10 Outdoor Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

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Outdoor bar ideas for small spaces can be incorporated anywhere. 

If you have a terrace, balcony, or even a lawn, you can get started on planning your outdoor bars. 

Outdoor bars can also be built for bigger complexes such as gated communities and housing societies where the amenities of an open area are available too.

Currently, there is a trend in building full-fledged restaurants and pubs to serve customers indoors and outdoors alike. Outdoor bars come with their own set of challenges but they give you great returns once completed successfully. 

With changing trends in food and beverages over the years, we keep looking for innovative ideas that will work best to suit our needs. So here are some trendy ideas that will help refresh you with flair.

1). The Solid Wood Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar ideas


If you are looking for a long-lasting structure, wooden outdoor bars are an excellent option. The wood can be treated or painted to suit the look you want. 

The bars can have different sections with storage spaces too which will come in handy while serving your customers. 

Once completed, you can also coat them with clear varnish so that they age nicely over time rather than wearing out quickly which would make it difficult to maintain them in good condition.

2). Portable Outdoor Bars


If you are not particular about having permanent outdoor bars, then portable ones are your best bet. 

They are easy to install and dismantle when not needed. With changing renters every year, mobile outdoor bars can be an excellent addition to parties or other special events. 

They can be cleaned and sent to the warehouse when not required too which makes them a versatile option for anyone looking to have outdoor bars in their homes or offices.

3). Outdoor Bars with Furniture Seating


With this unique idea, you will get both an outdoor bar as well as sufficient seating options for many people so that they can relax here without having to worry about where they will sit after ordering their drinks. 

For older customers, there are various types of armchairs available so that they feel relaxed while enjoying some good food and drinks outside their home. 

You just need to ensure that these chairs are comfortable enough to help them enjoy some social time with friends and family. 

Even for smaller establishments, benches come in handy during events where more people than anticipated turn up for a party or get-together. This seating can easily be replaced by tables and chairs when there is less footfall during the day.

4). Outdoor Bars with Pergolas


If you are planning an outdoor bar in a shady area, then this idea might be perfect for you. It will give your customers the feel of sitting at an outdoor bar even if they are undercover from direct sunlight. 

You can choose to build pergolas yourself or get them constructed by professionals depending on how much you want to invest in building these bars. 

The look and feel of standalone bars will be lost but they will make your place more inviting instead which is what matters in the end.

5). Indoor-Outdoor Bar – The Hybrid Idea


When you have an open space, but no direct sunlight and only indirect lighting, then this is the perfect idea for you. 

You can get a section of the bar built inside the house with seating options available outside. 

This will give your customers access to both indoor and outdoor bars which will help them get more information about their drink options before making a decision that they would otherwise need to consider at one location only. 

A good concept if you want to be different from your neighbors while saving on some costs too.

6). The Outdoor Bar with Drive-in Facility


If you own a garage or parking area in front of your home or office premises, then this is definitely an excellent choice for you. 

It will provide seating arrangements as well as additional bar tables for people to sit comfortably while enjoying some drinks. 

It will also provide them the option to order their drinks and get them delivered directly to their table. 

This is without having to leave the comfort of their cars too which is definitely an excellent perk if you want your outdoor bars to be popular among everyone, especially those with a hectic schedule.

7). The Garden Outdoor Bar


If you have a garden area large enough, then this idea will suit your customers perfectly. 

You can choose from a variety of seating options including benches, chairs, swing seats, or any other available option that will suit the environment around you. 

Add some greenery on both sides of these outdoor bars and it will look extremely instead of feeling like a makeshift construction. 

Ensure that the seats are comfortable enough for people to sit on them with ease and enjoy some great food, drinks, or coffee in general.

8). The Beach-side Outdoor Bar


If you own a property near the beach with just sand all around it, then this is definitely the perfect idea for your outdoor bar. 

You can build seating arrangements with stylish umbrellas over them. This is to ensure even when there are direct rays of sunlight, the customers don’t face any issues while sitting here. 

Get these umbrellas customized according to your preference which will only add more uniqueness to this already beautiful concept at hand. 

All you need to do is lookout for quality umbrellas online before getting them installed in front of your establishment so that they blend in perfectly with your theme. 

9). The Multi-purpose Outdoor Bar


If you are running a cafe or restaurant, then this idea will work perfectly for you. You can get an outdoor bar section built near the main entrance of the shop. 

This area would also provide seating arrangements to your customers along with tabletop options too. Which they can use by themselves if they don’t want to stand while having their drinks and food items. 

You can even put up some pictures or paintings that reflect your cafe’s theme on the wall behind these bars so that it doesn’t look like one for sure!

