7 Raised Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For You (with Pictures)


Do you feel like your front yard looks too plain?

Raised front yard landscaping is a great way to add some flare and creativity to your home while increasing the life of your lawn. 

Not only does it allow you to create interesting designs in the ground, but it also gives you more control over water drainage which can help reduce flooding problems. 

Well, today we’re going to give you a few pointers and even include seven of our top recommendations.

Here’s a list of 7 raised front yard landscaping ideas:

1). Grass

front yard landscaping ideas

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Grass is an excellent choice for landscaping in general because it adds color and beauty while also providing a nice place for kids and pets to play on. 

Plus, grass requires very little upkeep once it’s established so anyone can take care of this task. 

The only downside is that grass tends to grow out pretty quickly so you might have to mow every other day or so during the growing season.

2). Stone

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Another excellent option is stone. Stone has the advantage of not only looking fabulous but it’s also very easy to maintain. 

You won’t have to mow or water it at all, and you’ll never even have to fertilize it either. 

When your stone becomes dirty simply hose it down and sweep any soil out from around the stones so they look their best again.

3). Earth

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Earth landscaping is a tier above grass because while it requires care, much less maintenance than grass does. 

In addition, earth landscaping gives you the opportunity to add flowers or other plants where desired. 

This helps you to create a wonderful meadow, flower garden, etc., just about anywhere in your yard that you want! All you really need to do is water it occasionally.

4). Adobe

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If you want to go with an all-natural approach, adobe is definitely the way to go. It’s another choice that requires very little in terms of upkeep. 

Unlike grass or stone, adobe won’t make your yard look like a paradise instantly. 

You’ll have to plant flowers and other plants before you get results so it may take some time before everything grows up and looks perfect, but once it does you’ll be glad you made this choice.

5). Artificial Turf

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While artificial turf has been around for years now this landscaping idea isn’t always the first choice people consider when they’re looking into upgrading their front yard area. 

This is due to its high price tag and association with the word “fake”. But artificial turf is a great choice for many reasons, including its long lasting nature and low maintenance requirements. 

All you have to do is hose it down every now and then to clean it off and that’s all.

6). Tree or Shrub Bed

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If you’re looking for a very distinct front yard landscaping idea, consider planting trees or shrubs in specific areas of your yard. 

This is an excellent option if you want something that will stand out from the rest of your property without compromising on beauty or performance. 

Just be sure where you plant them isn’t going to cause damage to any utility lines running through the area after determining where exactly they need to go beforehand.

7). Raised Garden Bed

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If you don’t want to plant things in your front yard but still want to do something unique and aesthetically pleasing, consider a raised garden bed. 

Not only will it make an excellent addition to your landscaping ideas and add beauty and color but it can also be used for eating fresh veggies if you wish which is always a plus.

Raised garden beds are a great way to have raised front yard landscaping that adds color and can be fun for you and your family. The design of the bed will add interest, along with better drainage when it rains.

How you use them will depend on your household needs. Some people plant vegetables in them while others may only plant flowers or herbs. 

If you’re working on adding raised beds to your yard, just keep in mind these few tips to ensure your project goes smoothly:

Tips to ensure smooth front yard landscaping

1). Plan Your Layout Carefully: Not having a plan could cost you time and money when trying to figure out how much lumber and other items you’ll need ahead of time. This is to do yourself a favor and plan before making any purchases or cutting wood.

2). What Type of Lumber to Use: Cedarwood is a great choice because it won’t rot and has natural oils that prevent bugs from moving into your beds. 

It’s also very pretty and can help give your yard an earthy look, especially if you’re planting herbs like thyme and oregano to use in cooking.

3). You should measure the dimensions of each bed carefully before you head out shopping; those slightly smaller than 4 x 4 feet are great for starting plants or flowers. 

You could even make some raised bed garden areas as long as 12 feet long, but this is certainly more than most families will need. 

If possible, try to separate them by at least 25 feet which lets you plant tall flowering plants behind shorter ones or vegetables, and can create color contrast if you plant a mix of flowers.

The best way to make a raised bed is using a circular shape because it’s aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy access from all sides.

 If you want to make your garden area small enough for one person to manage, then build the beds into an L-shape or straight line up against the house or fence. You won’t have as much room, but it will still work just fine.

4). Cover Your Pots: Placing pots inside each other doesn’t block out weeds from growing between them so just use some landscape fabric material instead. 

Some places place their pots directly on top of this covering material so they don’t have to worry about creating a gap around the inside.

5). Add a Border: Adding a border around raised garden beds is a great way to limit the soil from eroding away after a rainstorm or when your kids want to play around in the yard. 

It’s not necessary but it’s very cheap and easy to do, plus some people find that borders also help keep small critters from digging into your veggies!

6). Choose Your Soil Carefully: Just as with any type of landscaping project you should pay attention during soil preparation. 

Choosing between topsoil and soil with added composting materials is highly recommended. 

This is to help you have something natural for plants to grow in instead of just clay dirt. If possible, try to aim for a depth of at least 12 inches so your plants can thrive.

7). Plant Your Vegetables with Care: Most vegetables prefer slightly acidic soil versus the alkaline type found in many areas. Therefore, you’re going to need some type of dirt amendment or fertilizer before planting anything that has roots in your yard. 

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Benefits Of Raising Your Front Yard Landscape

When it comes to raising your front yard landscaping, benefits are almost too much to list. 

From providing an outdoor living space for you and your family to beautifying the streetscape of your entire neighborhood. Adding a beautiful landscape design to your front yard will be rewarding in more ways than one.

1). Creating An Outdoor Living Space

Front Yard landscaping is not only meant for butterflies and birds. It can provide you with a comfortable spot to relax outside on sunny days. It can also serve as a place where you can entertain guests during the warmer seasons. 

If yours is like many other homes, there’s likely plenty of room around the edges for planting new trees or flowers that will enhance the look of any porch or patio.

2). Gives Your Home A Professional Appearance

The first thing many potential home buyers will see when they view your property is your front yard landscaping. 

If it’s a piece of grass with a few flowers, it may not be enough to set you apart from the other homes on the market and reflect well upon you as a homeowner. 

On top of that, simply by adding an attractive landscape design, you can increase your curb appeal and potentially help to sell your property faster should the need ever arise.

3). Beautifies The Streetscape Of Your Neighborhood

When you consider how important landscaping is for homeowners. It makes sense to take advantage of putting together a beautiful front yard landscape no matter where you live. 

In fact, the appearance of your home will benefit the entire neighborhood as a result. Not only does it allow for residents to take pride in what’s happening on their own property but it also allows for them to enjoy the extra benefits of having a great view nearby.

A successfully raised front yard landscape design can be achieved using a variety of different materials and techniques. 

It may require some hard work and putting in hours of time, but the end result will be well worth it when those first few spring flowers begin to bloom or that summer breeze rushes through your new trees.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the exterior look of your home or merely beautify the streetscape, there are plenty of benefits involved with adding a landscape design to your front yard.


Just remember that elevated garden beds are great for this purpose because they allow water to quickly drain away from plant roots.

Before winter arrives, you’ll want to cover your raised garden area with heavy mulch. This will prevent snow and ice from knocking down any walls or covers, plus it keeps weeds out too.

Raised front yard landscaping ideas like these provide a perfect place for kids and pets to play while also giving you the chance to grow fresh foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and more.