8 Simple Birdhouse Painting Ideas for Your Backyard (with Pictures)


Birdhouses are a great way to add some unique accent pieces to your backyard, garden, or porch. 

If you have been thinking about adding a birdhouse but haven’t quite found one that is special enough for your space then consider making one yourself with these simple painting ideas.

You don’t even have to go all out with the decorating but you can simply paint it with whatever color you want. 

However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, this article will highlight eight simple birdhouse painting ideas. We will include pictures and ideas of how to make them pop by using some easy-to-apply painting techniques.

Top 8 simple birdhouse painting ideas:

1. Spray Paint Birdhouse

birdhouse painting


Get your spray paint cans out! This project requires you to clean your birdhouses with soap and water before painting them, which isn’t particularly hard work at all. 

You can use either glossy or matte finish spray paint for this project. Make sure that the object you’re trying to paint is completely dry before applying any paint at all.

Otherwise, it may peel off later on. 

If these precautions are taken care of, however, you’ll have some lovely eye-catching birdhouses in no time.

2. Stenciled Birdhouse

stencil birdhouse


Stenciling is perhaps the most popular of all painting techniques for birdhouses.

It involves using pushpins to poke holes through paper or fabric, then filling them with paint that seeps into the wood underneath. 

Stencils can be bought easily at arts and craft stores for a low price. Once you’ve practiced stenciling on some scrap wood (to make sure you like it first), your actual birdhouse should be easy. 

Some people like to leave their houses unpainted except where they’ve used stenciling techniques, which is an interesting project birdhouse if nothing else.

3. Chalkboard Birdhouse



Painting your birdhouse black is one thing that will always look smart (if you do it right).

However, what else can you do with a plain old birdhouse? Why not create a chalkboard frontage, and give it some new functionality.

You can still paint the house black (sealing it afterward), and then draw your own design on the board part. 

This way, you won’t get bored of looking at the same birdhouse every day, and it may suit particular people’s tastes better (for example those that like vintage-style decor).

4. Two-Toned Birdhouse Idea


There are few notions as simple as two-toned painting for an easy way to change things up on your DIY project–and why should your birdhouses be any different? 

If you’re feeling particularly arty one afternoon, grab some acrylic paints and give this a whirl.

Your birdhouse will end up looking like something completely new, and you’ll be proud to show it off (and even more proud to see birds hanging out on the porch).

5. Stained-Glass Birdhouse Idea


Using stained glass for your DIY projects can be really fun if you’ve never tried it before–but make sure that they’re designed especially for use with wood.

Stained glass is too thick (even when thinned down) for most paintbrushes. Therefore, if you have one lying around somewhere waiting to get used, try applying it directly onto the wood instead. 

This will create fantastic effects that are way beyond what’s possible with paints or other materials. If you’ve ever painted with icing, you’ll know just what we’re talking about!

6. Painted Brick Birdhouse Idea

painted birdhouse

This idea isn’t perfect for everyone. After all, it requires a certain dedication to DIY and working with bricks that not everybody will want to tackle. 

However, if you can handle the paintbrush this project is fantastic fun. The results look super impressive afterward (as long as enough time has been spent on each side of the house). 

If your brickwork skills aren’t so good, however, why not try something like this instead? 

Spray painting over bricks that don’t fit together well or have lots of gaps between them will always provide interesting effects.

7. Sculpted Birdhouses


Creating art from birdhouses is perhaps one of the most imaginative of all projects.

This way, you can create your own sculpture to hang on the front of your home outside, without even touching it. 

To make this project super easy for yourself, simply leave a hole in the side of each birdhouse that’s big enough to place a flower pot through. 

Covering up the bottom with some rocks, then filling it up with soil first will give your flowers or plants plenty of room to grow into something fantastic.

8. White and Green


This is another simple birdhouse painting idea that turns out great. You can really make anything you want here.

I decided to keep my design simple with some green swirls over white. 

This one looks good anywhere too. Inside maybe? Or outside in the yard. See how cute it looks hanging outside?

