10 Swimming Pool Fountain Ideas


Fountains have been treated as statement pieces to lift up the outdoor spaces of royal properties since time immemorial.

Even today, when it comes to deciding outdoor decorations for a housing property, a luxury pool with a perfectly installed fountain can grab the eyes of the viewers instantly.

A fountain not only helps to get the aesthetic value of the place a notch higher, but the calming sound of the splashing water also acts like therapy for the household members.

However, if you have a luxury swimming pool in the backyard of your housing space, choosing the right fountain can appear tricky sometimes. Fountains are expensive, and quite hard to find the appropriate one for your pool.

In this article, we’ll focus on 10 swimming pool fountain ideas that you might find convenient and apt for your outdoor swimming pool.

The list includes luxury fountain installations as well as simple DIY fountain ideas. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the list.

1). Floating Pool Fountain

When you think of decorating your swimming pool the best way possible, floating pool fountains make a great choice. These are portable small floating fountains that come in different shapes and sizes.

The best part about these pool fountains is that these small water sprinklers float all over the water surface, making your pool look mesmerizing. The water heights vary from product to product. You can either install one floating pool fountain on the surface with considerable heights or put a set of small fountains that will float freely over the water.

These types of fountains come with simple yet effective pumping and anchoring systems and, sometimes, with multicolored LED lights. Those that come with lights at the bottom can create magical light shows on your pool water while you are enjoying a refreshing pool session.

2). Above Ground Swimming Pool Fountain With LED Light

Above ground swimming pool fountains with LED lights are also a type of poolside fountains, as most people prefer them on the side of their pool. However, the installation process is not that taxing and much more cost-effective when compared to other alternatives.

First, you have to connect your swimming pool water outlet to a powerful water pump with a pipe. Then, take another pipe from the water pump and connect it to the fountain. The speed of spray will entirely depend on the power of your water pump.

For example, if you get a water pump that has a capacity of 650 gallons of water per hour, your fountain spray will reach about a foot. Most models have a LED light connected right to the end of the spraying nozzle. So, at night, when the LED light changes while spraying, it creates a stunning visual display.

3). Waterfall Swimming Pool Fountain

Waterfall is something that we all cherish. If you want to get the feeling of having your own waterfall at home, look at your backyard swimming pool. You can enhance the beauty of it by adding a waterfall pool fountain. This kind of pool fountain will give that endless waterfall effect to your pool and reduce the water temperature during hot summer hours.

Waterfall swimming pool fountains look perfect with trendy exteriors and modern pool designs. You can easily install this type of fountain at your newly made backyard pool to jazz up the whole appearance.

4). Pool Rock Waterfall Fountain

Pool rock waterfall fountains come under the category of poolside fountains. As the category name suggests, most people prefer installing this type of fountain on the edge of their swimming pool. However, unlike other standard poolside fountains, waterfall fountains are uncommon in most households.

Generally, because of their aesthetic value, they are very pretty expensive for common people. The water circulation process is a bit different when compared to other poolside fountains. So, if you want to install them to cool down your swimming pool, it won’t make any significant difference.

Most fountains sprinkle water droplets in mid-air, where they bind with oxygen molecules from the atmosphere. But with a waterfall fountain, once you activate it, the water continuously falls from the rock structure. Therefore, the water gets less chance to bind with the surrounding air.

5). DIY Center Swimming Pool Fountain

This is perhaps the most prevalent type of swimming pool fountain available. If you are on the tighter side of the budget and yet want to decorate your small and cozy swimming pool, a DIY center swimming pool fountain is the best option for you.

All you need to get is a hosepipe, a portable water pump, stop corks, and outlets. Then, you have to assemble all the required pieces with the source of water and install your DIY fountain at the center of the swimming pool.

You can create multiple tiers of a fountain by regulating the water pressure. You can also insert LED lights with changeable color options to further enhance the beauty of the pool fountain.

6). DIY Spray Fountain for Swimming Pool

Spray fountains are like those breezy water sprinkling accessories that cool down the pool water as well as create a therapeutic water splashing sound just like the rain sound. The best part about this kind of fountain is that you can prepare them at home with simple hardware gears.

If your swimming pool has an existing pump, then you can use that to anchor your DIY spray fountain. You need to gather pipes, nozzle sets, and a spray fountain water outlet and assemble them all together to create your desired system.

A DIY spray fountain is an affordable solution if you are looking for ways to decorate your backyard pool while also looking for solutions to cool down the water during summer.

7). Swimming Pool Water Sconces

The water sconces are very similar to the concept of poolside fountains. But here, you have to attach these sconces to the walls of your swimming pools. You can easily find sconces in various finishes and designs available in the market.

The mechanism is pretty simple, the water funnels out through a stream and then drops on your pool. Generally, most people install a series of sconces on their swimming pool for decoration. However, a single sconce with an eye-catching architectural design can easily steal the show of your pool.

8). Bubble Jet Swimming Pool Fountain

Bubble jets are one of the most famous swimming pool fountain designs. Also known as gushers, you have to install them at the bottom of your swimming pool. Once installed properly, if you activate them, they will shoot water with a cascading effect.

Bubble jets are one of the effective ways to keep your pool healthy and clean. Most fountains available in the market perform surface-level aeration, which only manages to keep the surface water clean.

But bubble jets are known for their bottom-level aeration, which helps the entire pool to stay clean. Many models also come up with LED lights, which add visual ecstasy during the night. However, they mostly have a softer throw of water when compared to others.

9). Mister Fountain for Swimming Pool

Some of you might have a fascination for rain and the majestic feeling that the soft drizzles bring along. Wouldn’t that be great if you could experience a similar drizzly effect every time you step into your backyard pool?

A mister fountain will exactly do that. Such a pool fountain is a great idea for those lazy souls who simply want to chill inside the pool during lazy summer hours.

This type of fountain finds a place outside the swimming pool somewhere around the edge. From there, it sprinkles water in a way that looks like mist.

You can also install multiple misters around the edge of your pool. And when you switch them on together, they create a misty and cloudy atmosphere all around the poolside. Mister fountains can also keep the pool water cool during hot summer days.

10). Antique Statement Pool Fountain

Last but not the least, an antique is timeless. You can take your outdoor swimming pool decoration to the next level by installing an antique statement pool fountain piece at the center of your luxury pool.

If you own a housing property that is spacious and old at the same time, then such an antique pool fountain will add a dash of vintage feel to further enhance the overall beauty of the house. These fountain pieces generally come in limestone, black, or white marble materials and with intricate designs and curves.

If your house is a luxurious bungalow with massive pillars, iron gates, and extended lawns, then this type of pool fountain will definitely match up to the entire outdoor scene. However, getting access to such fountain pieces is quite a hard job. You can only expect them at unique collections of old royal artefact shops. Else, you can custom prepare one.


So, this is our list of 10 swimming pool fountain ideas to jazz up your already beautiful outdoor swimming pool area.

The list contains many different fountain ideas, from homemade simple centerpieces to royal vintage ones.

Some of these are inground when some are above ground and poolside fountains. Ideas are many, and choice is yours. Hence, the next time you look for swimming pool fountain ideas, consider coming here for suggestions.