10 Pallet Shed Ideas for Your Outdoors (with Pictures)


A pallet shed is a low-cost and easy-to-build outdoor storage solution that can be a great addition to any backyard. 

With a few tools, some wood pallets, and a little bit of time you can create a functional storage space that adds to the visual appeal of your landscape. 

Here are 10 pallets shed ideas for your outdoors

1. Pallet Shed with Awning

pallet shed ideas


This design features an adjustable roof made from three sections of corrugated roof panels held together at the top with bolts and wing nuts. 

The floor was created by nailing 2×4 boards directly across the wooden pallets. 

The walls were framed out using 2×4 boards which were then covered in plywood sheets from the bottom up to just below the roofline. 

The plywood was then covered in exterior grade, brown painted canvas to protect the wood from weather damage. 

If you want to be able to adjust the roof angle, but don’t have any tools for this kind of thing you can buy a simple tool called a Come-A-Long which makes it easy to crank up or down.

2. Pallet Shed Nestled Against Fence Line


This adorable little shed doesn’t take up much space and it looks great tucked under the fence line between two properties. 

The actual structure is not very tall but includes 8′ double doors on one side. This makes it easy to get larger items in and out. 

This is without having to climb up or dig around for them later on. It’s also possible to add a second level to this design if you want more storage space.

3. Pallet Shed Addition


This larger pallet shed was built over an existing wall that had already been built using some corrugated roof panels as the roofing material. 

The flooring boards were laid down across the wooden pallets and rises up about two feet from the base of the shed giving it a very high ceiling inside. 

This makes for easy stacking or placing taller items on pallets so they don’t have to lay flat which is a common issue with low ceiling sheds. 

It’s also possible to turn this kind of shed into a two-story structure by adding a balcony on one side and building stairs that lead up to it going through the doors at either end.

4. Pallet Shed with Awning and Large Doors


This shed uses the same design as the one featured in #1. It adds large, 8′ wide double doors on one side. This is to make it easier to get larger items in and out without having to strain your back or climb up into the shed like you would with a single-door solution

The roof also features two sections of adjustable corrugated panels that allow for whatever angle you want them at, whether that’s low angled or steeply pitched. 

The shake shingle roof gives this structure an interesting look and helps protect it from weather damage while adding a touch of class to its appearance.

5. Double Wide Storage Shed


Double wide sheds are perfect if you’re looking for lots of storage space. This one is built on an 8’x16′ footprint and features an oversized roof. This makes it possible to stack many rows of pallets on the upper floor. 

The lower floor is also framed out with plywood sheets on all sides which helps keep everything square while adding extra stability to the structure.

6. Pallet Shed With Awning and Unique “L” Shaped Design


This unique design makes use of some reclaimed windows in some very creative ways. It includes two windows on either side of the doors, two at the rear corners facing back towards where it’s built from, and one up top in place of a standard roof vent or fan. 

It may seem like a lot of extra work but this kind of thing is what makes for a truly unique design and gives it an interesting look compared to most other sheds.

7. Pallet Shed With Garden Overhang


This cute little garden overhang was built using 12 pallets. It works perfectly as a detachable structure that can easily be moved around the garden or yard as needed.

You can then put it back in place just as quickly without having to take any extra measures to fasten it down. 

Removable structures like this one are great. This is if you don’t want to alter your landscaping by adding something permanent like a fence line or building, but still need some kind of storage solution.

8. Storage Shed with Window Detail


This shed has been made very stylish thanks to its use of custom window panes which give it a look, unlike any other shed you might find. 

The window detail along the top of the structure is an especially great touch that helps make this shed really stand out from all the others. 

There are also two, 8′ wide double doors on one side which open up to provide plenty of space for larger items like lawnmowers or bicycles without having to climb up into the shed.

9. Double Door Storage Shed


Another large, double-door storage solution that’s perfect for storing larger items that don’t fit well in standard-sized sheds. 

It features an oversized roof that makes it possible to stack row upon row of pallets on the upper floor. This creates a ton of useful storage space underneath them all where you can store even more things. 