To do this project, you will need:

  • Acrylic paint             
  • Brushes                    
  • Painters tape (if you are using it)


Paint your birdhouse any color you want. When it dries, paint some swirls over the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect because this painting idea is more of a natural look. This one looks great in an aged tree or outside in the yard.

How to paint a birdhouse?

This is one of the most asked questions. Painting a house for birds is not an easy task since it needs very careful work. 

Before anything, you must clean your old birdhouse with some water and soap. Be sure that there are no insects inside before beginning with your painting job. 

Once it’s done, let it dry completely (approx 12 hours) and start reading this simple tutorial on how to do it. Painting a birdhouse successfully requires patience. 

You can even create new designs or styles using some special brushes or some stencils which would make things more interesting. If you’re having problems choosing the right colors check our suggestions next:

Use neutral colors like beige, brown, or white to make your house look natural.

You can even use light blue or green to give a touch of color.

If you’re not very good at painting and don’t know how to create the design, just buy one of those cheap birdhouses with holes on the roof. 

It’s perfect since you won’t have to do any kind of carving. You just need some paint and that it is.

The benefits of painting a birdhouse

A painted birdhouse is a very interesting way to decorate your yard or garden. You can use it as a focal point that will attract the eye of your guests and family members. While at the same time providing a location for one of nature’s most unique creatures to call home. 

There are also some practical benefits you get from adding a painted birdhouse in your yard, such as removing insects from your yard and attracting more birds to be able to better control these pests.

1. Painted Birdhouses Help Control Insects

Insects are often considered pesky pests because they can destroy trees, flowers, crops, and more on farms around the world. 

In the yards found in many homes across America, insects cause damage too through debris, holes in the grass. Even sometimes chomping on the leaves of flowers and other plants. 

Birds are one way to keep these pests under control, but having more birds is better than just a few.

Painted birdhouses can help you attract different kinds of birds that will create homes in your yard. These new residents will eat insects. 

Therefore, you can cut down on the number of insects that may damage or kill your existing vegetation. 

If you leave out feeders for them too, this makes it even easier to draw more birds to your yard for this purpose alone.

2. Painted Birdhouses Attract More Birds To Your Yard

For some people who want decorative birdhouses in their yards, they might think about buying some cheap plastic or wooden ones that don’t look so good after a year. 

Many people consider getting metal ones because they will last a lifetime, but these can get very expensive.

Painted birdhouses are your best option for something that looks great and won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy. 

You might have to repaint them every few years if you want it to look brand new still, but this is not hard work at all and the end result is worth it. 

If you don’t want to pay someone else to do this or wait until another season of warm weather comes around again, make sure you buy some paint pens from a craft store near you. This is to ensure you can start painting on your own. 

Most paints used with these pens stay on forever when finished correctly, which means your birdhouse will still look great even after years of use.

3. Painted Birdhouses Are Easy To Maintain On Your Own

Some people believe that they cannot do simple maintenance tasks on their own without hiring someone else to take care of them them. 

This is not the case when it comes to keeping painted birdhouses looking good for many years into the future, though. 

You can easily repaint your old or damaged ones if needed, and you can also take apart ones that become worn out over time too instead of tossing them in the trash as some people would do.

Buy A Painted Birdhouse Today

You can find a store near you where you can buy a painted birdhouse today. Many online sellers also give discounts if you buy several of these at one time. 

This is to ensure you can stock up on them with the money that you save if you buy more than just one. 

You can find any kind of painted birdhouse that you want without spending too much money and with a style that meets your needs as well. 

Before doing anything else to fix up your backyard or garden area, make sure to purchase some sort of painted birdhouse first to get everything started off right.


There are many people who want to make birdhouses for their backyards. They also want to decorate the house properly so that it will look nice and clean. 

If you really need some inspiration, you can search online or try asking your friends who have experience in making something like this. The first thing you need to do is prepare the item which you will use. 

It includes a hammer, saw, spray paint, other painting tools, wood planks, and other needed accessories. 

Then, carefully cut the wood planks based on the size of your house. Then put all parts together until they are well-connected. 

After that, install the door on the house and after that, you can start painting. Try to use professional paint which will make the birdhouse looks nice and clean. 

The last step is installing some toys or items inside the house so that it will be more attractive for birds.