7 Pros And Cons Of Softub


In this article, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of Softub, why you might need to consider it in your home, and other important things.

But first, let’s start with the basics…

What is a Softub?

A Softub is a bathtub made of special material that allows for you to install it anywhere.

It’s not electric so it doesn’t need an outlet, and its water tank can be filled with hot/cold water without having to have electricity or gas hooked up. 

This makes the tub truly portable, so no matter where your desires take you (and they will take you places when you’re in this tub), you can bring your 7-Pro along with you.

What are the 7 Pros of owning a Softub ?

1) Relaxation And Spa-Life Style

Bubble baths and massages were never as much fun as they will be when you have your own Softub.

You can adjust everything from the neck pillow, leg rests , and even create a main exit/entryway with its dome lid. Plus there’s no need to leave because all of your foodstuffs can fit inside with you.

2) Endless Combinations Of Water

If everyone has a favorite type of water, then what better way to get your very own type than to make it yourself?

Many Softubers like having both warm and cold water jets because there’s nothing worse than turning down the heat during winter months and then not being able to sit in something that is bearable for more than five minutes. So whatever your heart desires, this tub can give it to you.

3) Rectangular Shape Keeps You In Your Stroke

Another thing that makes this different from other types of hot tubs is how its shape fits around your body . It allows you to keep your stroke while enjoying your individualized feature(s).

And this comes in very handy when you want to step out, but you don’t want your jets turned off.

4) Getting The Most Out Of Your Life And Enjoying It

Whether it’s bonding with family and friends or having a special night alone , what better way to relax than the Softub that doesn’t call for much attention once it’s set up?

Plus you can afford all of its extra features like food compartments and lights because there is no need to clean after everyone leaves.

5) Can Make A Nice Addition To An Existing Hot Tub

Don’t have one yet but want one? Then check out how easy it will be if you add a Softub on top of your current hot tub.

You’ll never have to get in and out of the cold again, especially when it’s way too cold to even take off your winter gear .

6) Getting A Great Full Body Massage

This is one of the reasons why many people decide to invest in their own Softub . So don’t think about making an appointment at your local spa because your Softub will give you all of the attention you need.

With its adjustable neck pillow, kneeling pads , and leg rests, then there’s no reason for you not to relax while enjoying every feature that comes with owning one.

7) Being Proud Of Something You’ve Built

If you’re someone who loves to fix things up and make them beautiful, then the Softub is something that will make you feel like a star when your family asks what it is.

You can tell them exactly what it is, go into detail about how many jets are in each corner, and give them an idea of how much work goes behind-the-scenes. Plus there’s always something rewarding about building something out of nothing.


What are the 7 Cons of owning a Softub?

1) It’s Hard To Find A Place For It

When you decide to purchase your own Softub , then be prepared for not having enough room for one in your current home or apartment.

This means no matter how big the house is, it will either be too small for everyone to fit in or there won’t be enough room in your backyard.

So when you think about investing in one, then also think about the size of your property and its surrounding area .

2) Lack Of Space Can Affect Your Mood

With so much emphasis on how it feels to relax in a Steamworks Softub , you might start feeling anxious if there’s not enough space for you to hang out. Also, remember that with this type of hot tub, you can add things like compartments and lights inside of it.

So unless your friends are okay with climbing over each other (and didn’t bring any food), then they’re only going to want to use the outside area and not the inside.

3) Sms-210 Blower Keeps Breaking

Most people don’t like having to contact customer service because they think it’s a hassle and something never gets fixed right away.

But when your blower keeps breaking, then that’s the time you might start wondering what you should do next.

You can either buy another one or request for a new one, but what you shouldn’t do is keep replacing the old one even though it has an extra warranty.

4) Unanswered Questions Can Make You Angry

Until now many customers still wonder if their Softub will ever reach its maximum water temperature.

There are also questions about how long it takes before you see results and others who want to know if their blower will always be replaced.

So the next time you have a question, just remember that it will be best to ask before making your final decision.

