10 Outdoor Concrete Paint Ideas (with Pictures)


A new trend has recently emerged in outdoor design. It aims to transform the look of plain outdoor concrete surfaces into something more enticing, elegant, and practical.

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their house exterior stand out from all of the others on the block.

There are many different colors available that can best suit your outdoor concrete desires.

Painting is perfect for outdoor concrete surfaces like patios floors or driveways. You get all of the beauty of porcelain without any of the maintenance issues associated with it.

The right type of paint will cover up old stains and discolorations giving off a brand new awesome look for practically nothing. 

Check out these Top 10 Outdoor Concrete Paint Ideas below:

1). Wood Effect Look

outdoor paint ideas


The wood effect idea works by adding texture to the existing painted surface rather than completely covering it up. This gives high durability while maintaining the existing painted look.

2). Textured Look


The textured spray is a great way to give your concrete surface an aged look, you can use it for driveways, walkways, and patios

It provides a better grip than the conventional painted surfaces. This method is also long-lasting and low maintenance with little to no upkeep required.

3). Concrete Stain Finish


A concrete stain finish gives your surface a refined yet sophisticated look as it becomes almost indistinguishable from real wood flooring (except cheaper). 

The stains come in many colors; you need to make sure that the one you pick matches what you already have or will eventually install as finishes such as white marble may not work well with this type of.

4). Coloured Concrete


Whether it’s an extension or a new build, using colored concrete is a very popular choice for modern homes. 

There are many different techniques that can be used to achieve this look from acid etching to staining and dyeing the surface. 

The options are limitless. It’s incredibly durable and long-lasting with little upkeep required.

5). Graffiti Spray Paint Effect


As the name suggests this gives a graffiti effect on your existing painted surface. This brings in some added personality while also protecting from weather elements such as rain and solar rays. 

They normally make surfaces deteriorate faster. This method forms a protective layer on top of your current paint job giving it resistance from abrasion and stains while using brighter colors.

6). Concrete Coating


Concrete coating is a great way to get the look of tile or stone flooring with less hassle. 

The coating forms a thin layer on top of your existing painted concrete surface protecting it from wear and tear while giving it an artistic look. 

It’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance with little upkeep required.

7). Concrete Paver Effect


Using cement or gravel paver effect will give your surfaces a brand new refined. It will also give you a rustic look that adds personality while also increasing functionality by adding traction. 

This method needs regular maintenance but requires next to no upkeep making it one of the best choices for outdoor surfaces.

8). Decorative Paint Finish


Decorative paint finishes are specially made to give off gorgeous effects on any surface, they are very popular on cabinets, furniture, and flooring. 

These paints are perfect for outdoor surfaces as they are made to withstand the elements while still delivering amazing results.

9). Stamped Concrete


Using “stamped concrete” is a great way to give your outdoor surfaces a brand new look without changing anything other than the surface itself. 

You can have many patterns that increase the aesthetics of your yard dramatically. 

This method comes with an increased price tag that may not be worth it depending on how much you will use it but it’s very low maintenance making up for the price in some ways. 

10). Powder Coating


Powder coating is one of my favorite methods for adding personality to any space. 

It forms a protective layer over your painted surface giving it increased durability, while also adding unique designs that can be found in kitchen cabinets for example. 

This method does not require any upkeep and is long-lasting with little to no maintenance costs at all.

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How to paint your outdoor concrete

Outdoor concrete is likely to deteriorate in time thanks to the moisture, the sun, the cold weather, and many others. 

However, it can be repainted relatively easily, so that it looks nice again. A useful article about how to paint outdoor concrete.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials used on floors indoors or outdoors. 

Concrete becomes stained over time an unsightly appearance despite its strength and durability stains are easy to remove with cleaning products available at your local hardware store. 

An unwanted stain on outside flooring may require the removal of the old sealer. This is when removing multiple layers of existing paint usually requires chemical stripping methods. 

Once all stains, waxes, and old coatings are removed, apply a new surface using primer followed by paint.

Paint is a finish that imparts color, beauty, and protection to concrete. The paint seals the pores on porous concrete surfaces, helps protect them from ultraviolet rays and liquids such as grease, oil, and alcohol. 

There are several types of paint for exterior floors but water-based acrylic paints provide durability, easy clean up with soap and water, resistance to fading by the sun’s UV light. These paints can be used indoors or outdoors with equal success. 

