Older Sundance Spa Models: Top 7 Picks Reviewed


Luxury spas are not only reserved for the rich and famous, but are also becoming a trend with people who want to have fun in taking care of their bodies.

When it comes to luxury therapeutic spa models, Sundance Spas is one of the top brands recommended by health experts. 

Not only are these spas known for its smooth lines and streamlined appearance, but also for being easy on the wallet that both men and women shouldn’t think twice about buying one.

Among those brands that offer a number of vintage-style spas is Sundance Spas, which has seven great old models that can still provide an excellent level of relaxation and enjoyment. These include:

Sundance spas


Sundance Espree 7788 Portable Spa

Many people who had purchased this item said that it is really excellent, with one of the best features being its six air jets that are designed to offer a soothing massage.  

Because it has an in-built water filtration system, this unit is very convenient for use without any need to spend time cleaning the water just right after each usage.

This model is also available in several colors, including blue marble and teakwood, but most users have opted for the latter just because it can be considered as looking more elegant.

Sundance Espree 7078 Portable Spa                           

The charming look of this model has been around for 20 years now, but it still looks very great to many people today.

In fact, some have claimed that they would rather spend more money just to get this luxurious looking unit instead of paying less on another model that is even being sold at a lower price. 

One thing that makes it more attractive is the massaging jets that are surrounded by lights that can create an intimate ambiance within your backyard or indoor space.

However, if you opt for the latter version then there will be no lights because it does not come with a heater.

Sundance Espree 7079 Portable Spa

Another model that gives a vintage look, this spa is basically derived from the company’s earlier model introduced in 1993. However, instead of having a rounded backrest, it now comes with a shelf that runs all around the unit for extra relaxation. 

This model features eight air jets that can massage your body while you are bathing in warm water inside the tub. It also has multi-colored orientation lighting for creating an intimate atmosphere during nighttime hours when there is no light from the sun.

This version does not have a heater though, but it can still work well just like other models.

Sundance Prodigy 7788 Portable Spa

One other model from Sundance Spas that is quite popular today among vintage spa owners is this Prodigy 7788 model.

It has a sleek and sturdy design, which comes with a stainless steel jet system that can be adjusted according to your preferred level of massage intensity. 

Because it offers a more spacious interior compared with other models from the same company, you will have enough room to stretch out while being inside the tub. In fact, some have stated that they would be able to fit an adult easily on this particular hot tub if needed. 

This model works well too because it features six air jets for providing exceptional massage experience at all times.

The drawback about the latter version though is that it does not have a heater, which means you will have to spend more in order to enjoy your hot tub experience.

Sundance HydroJet 7788 Portable Spa

Some people love this spa because it already comes with a heater from the start.

Based on the reviews posted online, this unit is really great for providing relaxation and invigoration at the same time because of its hydrotherapy massage system that has been derived from natural water movements found in rivers and oceans. 

There are also six air jets inside the tub that can be manipulated easily to suit your preferred intensity of massage, including bubbles that can be adjusted according to your desired setting.

The six control jets are also very easy to adjust, which means you can always achieve the perfect level of massage near your lower back, feet or other tough-to-reach parts of the body. 

However, some have noted that this hot tub does not come with filters so it will require more frequent cleaning compared with other models from Sundance Spas. This spa also requires 240V circuit if you plan on using its heater option.

Sundance Solaris 7079 Portable Spa

This is perfect for those who are willing to spend more money in order to get the best in terms of quality and durability.

One thing that people love about this model is its digital control system, which means you will not encounter any problems when trying to operate the spa’s jets when they are submerged underwater or during different occasions like family gatherings or parties with friends. 

You will also feel very comfortable sitting inside this hot tub because of the fact that it is insulated. This will definitely help keep your water at a nice and warm temperature even if you plan on staying inside the tub for many hours in one sitting.

However, some people have complained about its price tag which can be more expensive compared with other models from Sundance Spas.

Some also consider it as a luxury item which they might not use anytime soon or once they already have kids because having an inflatable hot tub is much more practical and affordable.

Sundance Catalina 5 Person Hot tub Package Deal

This model includes everything you need for your very own hot tub, including the powerful Flex Filtration System for easy cleaning between uses. With this great package deal, you will also receive a LED bubble light and much more!

The E-TRUE Microbubble technology is included so all of your jets will have 6 pumps each – what’s not to love?

Finally, Sundance spas has created two fantastic models that are perfect for every day enjoyment at home or on the go.

This package includes the world famous Topaz Touch control system as well as massage jets that will relieve tension in tight muscles after a long day of work. Relax with these amazing portable packages today.

Tips to buy old Sundance Spas

If you’re thinking of buying your first Hot Tub then it might be wise to consider a pre-owned model as opposed to the latest and greatest new spa on the market, especially if you’re on a budget. 

It’s well known that many people buy their spas with dreams of aqua parties and romantic nights in but find themselves turned off by the high maintenance costs and ongoing running costs associated with these spas.

If this sounds like something you’d like to avoid then here are some tips to help you find and purchase a used hot tub at an affordable price.

1) Decide what type of Hot Tub best suits your needs:

When choosing a used hot tub you need to ascertain what type of Hot Tub will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

You may find it helpful to make a list of the features that are most important to you and use this as a checklist when viewing potential spas for sale. These could include such things as:

Of course not everyone is looking for the same thing but if you can get into the mindset of doing some research beforehand, it’s possible to ask each dealer exactly which features were included with the model and how accessible they are for maintenance purposes e.g. massage jets should be easy to remove if blocked.


2) Where will I use my Hot Tub?

It’s important you choose a Hot Tub that is suitable for your local climate, as it may degrade over time if left outside during the colder winter months.

There are many factors to consider here such as whether you have an outdoor space big enough to accommodate the hot tub, are you planning on moving the tub around or relocating it? 

If so then maybe something temporary would suffice until you find a permanent plan for your spa.

Also, consider how much light will reach your chosen area and what impact shadows from surrounding buildings etc will have on this area.

3) Where can I purchase used spas near me?    

If possible visit or contact at least 4 different manufacturers of hot tubs to discuss your needs and budget. Discuss the pros and cons of each make or model on offer and use your local area as a benchmark for prices if possible.

Some dealers will offer better deals than others but remember that sales reps are almost always pushing the most expensive models on their books.

4) Don’t be afraid to haggle 

If you’re spending several thousand pounds then it makes sense to try and get the best price possible for your purchase, just like buying a new car or washing machine. 

Always ask if there are any discounts available e.g. quantity discount/trade deal etc…even though this may seem slightly cheeky, you would be surprised at how many times I’ve heard of people getting a really good deal on their used hot tub.

Of course the key here is do your research and don’t be afraid to ask, if you’ve done all the groundwork then there should be no reason why you can’t get yourself a bargain.

So now that you know what to consider when purchasing a second hand Hot Tub read our article on finding the best manufacturers or dealers near me , this will help guide you through your search for the ideal pre-owned spa.