5) Problems With The Import Duty Tax

If you’re importing something from another country, then there’s always going to be an extra fee for this type of transaction.

Many people are not aware of this so they are quick to blame the company for being too expensive or not helpful enough.

But sometimes it can be more complicated than what anyone thinks since there are government regulations set in place regarding imported items.

6) Delivery And Set-Up Is Not Free

A lot of companies offer free shipping and delivery, but not all of them do. So if you live in a small town and the company doesn’t offer this, then you’ll either have to pay an extra fee or drive for hundreds of miles just to get your Softub.

Another thing that will cost you is set-up because if they’re responsible for installing it, then expect to pay even more than what the hot tub originally cost you.

7) Possible Problems With Your Heating Element

Although most people don’t think about the heating element until something goes wrong, it’s important to know how easily it can be damaged during shipment.

The reason why so many companies won’t cover damages is because there are too many things outside of their control.

With this in mind, it can be a bad idea to order from another country or state and expect that you’ll get help if something breaks.

So now that we already know what the 7 pros and cons are for owning a Softub , then I think we should take this time to talk about how one is made.

How much money does it cost to build a Softub?

The prices for this type of hot tubs can range anywhere from $6,000 to $13,000 without any add-ons which equals out to roughly around $20-$40 per square foot (for additional services such as delivery and set-up).

Although most people like the idea of investing in a backyard spa , just keep in mind that there are a lot of hidden charges that you might not be able to see.

Here Are Some Softub Facts

1) Single-Seat Hot Tubs Are The Only Ones Certified To North American Safety Standards – Unfortunately, this means that two or more seater hot tubs found in many countries will never meet these standards no matter how much they try.

So if there’s a company out there you’re thinking about buying from and their software has been tested, then chances are it’s a safe bet. But make sure to do your research first before making any kind of purchase.

2) All Softubs Have A 50l Vessel Capacity – The reason why some hot tubs can be filled to 80L is because they use a tank that’s only 50% full.

This means that your water will never get hot enough, plus there are all kinds of safety hazards involved with doing this.

3) The Water Temperature Can Never Go Higher Than 38°c (100°f) – This is the maximum temperature for Canadian models and 40°C (104°F) for American models.

So if you’re buying from somewhere else in the world, then keep in mind that it might not go as high which means less stress on your circulation system.

4) There Are 2 Ways To Get In And Out Of Softub – The first method is called “toe-touching” because it’s more on the deeper end of the hot tub. Though if you’re a beginner, then you might want to invest in steps or stairs since it’ll be more on the shallower end.

5) The Life Expectancy Of A Softub Is Around 15 Years – Keep in mind that some parts are not covered by warranty which means they can break down anytime.

So if you ever plan on selling your spa, then make sure everything is still working fine before getting rid of it.

6) Original Parts Are Cheaper Than Replacements – This means that all labor costs will always be used for small repairs, but major parts will be a lot more expensive. The reason why labor costs less is because it’s not as hard to replace a part as compared to the original one.

7) All Softubs Have A Minimum Weight Limit Of 110kg (242lbs) – If you weigh over the limit, then chances are you’re going to rip out some of its interior parts since there isn’t enough support.

Just keep in mind that softubs have a very poor design which explains why they break down so often.

8) Sapphire And Purple Are The Only Colored Models Approved For Use In Canada – This means that any kind of yellow, orange, green, and pink models found on websites are not legal to use here.

If you live in the US, then there’s a chance that it might be legal depending on where you live.

The warranty for these types of tubs isn’t exactly exciting either since they only cover the first year after purchase, though this doesn’t stop most companies from selling them.

The reason why is because people would rather pay more for their repair costs than buy another hot tub altogether.

Not only this, but Soft Tubs also break down much easier than other models due to both design flaws and overpressure valves (OPVs).

So what happens is every time someone gets in or out, it creates about 7-20 lbs/sq inch worth of force which means your pipes will eventually give out.