10). The Indoor-Outdoor Bar


Get sufficient lighting arranged at this location in order to give an indoor feel despite being outdoors. Get comfortable chairs or benches arranged here with some small tables too for people to use them as and when they want. 

You can even set up some flowers or plants along these bars to give a pleasant feel and appearance.

An Outdoor Bar Inside Your House?

Kitchen islands already serve as functional eating areas with plenty of seating and even some storage for cookbooks and utensils. 

Adding an outdoor bar just makes sense since they’re both used by those who cook as well as those who dine.

Benefits of an Outdoor Bar for Your Kitchen

An outdoor bar is a great way to add extra seating without taking up too much space so those who cook can also dine together as a family or with friends from time to time. 

Storage under the countertop is always a plus and helps you eliminate clutter on your kitchen counters. 

Outdoor bars are usually compact in design but still give you plenty of room for stools and storage, including shelf space underneath the counter that’s perfect for wine glasses and other bar accessories. 

When it comes to adding an outdoor bar inside your house, consider your available space but don’t be afraid to experiment with surprising layouts such as this one which takes up less than two square feet!

In addition, outdoor bars tend to be equipped with a sink and faucet, along with storage space for glasses, mugs, and other bar accessories. 

This is an added benefit that indoor bars don’t usually provide. An outdoor sink outside is great for washing dirty dishes or filling up your dog’s water bowl when he begs for some fresh drinking water.

Outdoor Bars Need the Right Patio Furniture

If you’re planning on turning your kitchen island into an outdoor bar, make sure you have the right kind of patio furniture in order to create the most inviting space possible. 

Depending on the layout of your kitchen counter, consider getting two or three bar stools. This is to ensure guests can sit comfortably while they wait for their meals or snacks to be served. 

If the counters are long enough to fit two bar stools, this not only allows for optimum seating but also provides extra space on the end of the island for platters and serving trays.

If you’re limited on space and want to create an outdoor bar that’s functional as well as attractive, consider installing a sink and faucet underneath your kitchen counters. 

This is not only ideal for entertaining guests in your small spaces – but it’s also convenient if young children like to help with meal preparation or want to wash their hands after playing outside.

Factors that can help determine which materials and designs will work best for your space

1). Size the space up

Measure the dimensions of your deck or patio and write down the length and width. Then visualize how you’d like to use this outdoor bar area. 

Will it be a relaxing place for guests to cool off with cocktails? Or will there be games, dancing, and lots of mingling going on? 

Think about what you can do to make your bar comfortable for both large and small groups, but don’t forget that the more people you expect, the bigger your bar should be.

2). Start styling

Come up with a theme for your Outdoor Bar design. Once you’ve got a clear vision in mind, find items that match it. 

Whether you want a rustic wood design or an industrial-chic look with steel features, you’ll find plenty of ideas online.

3). Chill out

Think about where you’ll be putting your cooler and ice bin. These items will need power which means you may want to consider running electricity to that area of your outdoor bar space or at least placing it close to a power source. 

If this is just for casual drinks then the average household outlet will do just fine but if you plan on serving up frozen beverages you’re going to need more juice than that. 

Nothing’s worse than running out of room in your freezer because it’s plugged into the same outlet as your blender. 

Consider buying some extra electrical cords, mounting an electrical box near the bar area, and investing in a power strip.

4). Get your grill on

If you’re going to be serving up food at your outdoor bar, you’ll want a grill or a grill space, depending on what type of eats you’ve got in mind. 

If it’s burgers and hot dogs then a small propane grill will do just fine. If you’re planning more gourmet dishes like lobster tails, chicken satay with peanut sauce, and grilled veggies on skewers then you should consider buying or renting a larger charcoal or gas grill.

5). Decorative touches

Your outdoor bar doesn’t have to stop at the beverages and food. Consider adding some decorative touches to complete the design ambiance. 

These can include string lighting, potted plants, lanterns, and string lights to highlight trees, posts, and railings, etc. You can also use decorative bar accessories like ice buckets, cocktail shakers, and more.

6). Stay hydrated

Don’t forget the water. Depending on what your outdoor bar is like (informal or upscale), you may want a couple of water coolers or one large one with several spigots. 

If you’re just having cocktails then it’s only necessary that the spout provides hot and cold running H2O. 

If you’re serving appetizers as well as drinks then guests will certainly appreciate having an easily accessible source of freshwater right there at their fingertips; so they don’t have to go looking for it elsewhere.



Outdoor bars are a great way to add additional seating and extra storage without taking up valuable indoor space. Typically, outdoor bars are compact in design and can fit comfortably on a porch or patio. 

However, if you have small spaces but still want the benefits of an outdoor bar, consider installing it in your kitchen

Kitchen counters tend to be bigger than those found on porches and patios so there’s more room for bar stools and storage underneath the countertop.