8 Small Garden Shed Ideas You Should Try (With Pictures)

Small garden shed ideas are available in many styles. Some of them can be very original if you want to give your outdoor space a special touch. 

These small garden sheds will also help you to utilize little spaces in your backyard or front yard, especially if you have no extra room for another large garden shed. 

Even though they may appear complicated at first sight, these small buildings can be built by any DIY enthusiast with basic carpentry skills and the right tools. 

If you really like building things on your own, then it will take only an afternoon or two to finish one of these small garden storage sheds.

Here are the top 8 small garden shed ideas to inspire you:

8. Garden Shed With Greenhouse

small garden shed ideas


Incorporating a greenhouse into the garden shed design is a great idea because you can grow vegetables and flowers all year round, regardless of the weather outside. 

Furthermore, this garden shed plan adds value to your property.

This is because incorporates several different functionalities into one building; a garden shed a greenhouse and additional storage space for bulky items that do not fit inside the house – which is always useful if you have limited space in your backyard.

7. The Freestanding Garden Shed


This freestanding garden shed has been built on concrete footings so it could sit on top of the uneven ground without sinking or shifting from its place. 

Inside, there is a storage room for larger tools such as lawnmowers and gardening tools, as well as a small workbench. 

There is also a window for extra light so you can work comfortably inside the shed during the day as well as at night.

6. The Modern Shed With A Winding Path


For those who want to create something unique in their backyard, this modern garden shed plan is just perfect.

Rather than being built directly on top of the ground, it has been placed on a slanting surface which makes it stand out even more from its surroundings. 

Furthermore, there’s a winding path leading up to the door – but how do you get there? 

Well, no matter, if you choose to use a wheelbarrow or a lawnmower – pulling them uphill, isn’t really a problem with this garden shed plan.

5. The Rustic Garden Shed


This rustic garden shed is simply gorgeous – from the outside, it looks like a miniature house, and inside, there’s a surprisingly big storage space for all your tools and equipment. 

The roof has been made out of old tiles to make it resemble an old rural farmhouse, while the door has been built by following traditional carpentry designs – which simply makes this garden shed stand out even more.

The same goes for the flowerbed in front of the entrance. In order to make it seem more realistic, you can paint white dots on the ground where you want bricks or stones to be visible through the thin layer of soil.

This will help you create the illusion of a natural stone path leading up to the door.

4. The Shed With A Greenhouse On Top


If you had enough of your old, dark garden shed and want something entirely different, this greenhouse on the top garden shed is just what you’re looking for.

It’s not only modern-looking but it also has very high ceilings which will make even the biggest tools fit inside with ease – no more trouble taking them out or putting them back in.

And since there are three different parts to this shed plan – a small storage room at the bottom, flowerbeds on two levels surrounding the building, and the greenhouse itself – you can organize small gardening experiments inside.

3. The Garden Shed With Flower Beds On Two Levels


Organizing your flowerbeds on different levels will make each part of your garden look more natural and interesting. 

So, if you’re building a new shed in the backyard, why not consider this garden shed plan with flower beds on two levels? 

This way, you won’t only have ample storage space but also some beautiful flowerbeds that will provide color to your backyard for years to come.

2. Adding Siding Style Shed


Available in various design patterns, the siding-style sheds give your garden a very modern feel that works well with outdoor patio designs. 

The use of wooden materials in this shed makes it a good choice for any environment out there as they are very hardy and durable when exposed to weather elements. 

What’s best about these types of sheds is that they don’t need much maintenance even after years of installation. They just need to get treated and re-stained in time to keep their color and shine intact.

The peak style sheds commonly come with gable or bell-shaped roofs that allow enough airflow for improved ventilation when it’s hot, unlike the basic roof shed which has no design on where the air goes through when the temperature is high.

1. Flower Box Style Sheds


These types of garden sheds are made to stand out in your landscape. They add color and flair to your outdoor space without sacrificing its functionality. 

You can install this type of shed anywhere in your yard but still get good use out of it because they have ample storage capacity despite its smaller size. 

It looks gorgeous particularly if you want to put some flowers around it to make it look even more attractive.

Another great thing about flower box style sheds is you can have them painted to complement your house’s color. 

