10 Small Pool Gazebo Ideas (with Pictures)


Gazebo designs are very impressive and wonderful. The small pool gazebo design is one of the most popular designs. This is to improve your outdoor space and make it more interesting and impressive at the same time. 

It’s a great way to add value to your yard or patio.

This is if you want to enjoy it with family and friends without spending too much money on improving its look.

Here are the 10 best small pool gazebo ideas that will help you find that perfect outdoor relaxation space:

1. Create a screening room

small gazebo


So what do you do when you get back from work every day and want to relax by sipping on a drink while watching TV? 

You create a little den in your backyard right? well, that’s exactly what you can do with your gazebo. 

You could create a seating area surrounded by walls or screens to block the rest of the world from entering your private space. 

2. Build a play area for kids


Children love playing in open spaces, but sometimes you want them to stay safe and not go too far out of the boundaries of your house. 

Use your small pool gazebo as a playspace for your kids or just keep them inside it to keep them safe near the pool. They will have fun being within eye-sight all day long.

3. Add an outdoor kitchen


You can actually expand on this idea here where you’re basically creating an outdoor kitchen along with dining facilities right next to your pool. 

This ensures that you’re always in sight of the water, and yet able to concentrate on other things while cooking for example. 

It’s a home improvement idea that doesn’t require much effort and is really practical.

4. Create a dining area


Not only can you add an outdoor kitchen, but you could also add a full-fledged dining area right next to your swimming pool

You could use this space during warm weathers when it’s too hot to eat inside the house. 

Your kids will love their own little picnic corner near the water and it’ll be easier for them to swim anytime they want.

5. Add a bathhouse or changing room


If your house comes equipped with one or two bathrooms, consider using your gazebo to add a bathhouse area. 

This will provide you with total privacy during your bathing sessions and it’ll be easier for everyone to change into their bathing clothes and go into the pool immediately.

6. Create an outdoor playroom


This is pretty similar to the idea we already mentioned, only this time you’re adding a little touch of color and creativity to make it even more special. 

You could add some swings or other items like that inside the gazebo, so that it becomes a nice place for children (and adults too!) to play in. 

This is while spending time outdoors near the water’s edge.

7. Add an open bar


If you enjoy hosting parties at home but to get bored while standing in the kitchen all the time, you could add a small bar or pub to your pool gazebo. 

You’ll be able to serve drinks and snacks in style and the guests won’t feel like they’re standing in an awkward space while mingling with others.

8. Add a vegetable garden


Why not add a nice vegetable garden where you can grow some of your own vegetables close to your cooking station right next to the water? 

It’s a great way for everyone to get involved into home improvement activities, while also saving money on groceries.

Plus it’s healthier if you know exactly what goes into growing those veggies.

9. Create a reading retreat


If you are an avid reader, then make sure that your landscape design ideas include room for a little reading corner. 

You could add a nice comfy chair and even a small table, so that you can find some quiet time to read your favorite books.

10. Add a poolside bar


If you have a pool in the backyard, then why not make it easier for people to grab drinks from right next to the water? 

This way everyone will be able to get refreshed during hot summer days without having to miss out on any fun events or parties. 

Plus if you can add speakers right by the pool area, it’ll be ten times better.

Types of Small Pool Gazebos

You can find many different types of small pool gazebo designs in order to add value to your outdoor space, but the best options include almost every type since they serve different purposes. 

For example, you have double-tier models that easily accommodate two people when sitting down, single-tier ones that are perfect for resting alone, corner ones that are very popular to accommodate storage facilities and more. 

The most important thing about them is the fact that they have a great design and look very impressive when standing over your pool or patio.

Here are some of the most important types of small pool gazebos:

Small Pool Gazebo Curtains

If you want to improve the décor around your pool, you can also add an elegant curtain in order to enhance its value even more. 

Therefore, when choosing one for your gazebo, you must consider things like size, fabric type, patterns, and colors in order to match it with the overall décor in your pool area. 

The good news is that these curtains come in various colors and patterns, so you can easily find one that matches your pool décor.

Small Pool Gazebo Kits

Another great option for small pool gazebo designs is to use kits in order to assemble them very easily. 

The good news about this is the fact that they are much cheaper than buying ready-made ones, but at the same time, they look just as impressive. 

You just need to choose a kit according to your needs and then follow simple assembling instructions.

How to take care of a Small pool gazebo?

A small pool gazebo is a great addition to your house whether it be a small or big house. 

You can spend your time in the pool and enjoy every single moment of summer days under a small gazebo. 

A family can share their time together while spending time with each other in this beautiful structure that will add beauty to your compound especially at night when lights are turned on.

The first thing you need to consider after purchasing a gazebo for your pool is how to take care of them properly so that they last long and serve you for many years without problems. 

In order to have a healthy gazebo, you need to follow some advice given below:

1). Make sure that the base of the Pool gazebo is not wet.

2). Don’t cover your pool gazebo when it rains, you just need to ensure that there are no problems with the roofing materials

3). It is advised to use weather-resistant wood for constructing Pool gazebos because this type of wood can easily resist any kind of climate change and will not be damaged by insects like termites or carpenter ants.

4). You should clean your gazebo at least once in three months which includes cleaning the floor, walls and fixing the loose screws on time. 

If you ignore repairs, then soon they may lead to more serious problems like leaks that might damage the whole structure one day. So make sure that you take care of small problems in the beginning.

5). Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your pool gazebo because it can damage the surface and paint of your gazebo.

6). Make sure that water runoff is directed away from your Pool gazebos. If you properly direct the runoff, then there will be no chances of leakage during rains.

7). Spray proper pesticides before the winter season starts so that insects like termites or carpenter ants do not attack your valuable asset.

8). Get rid of algae by scrubbing them with a brush or using some commercial products which are available at local garden shops.

9). You should always remember to cover your Pool gazebo when winters arrive so that the paint of the gazebo does not get chipped away by frost.

10) You need to cover the pool with a tarp before you start winterizing your Pool gazebos. It will help to keep leaves out of your pool which might fall during the season.

11). Store all valuable things like furniture, lights, etc in a safe place so that they are not damaged by rainwater.

12). After late winter or early spring arrives, you can take care of some items first, for example, the pump motor and filters should be inspected after every one year.

13). clean all deck surfaces using pressure cleaners

14). Make sure that concrete decks are intact, if there are cracks on them then sealing is recommended.

15) After cleaning your gazebos make sure that they are in a proper condition before the winter season starts. 

If you don’t want to go through all these hustles, then it is advised to hire a professional pool gazebo repair service company. 

Look for one who can do the required repairs in a professional manner and ensure that your beautiful asset stays healthy for years to come.


As you can see there are many types of small pool gazebos available on the market made by various manufacturers. This is by use of different materials and designs depending on customer preferences. 

However, what makes them special is their ability to improve the overall appeal of any pool area and at the same time, you can design them very easily without spending too much money.