Some manufacturers now make an “indoor” and “outdoor” version of their products.

These formulas typically contain more durable materials than those intended for indoor application only and may even come in colors suitable for outdoor use.


Clean the Floor: Sweep or vacuum the concrete to remove any dust and dirt. Make a solution of one cup trisodium phosphate dissolved in five gallons of warm water. 

Apply this solution with a push broom or mop, allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse clean with a hose. Allow the floor to dry completely before continuing.

Sand Floor: If there is paint on top of your concrete use an angle grinder with a wire brush attachment to remove the paint from the surface. Pour enough muriatic acid into a container that will cover your entire area to be stripped. 

Dip your steel brush into the muriatic acid and scrub back and forth across the marked-off area until all paint has been removed. 

After you have completed cleaning the tagged-off area, neutralize the floor with a solution of one-part ammonia to three parts water. Ensure that you rinse well after completing this step.

Prime Floor: Use an oil-based primer with an acrylic additive. Prime areas where paint has been stripped; prime bare concrete; prime new masonry; prime existing painted surfaces for re-coating. 

Apply thin coats, rolling or brushing towards the edge of your marked-off area, allowing each coat to dry before applying another coat. 

After the primer is applied and has dried use the same type of paint as previously described to finish the project and apply two coats on primed areas let it dry between each coat.

After using these steps hopefully, you now know how to paint your outdoor concrete so that it looks fresh and new once again without having to spend more money on tearing it up and replacing it.

Here are some of the pros of painting outdoor concrete:

  • Stops Stains From Penetrating the Surface – The coating on painted exterior cement forms an effective barrier between dye in spills and the pores of the cement itself. 

This will keep most dyes from penetrating deep into the surface where they can cause problems later on. If some dyes do penetrate, painted exterior cement is easier to clean because it’s smooth and nonabsorbent.  

  • Doesn’t Require Maintenance – Painting exterior cement requires very little work, which means less money out of your pocket. If you applied the paint correctly, it should last for years without chipping or fading. 

When the time comes to repaint, you don’t even need to sandblast or powerwash unless there are particularly tough stains that have penetrated the surface.

  • Will Last Longer – Concrete is naturally porous and gains strength over time as more cement hardens around the particles of stone it contains. 

As this happens, concrete becomes denser and less liable to crack under stress. As exterior cement is painted its surface becomes even smoother, increasing its durability without weakening its structure significantly.

  • Will Retain Heat Better – One of the biggest benefits of painted exterior cement is how much heat it will retain during colder months when it’s properly insulated. 

You can actually feel the surface of painted exterior cement retain heat after sitting out in the sun all day, making it much more comfortable to walk on and helping ward off frostbite during winter months.

  • Prevents Damage From Sunlight – Ever noticed how concrete starts to crumble over time when it has been left exposed to direct sunlight? When you paint your exterior cement, this won’t be a problem anymore. 

The coating on exterior cement stops sunlight from penetrating deep into its pores and causing damage which leads to cracking and fading.

  • Doesn’t Lose Its Color – Unlike brick and stucco, painted exterior cement will not fade or turn pink due to heavy exposure to ultraviolet rays from the. 

Even if some of the colors do fade as exterior cement gets older, replacing it is as easy as applying a new coat of paint.

  • Will Last Longer Than Bare Concrete – This benefit goes without saying, but painted exterior cement will last much longer than bare concrete. It has been tested and has been shown to last at least twice as long before needing a face-lift.
  • Keeping Your House Safe From Termites – Did you know that termites can actually eat through concrete? 

If your house is located in an area with a high level of termite infestation, painting outdoor concrete might be the most effective way to stop them from eating through your foundation. 

Even if you don’t think this problem is going to affect you anytime soon, it’s just good to know that painted exterior cement can prevent it.

  • Will Be Easy To Clean – Painted exterior cement is smooth, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean with pressure washers or mops. This makes it much easier to clear away dirt, grime, and algae before they have a chance to take hold of the surface. 

The fact that painted exterior cement doesn’t absorb water also means you won’t need to use bleach on it repeatedly in order to keep mold from forming under the paint.

  • Can Improve Curb Appeal – Painting your house might seem like an expensive improvement. When you consider how painting indoor concrete can increase your home’s value significantly, it almost seems like a steal.


There are many types of paints available on the market but make sure you pick the one that meets your needs.

Follow these ten steps to get yourself some amazing-looking outdoor surfaces without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.