area indoors for protection if necessary but they cost more than stationary varieties and may also be less sturdy if not properly assembled and maintained.

4). Some metal patio awnings include supports made of wood. You may want to choose aluminum for greater durability and weather resistance since it can stand up to more extreme temperatures and conditions than the material used in the best wood awnings. 

This is particularly important if your patio or deck experiences strong winds or sudden changes in temperature during different seasons. This can happen in certain regions of North America that have drastic weather fluctuations from one day to the next.

5). Consider buying one that comes with its own base rather than those that must be anchored into existing concrete slabs on your property since those aren’t always easy to execute correctly depending on local soil conditions. 

If you choose to install one onto your existing concrete slab, make sure you call a contractor or experienced do-it-yourselfer for guidance if you’re not comfortable working with masonry materials.

6). Ask yourself whether the model you choose offers sun protection in addition to rain. Your furniture will likely be damaged when left out in the elements all day during spells of hot weather even if it stays completely dry in downpours. 

You can find excellent deals on outdoor patio covers yourself online. Keep in mind that these only provide partial shade so there may be situations where they aren’t appropriate depending on how much shade your current deck provides.

7). Find metal patio awnings that are easy to install and come with detailed instructions before you purchase them to avoid costly installation fees from professionals. 

Some models come with their own mounting hardware, while others require you buy the proper fasteners at a local home improvement store. 

Make sure the awning is easy to clean and reapply sunscreen or bug spray to before using it for more comfortable outdoor living in warmer seasons.

Metal patio awnings provide an excellent way to keep your outdoor area usable even when it’s raining or uncomfortably sunny outside. 

With so many options on today’s market, finding one with precisely the right color scheme and construction materials should be simple enough. 

Take your time and ask plenty of questions beforehand so that you know exactly what you’re buying before investing any money.



Now you know what features to look out for when buying an awning that can enhance your patio’s appearance, functionality. 

They also protect you from harsh weather conditions during summer or winter depending on your location either indoors or outdoors. 

There are many types to choose from allowing you to select one that is appealing and blends well with the décor of your patio as well as protecting it from weather conditions. 

Just ensure that you know what features to look out for before buying one depending on the usage and location of installation as well as the available space for storage when not in use.