Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs So Expensive? (A buyer’s guide)

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Lawn chairs come in different forms and styles; made with different materials. While wooden lawn chairs are most common, modern ones are being built with aluminum — which are quite expensive.

And you might be asking why they are so. Here’s what I discovered:

Aluminum lawn chairs contain alloy materials which are somewhat rare to find compared to wood. Aluminum lawn chairs offer a sturdy, solid armrests, reliable frame, and a stretchy strong webbing that makes the chairs last for up to 15 years.

In the world of lawn chairs, aluminum is a popular choice. It is lightweight enough for easy movement and storage. It’s also sturdy enough to support a person’s weight.

Aluminum offers a sleek look that many people prefer over other metal types such as steel or iron.

Most aluminum products tend to be expensive, including lawn chairs. Why are they so costly? This article examines the reasons behind the high price tags on lawn chairs made from aluminum.

The following points provide an overview of why aluminum lawn chairs are so expensive:

1. Aluminum is strong yet lightweight

Steel on the other hand is heavier than most types of aluminum but that does not mean that it will last longer. In fact, over time steel tends to corrode while aluminum endures.

When it comes to aluminum furniture you need not worry about peeling paint or rust.

2. Aluminum is strong and does not corrode easily

aluminum lawn chair

Not only will aluminum lawn chairs be strong, but they will also resist peeling paint and corrosion. This means that your chair will look as good as new for many seasons to come. 

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing piece of outdoor furniture that you don’t have to worry about, then consider the benefits of using aluminum. 

You can be sure that Aluminum Lawn Chairs are made from high-quality material and designed by experts with durability and style in mind.

3. Great color retention

Aluminum has great color retention which means it will stay looking like new for years rather than months like some other materials can do. 

On top of all this, they require less maintenance and the time consumed with the upkeep (cleaning, waxing, etc) is very low compared to other types of metal garden furniture on the market today.

4. Price-gouging companies 

When there is increased demand for a product due to good quality and/or effective marketing strategies employed by manufacturing companies, those same companies have been known to inflate their prices. 

This leads to a snowball effect as other companies follow suit and create a price war.

5. Aluminum is costly to produce 

The fact that aluminum lawn chairs tend to be priced higher than their counterparts has nothing to do with the costs of production. 

In actuality, it’s usually competition that drives up prices as manufacturers seek ways to undercut each other’s sales. 

However, there are times when aluminum companies will intentionally mark up their products in order to increase their profits.

6. Aluminum can break easily 

Plastic chair parts may cost $0.25-$2 apiece, but high-grade aluminum ones can go for $8.50-$45 per part. 

Some plastic chair parts also come pre-assembled which means even less work for the buyer. 

Unfortunately, aluminum lawn chairs have a high failure rate, with some breaking or bending due to defective production or incorrect storage procedures.

7. Aluminum has an expiration date 

Aluminum is like most materials and metals: they last only as long as the conditions under which they are stored and used permit. 

For example, if left inside a hot garage for too many summers in a row, eventually the chair will become weakened by rust and crumble within months of coming out of storage.

8. Aluminum does not hold up well to weather 

Anyone who has ever owned an aluminum chair knows that it quickly loses its original brightness. It also shines when exposed to heat and sunlight for long periods of time; even more so than other types of metal furniture such as steel. 

This is because aluminum oxidizes or corrodes when exposed to oxygen and moisture (in the form of dew or humidity).

9. Aluminum manufacturing is energy-intensive 

The process of producing one ton of raw aluminum requires twenty-five tons of bauxite ore, fifteen tons of caustic soda, eight tons of coal or charcoal, seven hundred sixty kWh of electricity, and fifty cubic meters of water. 

This means that an average-sized chair made entirely out of aluminum will require 1.52 tons worth of resources just to get the metal.

10. Aluminum has poor recycling prospects 

Although aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing its strength properties, it’s not very useful in terms of what other metals are able to offer through recycling. 

For instance, a recycled steel product has a 96 percent reduction in the amount of energy needed to create it, while a recycled aluminum product has only a 60 percent reduction.

11. Aluminum is expensive to transport 

If you have ever bought anything online at places like eBay or Amazon, then you know that shipping fees can sometimes outweigh low product prices if the item(s) are bulky and/or heavy. 

This is because the seller has to pay for not only the actual cost of sending your purchase but also an extra charge known as “transportation.”

12. Aluminum chairs don’t last long 

Most aluminum lawn chairs will offer service for up to one year before needing replacement parts. 

They may also feel uncomfortable after extended use due to cold metal coupled with hot summer temperatures. 

In the end, you will probably get tired of spending more money on replacement parts or brand new aluminum lawn chairs before long.

13. Aluminum lawn chairs are not designed to be durable 

Consumer demand for quality products has forced manufacturers to respond accordingly, especially in terms of producing items that can withstand the test of time. 

