Older PDC Spa Models (Top 7 Best Options)

PDC spas

If you’re looking for a hot tub that’s not quite the latest and greatest model, there are a couple of older PDC spa models to consider.

The Congo spa, for example, is the smallest of the PDC River Series.

This model has room for three, has 29 jets, and features a dual speed spa pump. It measures 60″ x 84″, and 33″ in diameter.

TSX19 model

You may need to change the thermostat setting on your older PDC spa model in order to operate the TSX19. Luckily, there are many options available to change the temperature.

In the Low Range, the temperature of the spa will not reach your desired setting. In the High Range, you can set the temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

By pressing the se p or Down arrow on your control panel, you can change the temperature.

If you want to upgrade your existing model to the TSX19, you can do so at no extra cost. The TSX19 model comes with an open fitness area that is 148 inches in length.

It is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape or experience the benefits of water wellness.

Its features include LED lighting, cascading water spouts, patented TruSwim technology, and PowerFlo filtration. Plus, it comes with an elegant designer cabinet to match any decor.

The PDC Spa brand is a leader in the hot tub industry, with over 60 years of experience. Their dedication to making the highest-quality hot tubs is reflected in the strength of their shells.

Their high-quality materials and expert manufacturing techniques help them create the best-built products in the industry. There is nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in a warm, bubbly PDC spa.

Aruba LX model

The PDC Spas LX Series consists of six deluxe models with features such as motion-glow lighting, TemperLok insulation, and cascading water spouts.

The Reno LX model boasts 116 jets. The Fiji LX model has 94″ square and seats 6 people comfortably.

The Aruba LX model measures 86″ long, 60″ wide, and 33″ deep. It comes with an ozone indicator light for added peace of mind. All PDC spas come with at least a 35-year warranty.

Aruba LX model is one of the oldest models available from PDC Spas. It features a unique mold that conforms to the shape of the body.

It is available in many cabinet finishes. The PDC Aruba LX model is considered a classic, which is why many owners prefer this model.

Older models are also available, if you’d like a more vintage feel.

Reno LX model

The Reno hot tub from PDC Spas is square-shaped and comfortably seats six. It measures seven feet two inches on all sides.

This hot tub includes three deep-contoured buckets, two extra-wide bucket seats, and 66 hydrotherapy jets.

A 35-year structural warranty protects this hot tub from manufacturing defects. Additional features include a 30-watt light, in-Touch wireless control, and an in-Clear sanitation system.

The PDC Spas SE Standard Series is a group of five mid-range models. The smallest model, the Dynasty SE, features four seats, and 32 jets, as well as a single spa pump.

The next model, the Everest SE, can comfortably seat 6 with its seven’10” square shell and 74 stainless steel jets. The Denali SE is a roomy seven-seat spa that comes with 2 spa pumps and 72 jets.

The Columbia SE is a six-foot-long spa with room for three bathers.

If you are considering purchasing a PDC Spa, there are three main options: a traditional hot tub or a swim spa. PDC Spas are a luxury that is affordable and easy to use. PDC Spas are the perfect solution to any home’s needs and budget.

You can relax and enjoy the benefits of a hot tub from the comfort of your own home. It’s a luxury you’ll love and cherish for a long time.

Vita Spas and Hot Tubs

The Vita Spa is known for its unique Classic Massage. It offers five distinct massage styles, including the Petrissage technique, which is more intense than other types of massage. The Vita Spa also offers jets that offer kneading action, effleurage, tapotement, and reflexology. The Vita Spa also has three different lighting features to set the mood and produce a relaxing effect.

PDC Spas is made in the USA. Their patented swim spa was named Swim Spa of the Year in 2012. This innovative swim spa features advanced technology, including a wide, balanced fitness lane.

This line of products features a 35-year warranty and is made in the United States. Hot tubs and swim spas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The PDC SE Standard Series consists of five midrange models. The smallest model, the Dynasty, has four seats and only 32 spa jets. The Everest SE is roomy, offering room for six in a 7′ 10″ square spa shell with 72 jets and two spa pumps.

The Denali SE is a spacious 7-seat model with two pumps and 72 jets. The Columbia SE measures 84″ long by 60 inches wide by 33 inches deep.

PowerFlo(TM) filtration system

If you own an older model PDC spa, you can still enjoy the benefits of PowerFlo filtration.

The power of a jet pump is used to force water through a special filter cartridge that traps dirt and debris. This filtration system is virtually maintenance-free.

It uses the jet pump’s power most efficiently to maintain the water’s quality. Even older models of PDC spas can benefit from PowerFlo filtration, which has been proven to improve water quality.

The newer PDC Spas feature three-layered floor construction. The tough ABS plastic is wrapped around the cabinet sidewalls.

A thick layer of foam insulates the spa while a wooden layer provides strength and rigidity.

The PDC Spas’ internal reflective thermal barrier ensures exceptional thermal efficiency. The filtration system is made from a strong fiberglass and an insulating foam coating.

When installing a PowerFlo filtration system, it is important to remember to follow the proper wiring instructions.

You need to install a quick disconnect, also known as a manual disconnect. It must be located within line of sight of the unit. It is also essential to test the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) before using it.

Last but not least, you must make sure that all electrical wiring is compliant with U.S. National Electric Code.

Reflections(tm) jets

PDC Spas are known for their quality and durability and are one of the most trusted names in the industry. Made in the USA, all PDC Spas models offer an impressive 35-year warranty.

These hot tubs are known for their advanced hydrotherapy and fitness propulsion, which can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. They are also available in many different sizes and have many luxurious features, such as a heated floor and jetted seats.

The Twilight is a square-shaped member of the Lifestyle Series. It measures 76″ square and 31″ deep. Its seating area includes four bucket seats and a full-length lounge.

Other features of this hot tub include a spacious soaking area, an infrared sauna, and a full-length lounge for relaxing.

PDC Spas Twilight hot tub is available with a high-tech touch control panel and a choice of eight jet configurations.

Vita Spas’ composite wood decking

Whether you are remodeling an older pool or simply replacing an outdated one, Vita Spas’ composite wood decking is an excellent option for your outdoor living area.

The decking increases in strength as it cools, making it a good choice for cooler days and more unpredictable weather.

The decking also has a failure weight, which is the maximum weight that can be placed on it before it cracks or breaks.


If you have an older PDC spa, you can easily replace the decking and reinstall the spa’s panels.

If you are unable to replace the decking, you can simply remove it with a cordless drill and then reinstall the panels.

You can also use a mild all-purpose spa cleaner and a textured sponge to scrub and remove dirt and oils.

If you’d prefer an outdoor wood decking for your new hot tub, you can find replacement parts for older PDC spas at Hot Tub Outpost.

This company is dedicated to producing the highest quality hot tubs, including decking for older PDC spa models.

In addition to decking, PDC offers other replacement parts such as pump, filters, and spa covers.