Is Walnut Wood Expensive? (Find Out Now)


Not all types of woods are created equal. Walnut in particular is special because of its characteristics and usefulness. I
f you’re considering using it for a particular project around your home, you might be asking, “Is walnut wood expensive?

Yes, Walnut wood is quite expensive compared to other types of hardwoods because Walnut is rare to find. About 1% of all hardwood species that grow in the US is Walnut due to the huge demand for this wood, and the ever increasing need to use them for patio, pergola, and shed constructions.

Walnut is a popular choice for many because it has a beautiful look and is durable. In this article, we will discuss how much black walnut costs as well as other factors that may affect the price of your project or purchase. 

We will also share some helpful tips about how to find discounts on black walnuts.

Is Walnut Wood Expensive?


Walnut is one of the most expensive types of wood available today. 

This pricey characteristic is due to the fact that there are only two species of Juglans (black walnuts) in existence; both are native to North America (one is found within Canada). 

They are used quite often for building furniture, cabinets, and paneling and are also exported abroad. The tree that produces the nuts from which the wood is obtained can reach sizes of up to one hundred feet in height.

Walnut wood is a type of wood that has been used for many years now as expensive furniture, either to buy or as an antique. It looks great with its reddish-brown colour and it’s very beautiful when oiled.

The average price of walnut lumber starts at about $8 per board foot. To give you an example, here are some popular types of walnut with their respective prices:

  • European Walnut ($7/bdft)
  • Black Walnut ($12/bdft)
  • Claro Walnut ($8/$bdft)

Do keep in mind that this may not apply to imported Walnut flooring since it usually costs more than domestic wood. 

If you’re looking at getting a higher-end type of Walnut flooring instead of the ones used for regular houses, then yes, these can be quite expensive. 

For example, reclaimed or antique wood found overseas (China included) will often go up to as much as $50 to $60 bucks per square foot. If you want top-quality hardwood floors made from genuine American Walnut. Then the sky’s the limit.

Scientific nameJuglans regia
Lumber Dimensions2in X 3in
Weight per board foot46 lbs   
Availability class1 (most available)


In addition, Walnut tree’s wood is generally straight with a fine grain that produces a smooth finish on most surfaces. 

This is because of its naturally high-quality oils but depending on the type of treatment you want to give to your workpiece before starting working on it will define how much you will actually spend in buying this specific piece of material. 

This is because, if you don’t go for treatments such as sanding or staining then you can get a healthy piece of walnut wood at a reasonable price.

The price of this type of wood also varies depending on where it is bought from. For example in the south of America such as Mexico and Texas, different dealers generally sell them with prices starting from $3 per sq ft. 

The final price depends on how you will treat your workpiece before actually using it to make anything.

Size And Description Of Walnut Wood:

Size25ft long X 1 inch thick
Weight 160 lbs 
Width5 inches 
ColourReddish-brown with light figure   
WoodgrainStraight / fine Figure
UsesFurniture, flooring, cabinets, gunstocks

The Walnut tree is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 150 feet tall and it belongs to the genus Juglans which comprises about 25 species. 

The wood from this type of tree has been used for centuries now as a material for fine furniture due to its beauty and durability. 

In fact, walnut wood has been used generally since ancient times to make items such as bowls, plates, or coffins due to its fine grain and good resistance against decay processes.

In addition, the colour of this type of wood varies depending on where it comes from but it normally ranges between reddish-brown with a light figure. 

Furthermore, the grain is normally relatively straight but again depending on the place where it was grown it can either be fine or coarse.

Walnut tree’s wood is easy to find as it has many uses in construction and carpentry, its beautiful colour makes it very versatile and its grain ensures that the final product will look very good once treated with any type of protective coating. 

However, you can’t use walnut wood for purposes such as heavy structures due to its softness which implies that you can only work with it when making items such as cabinets, furniture, or floors due to their limited thickness.

Besides, this particular type of wood should not be exposed to wet conditions through prolonged periods of time without applying some sort of treatment first otherwise it may warp thus increasing the difficulty to work with.

Furthermore, walnut wood can be easily found in most places of Europe but on the other hand, its availability changes according to the country’s location so for example in some regions outside America obtaining walnut wood is quite difficult. 

Also, this type of hardwood grows mostly in temperate climates and both Eastern Asia and America are good locations for this type of tree because they have mild weather conditions which are perfect for their development. 

You should note that walnut trees only grow to about 30 meters high with an average trunk diameter of 1 meter which means that big pieces of lumber won’t be available unless it is imported from another country.

The quality of walnut wood is very good given that its color, grain, and hardness are all suitable for many purposes. Moreover, it’s cheap but not the least expensive type of hardwood out there which means that you shouldn’t expect to get a huge discount when buying it in bulk.

If you want to buy American black walnut lumber then you should know that this is one of the most expensive types of wood in the world today. 

This is because it has various uses besides being resistant to decay processes due to the fact it will not warp in wet conditions through prolonged periods of time.

Besides, American black walnut trees grow in Eastern North America and the United States is the biggest supplier of this type of wood for international markets.

American white walnut lumber comes from a type of tree that has the scientific name ‘juglans’. 

It is mostly known due to its distinctive grain which ensures that any final product made using this type of wood looks good and feels great when touched by bare hands.

In addition, this particular type of lumber can be easily found in most places where it’s grown and the United States is the biggest supplier of this type of wood on a global level.


How Much Does Black Walnut Cost?

The cost of black walnuts will depend on many factors including the size of the pieces you are purchasing if it is for individual projects or bulk pieces for bigger ones.

For example, 1″ x 6″ x 12′ rough black walnut boards cost anywhere from $3-$5/bf which equals out to about $21-$30 per linear foot. This price range may vary according to geographic location and market conditions.

When doing a search online, always compare prices because many sites offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount so keep your eyes peeled.

If you plan on making more than one project with this wood, try checking out online classified ads, forums. 

Even Facebook marketplace since you might get lucky enough to find someone selling off their leftover supply at a very affordable rate.

How to Find Deals on Black Walnut?

When it comes to finding deals on black walnuts, there are some online sites where you can find the best offers. Check out these reputable ones below:

1). Woodworkers Source – Offering free classified ads of woodworking equipment, tools, lumber etc. You’ll definitely be able to find plenty of materials for your project here.

2). Easy Wood Tools – This site is selling its products at discounted prices; the perfect time to buy if you’re already planning a DIY project with this type of wood.

3). Northeast Lumber – Another site that has lots of good bargains like reclaimed Barnwood planks and boards as well as rough-cut black walnut slabs. 

If you need any advice about working with this type of material, check out their site for tons of tips and tutorials.

Black walnut trees prefer lands with moist soil as well as partial shade, especially those planted near rivers or streams. 

The trees produce a very large amount of fruit as well as a thick bark that has been used for various applications over time such as dying cloth or protecting against damage caused by weather elements or insects. 

When harvesting black walnut, great care must be taken to prevent any marks from being made on the outer shell since they might cause a dark stain later on.

Now that you know more about black walnut, you might want to use it for creating something for yourself whether it’s a simple household item or one of your DIY projects. Please share this article with friends if you found the information helpful.

American white walnut trees grow in Eastern North America. Both Canada and the United States are the countries where they thrive best on such land. 

This is because these two regions happen to have mild weather conditions with plenty of rainfall during springtime.


So before you look elsewhere and settle on something cheaper, do some research on your own first.

You might be surprised at how lovely and affordable Walnut flooring is.