This is why there are a number of companies out there that sell plastic and/or metal outdoor furniture that comes with a full warranty.

14. Some people complain about aluminum being slippery 

Although usually touted as being non-slip by its producers, aluminum is actually known to have an uncomfortable grip when left exposed to humid outdoor conditions such as rain or damp grass underfoot. 

Because it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking nice, you may find yourself sitting on your aluminum chair less and less.

15. Aluminum is hard to clean 

Although aluminum can be cleaned with soap and water, it’s difficult to properly remove all of the salt residues after sitting outside during the winter months. 

This is why you often see most aluminum lawn chairs looking dirty or corroded in late autumn when everything else in your garden has been put away for winter.

16. Aluminum chairs are not stackable 

A lot of people like stacking their outdoor furniture for storage reasons (i.e., don’t want it taking up too much space). 

Unfortunately, aluminum is not known to be very good at being stacked due to its sharp corners and legs which may damage other items nearby..

17. Aluminum has little resale value 

Perhaps one of the worst drawbacks about buying aluminum lawn chairs is that if you were to try selling them again, their resale value would probably be next-to-nothing.   

Seeing how they’re made from recyclable material, there are plenty of people out there who would rather melt down their old chairs for the scrap metal value.

Is Aluminum Lawn Furniture Safe?

First of all, let’s clear up one thing: aluminum lawn chairs are NOT hazardous to your health in any way unless you sit in them every day for hours at a time. 

However, it is still possible to be exposed to harmful chemicals through contact with the surface of these types of furniture which releases chromium. 

Although there has been no evidence linking aluminum exposure to cancer or any other diseases, it can cause irritation when touched or ingested over prolonged periods (i.e., 10 years). 

For example, some complaints have included rashes and itching when sitting on an aluminum lawn chair without any protective clothing covering the skin.

What is Aluminum?

It’s a metal that looks very similar to silver and is also referred to as silver in some cases. Collectively, aluminum and its alloys are known by many different names such as:

  • Anodized Aluminum   
  • Alundum    
  • Alumino-Silicates   
  • Aluminum   
  • Aluminum Bronze     
  • Aluminide

What is the Difference Between Aluminum Lawn Chairs and Plastic Chairs?

In general, most plastic lawn chairs don’t cost as much as their aluminum counterparts (for obvious reasons). 

However, if you find a high-quality plastic chair with features you like then go ahead and buy it with confidence knowing that it will probably last you for several years at least.

Why Are Some Outdoor Furniture Covers Made of Aluminum?

If you’re wondering why some outdoor furniture covers are made of aluminum. It is because these types of coverings are meant to protect your own furniture from the harmful UV rays in sunlight. 

A lot of companies will not warranty their plastic or wooden chairs. This is because they become exposed to direct sunlight for several hours every day, so having a simple protection barrier can ensure your chair lives a longer life cycle.

Why Do Customers Tend To Prefer Wicker Furniture Over Other Types?

First off, wicker is made out of rattan reeds which are typically grown in Southeast Asia. 

When processed properly, each strand becomes tightly woven together through an intricate process that makes it very attractive and durable under many different circumstances.

How Can You Clean an Aluminum Chair?

Most aluminum chairs are pretty easy to clean and don’t need any fancy material or techniques to keep them looking great. If you’re not sure how to clean one, simply scrub away the dirt with a firm bristled brush (preferably nylon) and rinse thoroughly with running water. 

When cleaning stains, scratches, or other marks on your chair, it’s recommended that you use fine-grade steel wool along with some dish soap.

That being said, if your aluminum chair has a satin finish then it shouldn’t be necessary for you to do anything at all since it shouldn’t get very dirty/oily anyway.

Should Your Outdoor Furniture Be Treated Before Being Put into Use?

Although there are plenty of people out there who ignore this step and allow their new furniture to be exposed to the elements while still in its original box, we advise against doing so. 

This can cause your chairs (especially wicker) to rust and corrode at a faster rate than normal. For other types such as aluminum or plastic, very little damage will occur since these materials are already essentially weather-proof.

The high price of aluminum lawn chairs is indicative of the fact that making products out of recyclable materials can be extremely expensive. 

Aluminum is not only a precious resource, but it is also difficult to recycle. Aluminum producers are able to keep costs down by selling their recycled aluminum at depressed prices.

The prices of traditional lawn chairs are also indicative of the demand for them. There are many inexpensive alternatives for people who don’t want to spend big bucks on lawn furniture. 

So in order for manufacturers to stay in business, they have to cover their expenses by charging higher rates for their products.


So there you have it. Our article has concluded that aluminum lawn chairs are expensive due to a variety of reasons. 

They’re made from a precious material, their production costs are high, and there’s also just a lot of demand for them in the market. 

So if you need a new lawn chair then I suggest going for one that is not made out of aluminum since it will not go on sale anytime soon.