You’ll need to nail or screw the pallets down pretty well for this kind of setup so they don’t move around at all when it’s being used.

10. Double Door Storage Shed with Two Story Awning


This shed is very unique thanks to its two-story awning design that gives it an incredible amount of additional storage space if needed. 

The upper level features five equal-sized rows that are only big enough for smaller items but serve as a great place to store just about anything you have. Even ladders which would usually take up way too much room in most sheds. 

This design makes use of 8′ wide double doors on both ends but also includes smaller versions on either side near the top which you can open and park bicycles or lawn equipment inside.

How to Build Your Own Pallet Shed for Your Outdoors:

1). Gather Materials

The first step in any pallet project is sourcing materials. If you have any old wooden pallets hanging around at work or home, this can help cut down on the cost of your project. 

Wood pallets are readily available for free at many stores (Home Depot, Lowes). Many times these places will even give them to you if you simply ask. If not, most home improvement stores sell wooden pallets for between $5-$10 per pallet. 

You can usually fit around four or five pallets on a small truck, which means they are also easy to transport (picture). 

There are many other types of materials that can be used in place of wooden pallets such as metal, plastic, and cinder block/concrete blocks; however, wood is preferred. 

Another tip when sourcing materials is asking friends or family members if they have any extras laying around that they no longer need.

2). Build Flooring

If you are planning to use your pallet shed as a storage space for items other than equipment and tools, it is always best to invest in flooring. 

When constructing the flooring, it is important to follow safety protocol by wearing gloves and long sleeves when handling saws or other sharp objects. 

If you are using the pallet shed for lawn equipment, washing machine/clothes dryer, etc., it is best to use concrete blocks with a plywood sheet on top of them. 

These items are very heavy, therefore if your pallet foundation can’t support their weight your entire shed will start to sink. 

The next step would be building the walls of your pallet shed around these items which could prove dangerous due to being unable to see what’s behind them. 

Flooring that requires assembling (i.e., 2 x 4 boards) can be difficult for some people due to the fact that it requires a level of expertise with carpentry. 

The assembly will come with multiple pieces, requiring at least four hands to hold while also pre-drilling holes and screwing in screws. 

If you are inexperienced with saws, the best option is to build your flooring out of 2 x 4 piece boards so you can avoid bulky assemblies.

3). Build Walls

Using wooden pallets for shed wall construction has countless benefits which include cut cost, easy installation, and increased durability (if treated properly). 

Installing your walls should be fairly straightforward if using wood pallets specifically. Simply line them up on the ground where you want them to go, making sure there is enough room for doors or passageways. 

Once they are in place, carefully step on or hold them at the desired level and screw them into the wall of your house. 

If you have enough materials, you can build one large side piece of wood which will cover multiple pallets to help increase the security of your structure. 

A roof is not entirely necessary when using pallets as a building material but it definitely adds a nice touch if added properly. To accomplish this task, cut two vertical supports from a wooden pallet and attach these pieces to the inside edges of larger slabs with either exterior screws or nails. 

After they are attached, line up another pallet horizontally above these new vertical lines and secure that into place as well. Continue stacking horizontal pallets until all are covered or until you run out of materials. 

For a roof overhang, install the pallets as you would for the walls and then attach smaller pieces to these beams inside your shed at an appropriate level. Once this is done, secure them into place with screws or nails and then cut another wooden beam to length so it can be attached above those to complete your overhang.

4). Add Doors

This may not be necessary as there are ways around having doors such as using ladders to enter or building trapdoors. 

However, if you prefer easy access without much hassle, simply screw in hinges onto one side of a horizontal pallet board and attach a handle on the other end – job well done.

These steps should have taken five hours – two hours per day for five days – to complete. 

If you have a considerable amount of time on your hands, pallets can be transformed into a variety of things including a flowerbed, fire pit, or even a giant chess set. 

Of course, if you are expecting a large crowd to attend an event, you may need more than one shed with 4′ x 8′ dimensions.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas that you can implement into your pallet shed.

The sky’s the limit with what you can do to make your pallet shed look great and how useful it will be.