Where Should a Backyard Pergola Be Placed? (Pergola Placement)


If you’re planning to build a backyard pergola, then the question of where should it be placed is something that needs to be considered.

A lot of people think they know where to put the pergola, but there are actually quite a few different places for it.

You can use your backyard pergola as part of a path or pathway in the garden. This can be especially handy if you’ve got a dog that likes to run off in the middle of the night.

The pergola acts as a shelter against the rain and will also provide protection against other small animals.

If you like being outdoors then you’ll love building your own pergola. Some people will consider it an addition to their garden, whilst others will see it as a separate structure that they can build from scratch.

Whatever you decide, there are many different types of pergola available that can be used to suit every type of outdoor living situation.

If you live in an area that gets hot in the summer then your pergola will be a fantastic way to keep your garden cool.

Pergolas that are built around swimming pools are particularly popular because they help to absorb the heat from the pool. When you consider that your pergola will be outside on hot days, you can easily see how this is one of the best reasons to have one.

Backyard pergola

If you are looking for somewhere else to place your pergola, then it’s worth considering the location of the sun and the location of the trees.

Some people choose to place them in the center of their garden so that they can get maximum sunlight. If you choose to place your pergola near a main road, then it will need to be sturdy and strong to withstand the pressures of the wind.

If you choose to build a pergola on a hilltop then it may need to be protected by trees, so it’s important to consider where you want to put your pergola before choosing the location.

Wood pergolas are a popular choice for outdoor spaces. They are easy to build and have a classic appeal that many people prefer.

Most wood pergolas are enclosed, and provide protection against the elements, but if you’re looking for something different then there are plenty of different materials that you can choose from.

If you choose to build your pergola from scratch, then you should take measurements of your property and garden space.

You can buy pre-made pergolas, and place them in the right locations, but this requires a great deal of planning and thought.

If you want a pergola that looks more like it was built by an expert, then you can purchase a prefabricated pergola and it will come with a free building plan.

Your backyard space is a great area for your kids to play and learn about the world around them, so it’s important to think about where should a backyard pergola be placed.

It may seem obvious but building your own structure can really make a difference to your family and garden, so don’t forget to plan out where you want to build your new pergola.

What direction should Pergola face?

Many people have asked this question: what direction should Pergola face? The answer is simple, it depends on the location of the location and the height of the Pergola.

A south facing Pergola will face east while a north facing Pergola will face west. Other factors to consider are if the Pergola is located in the front yard or if it faces the house, does it have any side or back walls.

You want to keep all these factors in mind when you plan where you want your Pergola to be placed in relation to your home.

The idea is to place it so that there are no obstructions in your view of your home from your pergola. If you want to keep things cool then the south facing should be an option, if you want a more comfortable setting, the north facing Pergola is probably the best choice.

Back wall should be a solid part of the house in front of the back deck or balcony. Also think about the size of the pergola and how far back from the house it has to go. You don’t want your back deck or balcony crowding up the back side of the pergola.

Think about the porch and the carport, which one do you think looks better?

From my experience you can create a unique look by creating a shade that faces a different direction than the house, this creates a different feeling and mood.

Here’s another question; what direction should the pergola face in a hurricane zone? Well the south facing should face the storm. If your pergola has a strong storm wind then you should also consider getting something more substantial on the top to help with the strength of the wind. The best idea is to get a canopy like structure with a solid roof.

I know from experience, having to deal with hurricanes that the strongest winds come out of the storm and is usually stronger at night time. So in the evening I usually put a shelter over the patio area with a small ceiling and cover it with tarps to help with the heat. This keeps the pergola nice and cool, but you still have the beautiful shade of the trees overhead.

Some homes have their pergola facing directly south. In this case I would choose a south facing due to the fact that the trees would typically be facing south during the summer. South facing pergolas are definitely a great option for many types of homeowners. The main reason for putting the pergola facing north is because the fact that the trees would be facing north in the winter time.