It will be a nice conversation starter for many visitors. You can also install window boxes or mount lighting fixtures on them if you want more functional use out of the shed, thus making it an even better garden accessory that complements other features in your yard nicely.

Shed comparison chart

LifetimeDuramaxArrowShelter LogicKeter
AssemblyEasyModerateModerateVery easyEasy
ExpandableYes (most models)NoNoNoNo
BuildingMaterialsSteel frame, vinyl wallsVinyl or metalSteelPolyethylenePlastic
Warranty10 year limited10-15 years limited12 year limited1 Year5 year limited
Price Range$599 – $3385$479 – $3499$316 – $2382$161 – $475$169 – $1399
Quality ofConstruction9/108/108/107/108/10
Snow / WindResistance9/108/108/106/108/10
Return PolicyStandard 30 daysStandard 30 daysStandard 30 daysStandard 30 daysStandard 30 days

How to Care for Small Garden Shed

If you just bought a small garden shed, it will be the best item in your house. You can place your garden tools or bike in this place, so I’m sure that there is no more room for you to put them inside your house. 

Furthermore, you can also use this area for other purposes like meditation, planning the next vacation spot and etc. 

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t want to lose these benefits then start caring about your small garden shed.

First of all, you must clean this shed regularly while still maintaining its structure. To do that, check some tips below on how to care for a Small Garden Shed.

Make sure that it has a high ceiling height

The first thing that you need to do when cleaning your shed is to make sure that it has a high ceiling height. With this, you can clean its roof and walls easily. 

This feature of a small garden shed is important because it will make your job of cleaning easier and faster which saves more time for you.

Cleaning must be done regularly

When talking about care for Small Garden Shed, it’s not only the exterior that needs special attention but also its interior. 

You need to clean up all sorts of dirt on the floor such as twigs, leaves, and other debris using a broom or vacuum cleaner. 

Make sure that no mud or soil enters inside the house to avoid bad smells and dust infestation inside the shed.

Position wheelbarrow against a wall so you won’t lose any space when cleaning

One of the challenges in cleaning small garden sheds is that it has limited space. However, with this one simple trick, you can solve this problem easily. 

You just need to position the wheelbarrow against one wall of your shed so when you clean its surrounding areas, you won’t lose any space inside the house.

Use rug outside

Rugs are important if you want to keep your Small Garden Shed flooring safe without worrying about mud and soil. 

This will save more money from buying additional shoes or slippers because you can already wear what you have at home, right? 

Just make sure that the rug fits well with your garden shed’s exterior design so it will not look weird on it. 

If it’s too casual, don’t hesitate to adjust its color or pattern so it will look neat on your shed’s exterior.

What are the benefits of Small Garden Shed?

1). It is more stylish: Wooden garden sheds can be very stylish and therefore you will be able to enjoy the natural appeal. 

There is also no need for painting it time and again, which saves up on your money as well as effort. If you want to buy metal sheds instead, then you will not be able to get such kinds of looks for sure.

2). Better insulation: Wood offers better insulation than metal because it is a better heat conductor. This means you can save up on heating and cooling costs while storing your belongings in the wooden shed. 

Metal sheds have to be insulated by other people if you want to protect your goods from extreme weather conditions.

3). Protection from moisture: The best thing about a wooden shed is that it will not get damaged when exposed to rains or snowfall for long durations of time. 

It will also protect your items from getting spoilt due to dampness hence making for an effective storage solution. 

However, metal sheds are more likely to become wet inside during such situations and this can significantly reduce their lifespan.

4). Protection against pests: Wooden sheds don’t go well with termites and other insects which can damage them easily. 

You must have to take proper care of the wooden shed because these insects are quite stubborn and will find a way to get in if left unchecked for long. 

Metal sheds can offer some kind of protection against these pests, but you should check every now and then to make sure that they are not taking over your garden space.

5). Better appeal: Wooden sheds have a better appeal than metal sheds. They are more durable, convenient, and stylish at the same time which is why they are popular among people of all ages.


Having a small garden shed is a good investment to have since it will give you more benefits rather than just letting them hang outside. 

After all, you don’t want to get strained from carrying heavy tools and bikes back and forth from your house right?

So better start caring for that small garden shed of yours.