Lastly I’d like to discuss the placement of the pergola, keep in mind the height of the pergola, and the level of the patio. You will want to make sure that your pergola is an equal distance from both the deck and the house, plus a little bit away from the house itself. When placing the pergola, it is a good idea to put the deck on one side and the pergola on the other so that you have more than enough space for the plants and vines that you want to grow.

So before you begin the work of putting your pergola into position I hope you’ve already figured out the direction that you should place it. I can almost guarantee that in this article you will find more than one reason why you should consider the different directions for your pergola.  

Do pergolas really block the sun?

How do pergolas stack up against the many different options for pergolas?

You can find many different types of pergolas, and there are just as many variations of pergolas as there are styles to choose from. What type of pergola should you go with?

The style of pergola depends on the structure, various designs and sizes and materials used to make the structure.

It’s important to take into consideration the various options for structures before making your decision. You may be interested in getting a free quote from a fabricator, or you may prefer to shop for them on your own.

There are several different kinds of pergolas to consider when deciding on a style. When choosing a style, the use of light or shade is not always of the utmost importance.

When considering the materials used in constructing the structure, the different options are covered as well. In addition, the structure of the pergola makes a difference, making it necessary to understand the options available.

If you have the money to invest in solar panels, then you may wish to consider a pergola that incorporates solar panels.

These kinds of structures will allow you to avoid using heating and cooling systems, allowing you to save money over time on utility bills.

If you wish to use the sun instead of solar energy to power your home, you may wish to choose a pergola’s structure that has been constructed with a glass cover.

While this type of structure will keep the sun off of your home and use the sun’s energy for heating and cooling, you will need to decide whether or not you are comfortable being surrounded by the warmth of the sun or the coolness of glass.

By far, the most popular style of pergola’s structure is the teakwood, which is also the most durable. Many people like the look of teak wood, and it is quite common to see teak used in pergolas.

However, the disadvantages of using teak wood are that it can easily warp, and it will require frequent repairs if it is not cared for properly.

Wood is very durable, but is it perfect for all types of weather conditions? Teak, especially with the proper treatment, is one of the best options for most people.

Should you decide to install a solar panel on your pergola, you will want to make sure that the solar panels that you choose are durable enough to handle the pressure of the sun’s rays.

Some brands of solar panels come with a warranty of ten years or more, so you don’t want to go with an amateur product that will be exposed to the elements for only a short period of time.

Should a pergola be attached to House?

It seems that this question has been asked and answered hundreds of times by various members of the society.

As a matter of fact, they often find it hard to decide whether a house should have a pergola or not. What is the difference between a pergola and a patio?

As per the foregoing, the answer to the above question depends on different reasons. This however will always remain with us. So what is the difference between a pergola and a patio? Let us try to shed some light on this.

The basic difference between a pergola and a patio is that a pergola requires less space to maintain.

In addition, the amount of usage of space required for maintaining a pergola is also lesser than a patio. This is mainly because a pergola does not house furniture and other household items.

Therefore, the house owner does not have to face the hassle of cleaning up every once in a while. Apart from this, there is no maintenance to do on a pergola.

Also, the cost involved in building a pergola is lesser. In fact, it would cost you less as compared to a patio or a gazebo. Moreover, a pergola can be added easily without having to resort to tearing the walls apart.

Also, a pergola also looks better compared to a patio. The perfect solution for a house owner is always to build a pergola which can be used for various purposes.

You can use the pergola for an outdoor party or just enjoy yourself during the after work hours. It is important to build a pergola before you get your property converted into a house.

In addition, the utility of a pergola is also much more than that of a patio. This is because a pergola can be used for creating a soundproof space around the house or office building.


Furthermore, many house owners prefer a pergola over a patio because it is easier to maintain. No worries of pest infestation are faced when you install a pergola.

This is mainly because a pergola is made from natural materials which are completely safe from pests.

Now, what is the answer to the question whether a pergola should be attached to house?

The answer to this question would depend on many factors such as the size of the house, its size and shape, and even the available budget. Hence, it would be best to consult a reputed building contractor and seek their recommendation.